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  1. its your choice dear; marriage is a big descision and you need to choose wisely. having doubts is a sign not to go with it or wait a little bet before you get committed. Faith is important but you cant depend on an individual for it, you need to start doing your research and look for it yourself. Love is important (i believe) and this wont come if there is no strong bridge for communication. A bridge need to link two places together and it need to be supported by the two shores. Basically, you need to talk to him .... tell him your fears and doubts if you cant it means the bound is too weak to move on to the next chapter. I remind you again that the decision is yours and i think you already made one; you just want us to confirm it for you wish you the best of luck
  2. Nadaa

    A Love Beyond....

    So Touchy and beautifully descriped .....i loved it; it added extra beats to my heart when i was reading it and more aftterwards deep in thoughts :)
  3. Individiual behaviors should nt be materialized as stereotype. since ancient ages these things happen but nowadays these things are being shared locally and universally .... they call it technology. Human behaviors if not properly guarded by faith and manners nothing else will do. Religion is not the bond here .... its how to properly implement and tame your desired and emotional outrage throughout the execution of an action. whom to Blame????? men of course ... just kidding :D .... we should be careful how these things comes out in a form of a violent behavior that might change and affect social thoughts and cause a clash that hardly to be waven.
  4. Deep in meaning and clear in its description .... amazing mapping of thoughts and clarity of feelings. keep it up :)
  5. Thanks Marbles ... I am doing good ... :); how about u?

  6. Salam Nadaa - long time no 'see'? Hope you are all fit and doing well whatever you are doing. Keep in touch.

  7. Nadaa

    Bite Your Tongue

    Salam, Reflection of your thoughts not a reflection of truth. Rhymes and rhythm are not the stand of truth or facts only, it's a stand for dellusion and attacks. No fight back brother as this what weaken us. No more songs and no more tongues as only hearts know it all. Regards,
  8. Hi Basim ... very busy those months; really appreciate your concern :) hopefully life treats you will brother

  9. Salam...

    Where'd you disappear to? :O


  10. Salam,

    I would be honoured if you take part in my quiz. :)

    BTW, I don't see your posts very often these days...?


  11. Salam,

    Eid Mubarak!


  12. Salam Brother ... I rarely be online nowadays and i think i will be away for few months till i am done with all my pending stuff ... Good luck

  13. hi nadaaaaaa.where r ya

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