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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. UTHMAN'S CHARACTER AND WAY OF LIFE COMPARED TO THAT OF ABU BAKR AND UMAR Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Khallikan, Ibn A'sam Kufi (it is also recorded in Siha-e-Sitta), Mas'udi in Muruju'dh-Dhahab, Volume I, page 435, Ibn Hadid in Sharhe Nahju'l-Balagha, Volume I, and others of your ulema affirm that when Uthman Bin Affan became Caliph, he acted against the examples set by the Holy Prophet and also against the ways of Abu Bakr and Umar. Both sects agree that in the Consultative Council in which he was selected as Caliph Abdu'r-Rahman Bin Auf offered him allegiance based on the Book of Allah, the hadith of the Prophet, and the ways of Abu Bakr and Umar. One condition of his allegiance was that Uthman would not let the Bani Umayya interfere nor would he give them any authority. But when his position became secure, he violated these pledges. According to the Holy Qur'an and reliable hadith, to violate an agreement is a great sin. Your own ulema say that Caliph Uthman broke his pledge. Throughout his caliphate he acted in contradiction to the way of Abu Bakr and Umar. He gave the Bani Umayya full authority over the people's lives and property. THE WEALTH OF CALIPH UTHMAN The famous traditionist, Mas'udi, in his Muruju'dh-Dhahab, Volume I, page 433, and other historians have recorded that Uthman built a sophisticated stone house with doors made of sandalwood. He accumulated great wealth, which he bestowed lavishly on the Umayyads and others. For instance, the religious levy (Khums) from Armenia, which was conquered during this time, was bestowed on the cursed Marwan without any religious sanction. He also gave him 100,000 dirhams from the Baitu'l-Mal (the public treasury). He gave 400,000 dirhams to Abdullah Bin Khalid, 100,000 dirhams to Hakam Bin Abi'l-As, who was cursed and banished by the Prophet, and 200,000 dirhams to Abu Sufyan (as recorded by Ibn Abi'l-Hadid in his Sharhe Nahju'l-Balagha, Volume I, page 68). On the day he was murdered, his personal fortune amounted to 150,000 dinars and 20 million dirhams in cash. He owned property in Wadiu'l-Qura and Hunain valued at 100,000 dinars and huge herds of cattle, sheep, and camels. As a consequence of his actions, the leading Umayyads amassed great wealth at the expense of the people. For a caliph of Islam to accumulate such wealth when many people were starving was certainly wrong. Moreover, this behavior was completely at variance with the ways of his companions, Abu Bakr and Umar. Uthman pledged in the Consultative Council that he would follow in their footsteps. Mas'udi in his Muruju'dh-Dhahab says about Caliph Uthman, that when Caliph Umar went with his son, Abdullah, to perform the Hajj (pilgrimage), their expenditure on the journey, both ways, was sixteen dinars. He told his son that they had been extravagant. If you compare the frugal ways of Umar with the lavish expenditures of Uthman, you will admit that the latter's way of life was contrary to his pledge at the Council. CALIPH UTHMAN ENCOURAGED THE EVILDOERS AMONG THE UMAYYADS Uthman also gave the Umayyads authority over the life and honor of the people. Consequently, disorder prevailed in Muslim lands. He appointed his favorites to high positions against the wishes of the Holy Prophet, Abu Bakr, and Umar. For instance, he gave high positions to his uncle, Hakam Bin As, and Hakam's son, Marwan, both of whom were banished and cursed by the Prophet. Ibn Abi'l-Hadid agrees with Umar's assessment. When Uthman became caliph, he gathered round him the Bani Umayya. He appointed them as governors, and when they abused their authority, he looked the other way. Caliph Uthman did not even detach himself from Marwan. The people, seething with discontent, revolted against him and finally killed him. HOLY PROPHET CURSED ABU SUFYAN, MU'AWIYA AND HIS SON YAZID It would be helpful if you would read the great History by Jarir Tabari, one of your eminent ulema, who wrote: "The Holy Prophet saw Abu Sufyan riding a donkey. Mu'awiya was pulling it from the front, and his son, Yazid, was pushing it from behind. The Prophet said, 'Curse be upon the rider, the puller, and the pusher.'" Your own prominent ulema, like Tabari and Ibn A'sam Kufi, faulted Caliph Uthman for not putting Abu Sufyan to death when the latter, in the open court, denied Islam, the wahi (revelation), and the presence of Gabriel. After giving Abu Sufyan a slight reproof, Uthman brushed the matter aside. I also ask you to consider Address 163 of the Nahju'l-Balagha, and the narration which Ibn Abi'l-Hadid in his Sharh Nahju'l-Balagha, Volume II, (printed in Egypt), page 582, quotes from Tabari's Ta'rikh-e-Kabir that some of the companions in various provinces wrote letters urging the people to declare Jihad (holy war) to protect themselves from Uthman's cruel oppression. In 34 A.H. people with complaints against officials appointed by Uthman came to Ali in Medina and asked him to intervene. UTHMAN DID NOT ACCEPT COUNSEL OF ALI Ali went to Uthman and warned him about the horrible consequences of continuing his present policies. Ali said, "I tell you, for Allah's sake, let yourself not be a murdered leader of this community. It has been said that a leader of this community will be killed, after which the doors of bloodshed and murder will remain open until the Day of Resurrection." But Marwan and the Umayyad companions rejected Ali's advice. After Ali's departure, Uthman ordered people to gather in the mosque. He went to the pulpit and, instead of pacifying the people, he antagonized them further. The result was as Caliph Umar predicted: Uthman was killed by insurgents. Unlike Abu Bakr and Umar, who followed Ali's advice, Uthman rejected his warning and suffered the consequences
  2. y Umar Says that y he didn't he take help directly from GOD almighty and if ur right then tell me that who's Ali who saved people to being ruined :) And For Mazher If taking help 4rm someone means he superior 4rm other than this decide that ur 4rth imam is superior than ur 2nd one ,meanz Ali is Superior than umar
  3. please read the following letter which is posted on Answering Ansar and then decide that who is true follower if they r so called True Follower then they forget that what pbuh called in his last sermon of Hajj that there is no precedence of Arabi over Ajmi n Vise Versa.
  4. Wat a knowlegeable person as a 2nd imam sunnis have who always rely on others then he says that saying Ya ALi Madad is Shirk If it is Their 2nd Imam do it many times in his life. :rolleyes:
  5. First decide that Umar is ur Imam or Khalifa coz u ppl. blammed shia that they made innovation in the islam in the form of imammat n there not a single hadith or aya in support of Shia. Rgds Wajeeh
  6. :( opps n Moses doesn;t know that according 2 ur sahih then i thing ur more knowledable person then..............
  7. suppose ur right then answer my question also ,if i suppose abu bakr is right then what muhammad ibn-e-abu bakr doing with ali in this way Ali is right.
  8. Whole site discusing shias n forum doesn't intresting isn't :D why r they afraid 2 talk if they r on HAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ. i think they afraid the poeple get the fact to which they refer the site look shias belief :blink: .if forum is not moderated people visiting ger this too. Rgds Wajeeh
  9. SOURCE Jaffriya News Ayat Al-Hakim’s burial scheduled HOLY CITY OF NAJAF, Iraq: Ammar Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakim, the nephew of Ayatullah Muhammad Baqer Al-Hakim has declared on Saturday that the burial of his uncle will take place on Tuesday in the holy city of Najaf which houses the holy shrine of Imam-ol-Mottaqin Ali (a.s.). “The remains of Sayyid Al-Hakim will be transferred Sunday to Baghdad where mourning rites will take place at 7.00 by the local timing in Al-Kazimiyah mosque, then to Karbala on Monday where the similar rites will be held. And the burial will complete Tuesday in the holy city of Najaf,” said Ammar Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakim while addressing a rally in the holy city of Najaf. Talking to newsmen in Iraq, the brother of Ayatullah Baqer Al-Hakim Sayyid Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim held American forces responsible for peace in Iraq. He told the journalists that only some parts of Ayatullah Baqer Al-Hakim’s body have been found and among them is his hand. Ayatullah Baqer Al-Hakim’s son Hayder Baqer Al-Hakim has confirmed this. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Iraqis from up and down the country began arriving in the holy city of Najaf Saturday to attend the funeral.
  10. In Any one of r post claim that Nauzubilah Ali is better then Prophtet,if Ali has this power then pbuh has also.n one more thing when pbuh is there then there is no need of wali 2 participate in decission unless pbuh wants.
  11. Now Fatah has no point to defend so he start spreading rumors again which r baseless like his objections B) Note: :!!!: he states shia as anti muslim btw who is muslim freinds Khadim-e-harmein Sharifan :D ,
  12. :!!!: wat i can say then,we r discussing treaty n say that points r irrelevent.?????
  13. AoA, Fatah! Have u read the treaty,plz first read the treaty b/w Imam Hassan & Muawiyah n then made accusation :D Rgds Wajeeh
  14. AoA, r Sunni Bro. says that Weeping of Shaheed is Bidat and accusing shia of doing that,their book says opposite on which we should believe can any 1 answer. Rgds Wajeeh
  15. AoA r u talking about that person :(??????????????????? Rgds Wajeeh
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