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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. bismillah salam Anyone know any good apps to learn arabic?
  2. Salam Brother Repentant, You still have the paper somewhere with you? I would love to read it.
  3. Thanks for you answer Neptuncurse. :)
  4. Sahih al bukhari is realiable as bible for religious studies. Thanks for the links.
  5. http://news.sciencemag.org/biology/2015/03/humans-may-harbor-more-100-genes-other-organisms
  6. Bismillah, I have been wondering if 1) persons mind get uploaded to /com.chip then how will sharia see him, her, it? 2) What if we get highly evolved beings with gen theraphy and they will have dogs fur, horns and stuff like that. What will sharia say about them? 3) What is the ruling concidering androids such as protocol droid 3Cpo from Star wars? He looks like human and is capable to speak and learn things. Are thise kind of things halal to produce? 4) Transhumanism idiology says that the point where we stand now in human evolution is not the peak and hight of humanbeings rather its begning to evolve something much higher. Does this contradict with verses of Quran, or hadiths? We believe as muslims that Muhammed (SAAS) where the most evolved?, right, most intelligent being ever lived on earth. Is it right way to say that he was most evolved? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transhumanism So, transhumanism says that those, meaning us who live this age, this type of genes, will eventually be called as posthumans and those who evelolve higher using technology will be called transhumans. To the end, please share you thought. I would apreciate it alot. With Allahs blessings to you all. massalam.
  7. No, it does not mean that. Read the articles about emroy developoing stem cells. Sperm is not stem cell, neither egss, but together they form stem cells, and same kind of stem cells are found from hips. Its clear you misunderstood badly sir.
  8. Salam, Its about stem cells that are in loins as they are found from embryo when it starts to develop to humanbeing. So basicly this is saying that from loins you can find stem cell as the science have now found, and that those same kind of cells are the ones that embroy develope before the cells get different "tasks" in humanbody. [Pickthal 86:7] That issued from between the loins and ribs. This liquid is the stem cell liquid, as I understand it. So its a miracle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stem_cell http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embryonic_stem_cell
  9. Bismillah Salam All, Does anyone remember verse from Quran that says something about our hips and that we where created from what is there? Please post. Dailymail just posted an article about this subject that Stem cells are found from our hips. So i think this counts one of the miracles of the Quran. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2984062/End-knee-pain-stem-cells-hip-Cocktail-cells-halt-damage-caused-osteoarthritis.htm Enjoy, Massalam فَلْيَنْظُرِ الْإِنْسَانُ مِمَّ خُلِقَ {5}[shakir 86:5] So let man consider of what he is created: [Pickthal 86:5] So let man consider from what he is created. [Yusufali 86:5] Now let man but think from what he is created! خُلِقَ مِنْ مَاءٍ دَافِقٍ {6}[shakir 86:6] He is created of water pouring forth, [Pickthal 86:6] He is created from a gushing fluid [Yusufali 86:6] He is created from a drop emitted- يَخْرُجُ مِنْ بَيْنِ الصُّلْبِ وَالتَّرَائِبِ {7}[shakir 86:7] Coming from between the back and the ribs. [Pickthal 86:7] That issued from between the loins and ribs. [Yusufali 86:7] Proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs: Subhan Allah.
  10. Because it cant be physical energy. Energy itself has rations to other matters and energies. I call it thing, and GOD, because all things are in existence because of It.
  11. 1) First cause is not intelligent. 2) Its limitless and therefore cause to all things all time. 3 Have no parts, therefore need no cause.
  12. This is nonsense. Secondly, I dont believe to any resemplance in a matter of thouheed. Therefore, Allah is not intelligent.
  13. Its all movement. Can you observe something that has no motion? It does not matter if you change energy to matter, because there is "change" that is movement, and if, and if it would be so that matter is eternal, then the movement can not ever start unless there is outside force that would kick the mass and energy to movement. Thats simple logic.
  14. Its either belief, or then its agnostisim. I assume you mean by supernatural that you believe that miracles are impossible to happend, and thats because you never observed a miracle therefore miracles dont exist? Is this your logic? Or do you have any evidence that miracles actually can not happen in any case? We can understand simple points, my IQ is high enough to understand simple poinst, or more complex ones. (Its between 133-140points). You did not use the term lack of faith, but you used thie term believe. So, its your, with all respect, its your problem if you get misunderstood by reader. Then to the core itself. Allah is not supernatural. No way, He has no nature at all, that is, description is inside this world. He is simply a Thing that can notdescriped. If you think that there cant be one unique thing that can not be imagine, or defined by words, and you think thats imppossibility by itself, then whats your proof of that? My proof is like this. By nothing from nothing comes nothing and therefore always is something. That something, is a thing. If you learn more about Arabic sematics its simply natural to call that thing Allah, because IT has created all other things, as we can see from the logic, by nothing from nothing comes nothing. So, I denounc your supernatural god, and call it IT. Thing that is first cause for all.
