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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Tuesday, August 15, 2006 · Last updated 11:22 a.m. PT Palestinians being named after Hezbollah By DIAA HADID ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Nahed Ghurani worried that naming his new son Hezbollah might cause the boy problems when he grows up. But young Hezbollah Ghurani won't be the only Palestinian in this predicament. In a spasm of celebration for Hezbollah's monthlong battle against Israel, many parents in Gaza City have named their children after the Islamic militant group and its leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. In Gaza City's Shifa Hospital, six Palestinian women have na
  2. This is good, because in politics he is the scale for truth and falsehood, and what he says is truth is always the opposite. Keep it up GW.
  3. Ali Imrans first post : :P:D :lol: Ali Imrans middle post : :):angel: Ali Imrans most recent post: :mad:
  4. It was always used as a place of pilgrimage for the believers, although the pagans placed idols in there prior the coming of the Final Messenger (pbuh), also now it is guarded by demons but nevertheless it is as sacred now as it was before Adam (as) built it.
  5. Any more insults and this thread will be closed, and the perps warned.
  6. (bismillah) (salam) Please ignore what I said about the flags, it has come to my attention that the organizers and certain people there will cause a fracas if we do, so I done a khira and it was abominable to do so, so no flags. Wassalaam
  7. al- ummiyyi is in the Quran and it means he is from ummal qurah not that he was illiterate.
  8. I think people are getting fed up with Zion, they dont control all the media I dont think.
  9. Oh please! No christian authority ever turns the other cheek, except maybe when a priest decides to molest a child then they turn the other cheek for him. Don't take cheap shots please, go back to making audio interviews about your friend sajjad sohail.
  10. I dont wish to go off topic nor do I wish to spark anything, but the only reason these things are suggested is because some of the supporters of the Hezb claim that it is Iranian. For eg. When I claimed that I liked the Sayed but did not support the IR in a past thread I was demonized. So If I was a Westerner I would say they were one and the same when I assessed some of the supporters opinions.
  11. True they are being slaughtered but they are ruthless they are taking it out on the civillians, I'd rather war end now than later. We aren't in Lebanon so we aren't feeling it, but the people want it to end now.
  12. SubhanALLAH muslims fight the real enemy while these animals are killing us and whats worse there are people that support them and call them a resistance.
  13. Then why did your people follow omar and abu bakr when they usurped the caliphate when it was the right of Imam Ali (as)?? Very unislamic indeed!
  14. Why do they get upset when people express joy at 9-11?
  15. (bismillah) (salam) Hezbollah's lack of structure its strength As Hezbollah resists almost four weeks of Israeli air and ground operations, many analysts are calling it the most effective Arab force the Israeli army has yet faced. The militia has stockpiles of missiles and light arms and, perhaps most important, a highly mobile command structure that allows it to conduct a classic hit-and-run guerrilla war of attrition. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty correspondents Charles Recknagel and Dominik Breithaupt spoke with Timur Goksel, the former spokesman of the United Nations monitoring f
  16. (bismillah) (salam) In case you haven't noticed this website is called shiachat, and it is forbidden here to associate muslims like Hezbollah with terrorism, they are not war criminals like the Bush Government, the Zionist enemy and al Qaeda. Threads like these are not allowable on this shia site, you are demeaning muslims that fight for our right to exist. So unless someone wants to post up a thread about whether or not their own birth is legitimate, I suggest you dont question the valour and honour of these men. Shame on you Thread closed (Anymore similar threads will be met with a warnin
  17. Muslim Omar refuses drug test By Josh Massoud ONE of Australia's most promising boxers is facing a two-year ban for refusing to take a drug test because of his Islamic faith. The Daily Telegraph can reveal reigning under-19 Australian amateur middleweight champ Omar Shaick declined to provide a urine sample under supervision of testing officers. In what is believed to be the first case of its kind in Australia, the Lebanese Muslim 18-year-old informed Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority testers his religion prevented followers from exposing their genitals to others. Shaick is now set to
  18. No one said anything wrong about hareeri, but seeing you asked he was one of Bill Clintons best friends. And I know what your stance is when it comes to American Allies. B)
  19. Dont be too upset zuljennah they can still be fed to the orcas. Not to worry. :) Posted in wrong forum.
  20. ^ America gave money to Saddam and they were thanked by many iraqis for ridding them of the pestilence they initially inflicted, so what do you say about that?
  21. Not the first time its been done by an aussie... Remember when Darren Lehmann called the sri lankan player a black @#$*. Australia sport is full of racism, but I dont blame them, the PM of Australia is a racist, he refused to acknowledge that the Cronulla riots last year were fuelled by racism, rather he said it was alcohol to blame. And The Foreign Minister Alexander Downer recently said that he refused to watch CNN, and that it was too biased, he preferred watching Fox News because it gave the real news. So Jones should be sorry, sorry that he is a red neck racist victorian just like David h
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