  15. Thats not true. Universe is multitudes in rations in its essence, it has direction and limits. If you call universe eternal you have taken one part of its essence away, meaning, movement. Eternal has no change in it, and if universe is said to be eternal, then it can not be ever moving. But it would need outside force to give it push that would eventually make it reform to life what we are living here. Ahteist are not saying by using argument "eternal universe" that its actually Allah, but they are making contradicting claim that something that does not change in movement had begun to move by itself, without force. Thats against science and common sense.
  16. Bismillah, Hi Quisant, Maybe you are not familiar with the religion of Islam, so that you could say anything from its doctrines why you think they are false? You use word "believe" in gods, as a plural, but my question is that why you dont believe in Allah, One God, that is same for all creation? Or should i say like this what kind of contradictions you find in believing in Allah or in sharia? I am able to prove for myself using science of philosophy that there is One, Unique thing that is GOD of all, but its not the idea of this thread. The idea is to gain knowledge from the otherside of thinking, from atheist point of view. What you say about me making positive claim, I found that you are also making one positive claim that says: "There is no gods.". That is the thing that interest me, when we put it in light of Islam, meaning, why you think and believe Allah does not exist? About the burden of proof. I dont think we are burdened to proof anything to anybody but to ourselves. And thats the main goal of this discussion. To gain more understanding. When you say that "there is and never has been any evidence for God." Then how do you prove that the evidences given by Muhammed (SAAS) or all other prophets during the history are false, and therefore Islam musit be wrong? So that you understand, this is about Islam, not any other faith. Like i said in the OP. As person who is ahtheist, why are you ahteist concidering the religion of Islam? Is there any particular verse in Quran that made you think that way about Islam, or is there some part in theology that you find contradictin itself, and therefore you dont have faith in One God? Ok, Thats about it now. :)
  17. Bismillahi Assalamu aleikum Brothers and Sisters in humanity, This goes for Atheists who believe that Islam is false religion. Why you believe so, and what are the dotrines that you consider to proov that Islam is false religion. Looking forward to depate, for the sake of gaining more knowledge, ensa Allah. So, let discuss. Why Islam is false religion, or why its not? I think Islam is perfect religion for two main reasons. Because of the Sharia that contains all things how to distinuis right from wrong, and success from failure. Secondly, because of theology of absolute GOD that can not be discriped by any words, thoughts, or physics. t The theology goes something like this. From nothing by nothiing comes nothing. Therefore always is something. That what has been always is eternal, and therefore unique. I use causality to disproov that something can come from nothing by nothing. Also eternal matter is illogical by its essence. Eternal matter that is non-moving can not start its own movement if it has not outside force to give it energy. Therefore matter is not eternal, but a mear creation that has movement in it by its essence. All things have and are in rations of other things. And all rations are changing all the time. The thing that is eternal have no rations to anything so that it could be discriped trought words, or thought or matter. Thats why I believe in Allah. More explanation can be found from www.al-islam.org/quran from Al-fAtihas tafsir (explanation). I am not faqih, so i have no deep understanding of sharia, but what I need in everyday life. So, you can approach to prooving islam wrong also by using sharia. I am interested to hear why you think something inside religion of ISlam you concider to be proof of voidness of ISlam. Please give deep thought before you post, so that we can lift the rock bottom of this subject. Why Islam is right/wrong? ps. If you thinking only to say that because i believe in another religion, then, this topic is not quit right for you, because what we are trying to see, is Islam trough Islam. :) I thank you before handedly for your participation. Lets have nice and freshing conversation. massalam.
  18. Bismillahi Irrahman Irrahiim Assalamu aleikum Brothers and sisters in Islam, I been away for a while, and i have been time to think about biotech´s that are coming soon to our benefits. What kind of philosophical answers we can give if it turns out that we actually can make humanbeings into different species or evolve our bodies to animal likes. What would sharia say about man who has horse´s body and that he is unable to make whutu when he has no hands. Or what would sharia say about marriage between two genderless beings? We are coming towards new age. So, I think our Ulama must be also be ready to give answers to questions that have never accured before. Heres one link about human-animal hybrid law iof Georgia. http://therundownlive.com/georgia-human-animal-hybrid-bill-prevents-creation-of-mythological-creatures-such-as-werewolves-and-centaurs/ ps. If you didnt get the idea please ask me to elaborate my point more carefully. Also. Have you any doupts or wonderngs about this subject. Please post them here so we can go deeper into this disgussion. May Allah bless you all, wa salam Ali.
  19. Salam aleikum I am confused about the maeaning of this aya. Did Salomon (AS) made statues/images? Can someone explane this aya: [shakir 34:13] They made for him what he pleased of fortresses and images, and bowls (large) as watering-troughs and cooking-pots that will not move from their place; give thanks, O family of Dawood! and very few of My servants are grateful. Thanks.
  20. Bismillahi irrahman irrahiim allahumma salli alaa Muhammed wa azjel farazjahum Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barkatuh Dear Brothers and sisters, Why do we say salams at the end of prayers even tho we dont see any angels, nor prophets nor ibaadullahi saalihiin? Thanks for the reply, Fii iman Allah,
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