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  1. Tuesday, August 15, 2006 · Last updated 11:22 a.m. PT Palestinians being named after Hezbollah By DIAA HADID ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Nahed Ghurani worried that naming his new son Hezbollah might cause the boy problems when he grows up. But young Hezbollah Ghurani won't be the only Palestinian in this predicament. In a spasm of celebration for Hezbollah's monthlong battle against Israel, many parents in Gaza City have named their children after the Islamic militant group and its leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. In Gaza City's Shifa Hospital, six Palestinian women have named their babies Hassan, Nasrallah, or Hassan Nasrallah, according to maternity records from when fighting began July 12 to when a cease-fire took effect Monday. About half a dozen more named their babies Hezbollah, Beirut, or Promise - after the name of the military campaign Hezbollah staged against Israel, "The True Promise," records showed. In Gaza, as in many parts of the Arab and Muslim world, Nasrallah has seen his popularity rise dramatically by holding his own against the region's most powerful army. Ghurani, the new father and a wealthy Palestinian fruit importer, said his wife gave birth before hostilities began, but they didn't name their child until the fighting was at full pitch. "My wife wanted to call the baby Nasrallah, but I wanted Hezbollah - to commemorate the entire resistance," he said smiling. "My friends said with this name he won't be able to work, or travel abroad. I have business in Israel as well - but you know, there is a nationalist spirit in me," he said. Ghurani said he also tried to change his 6-year-old son's name from Islam to Nasrallah, but "couldn't find the right papers." "The next son - we'll call him Ahmadinejad," Ghurani said, in honor of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for the complete annihilation of Israel. Nasrallah means "Victory of God" in Arabic, and some Palestinian women think that's exactly what happened in the recent war. "It's a hope for victory that encourages women to do this," maternity ward nurse Fiza Zaanin said. "Just like when women named their children Saddam when he promised to destroy Israel," she explained, referring to ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein who launched missiles at Israel during the first Gulf War. Her own neighbor named her son Hassan Nasrallah, she said. But local traditions, Zaanin said, prevented more women from naming their babies after the Hezbollah leader. "Normally people wait for a great leader to die. When Sheikh Ahmed Yassin died, almost all the women giving birth that day called their sons Ahmed, Yassin or Sheik Ahmed, to immortalize the Hamas leader," she said.
  2. This is good, because in politics he is the scale for truth and falsehood, and what he says is truth is always the opposite. Keep it up GW.
  3. Ali Imrans first post : :P:D :lol: Ali Imrans middle post : :):angel: Ali Imrans most recent post: :mad:
  4. It was always used as a place of pilgrimage for the believers, although the pagans placed idols in there prior the coming of the Final Messenger (pbuh), also now it is guarded by demons but nevertheless it is as sacred now as it was before Adam (as) built it.
  5. Any more insults and this thread will be closed, and the perps warned.
  6. (bismillah) (salam) Please ignore what I said about the flags, it has come to my attention that the organizers and certain people there will cause a fracas if we do, so I done a khira and it was abominable to do so, so no flags. Wassalaam
  7. al- ummiyyi is in the Quran and it means he is from ummal qurah not that he was illiterate.
  8. I think people are getting fed up with Zion, they dont control all the media I dont think.
  9. Oh please! No christian authority ever turns the other cheek, except maybe when a priest decides to molest a child then they turn the other cheek for him. Don't take cheap shots please, go back to making audio interviews about your friend sajjad sohail.
  10. I dont wish to go off topic nor do I wish to spark anything, but the only reason these things are suggested is because some of the supporters of the Hezb claim that it is Iranian. For eg. When I claimed that I liked the Sayed but did not support the IR in a past thread I was demonized. So If I was a Westerner I would say they were one and the same when I assessed some of the supporters opinions.
  11. True they are being slaughtered but they are ruthless they are taking it out on the civillians, I'd rather war end now than later. We aren't in Lebanon so we aren't feeling it, but the people want it to end now.
  12. SubhanALLAH muslims fight the real enemy while these animals are killing us and whats worse there are people that support them and call them a resistance.
  13. Then why did your people follow omar and abu bakr when they usurped the caliphate when it was the right of Imam Ali (as)?? Very unislamic indeed!
  14. Why do they get upset when people express joy at 9-11?
  15. (bismillah) (salam) Hezbollah's lack of structure its strength As Hezbollah resists almost four weeks of Israeli air and ground operations, many analysts are calling it the most effective Arab force the Israeli army has yet faced. The militia has stockpiles of missiles and light arms and, perhaps most important, a highly mobile command structure that allows it to conduct a classic hit-and-run guerrilla war of attrition. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty correspondents Charles Recknagel and Dominik Breithaupt spoke with Timur Goksel, the former spokesman of the United Nations monitoring force in south Lebanon, to learn more about Hezbollah's organization and tactics. Goksel now teaches at the American University in Beirut. RFE/RL: Looking at the number of about 2,000-4,000 soldiers that fight for the Hezbollah against 10,000 Israeli soldiers, it seems unlikely that the militia could keep up an effective resistance for long. What makes it so difficult for the Israeli army to defeat the Hezbollah militia? Timur Goksel: These people have been fighting the Israelis for 18 years in south Lebanon. People forget that. They already know the Israelis. And they fought them when they occupied Lebanon [israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and maintained a buffer zone in south Lebanon until 2000] and since then they have been preparing for a guerrilla war again. And they are a very experienced, very well-equipped guerrilla army and they also believe in what they are doing. And they have the local support of the population and they are local people themselves, they feel like they are defending their own villages. So when you put this together you get a very strong army - a guerrilla army, at least. Lack of hierarchy important RFE/RL: A common strategy in wartime is to disrupt the command-and-control capability of the enemy. But Hezbollah seems to have survived almost a month of heavy Israeli bombing. How does the militia remain effective on the battlefield? Goksel: They don't work in military hierarchies or military command levels. They don't have anything like that. There is one leader in Beirut and all the other units in the field are autonomous, they know what they are doing [by themselves]. They don't need communications, they don't report everything, they don't ask for orders, they know what they are doing. There are small units of not more than 20 men, and most are local people. They operate on their own, they don't need supplies. They are very independent. That makes it very difficult to catch them, of course. RFE/RL: The organizational structure you describe is common to a secret guerrilla movement. Yet Hezbollah has been a highly public presence in Lebanon for more than two decades, including now being part of the government. Could you describe the group's structure in more detail? Goksel: Hezbollah's political and social arm is very public [but] Hezbollah's military is a very secretive organization. Even most other Hezbollah people will not know who they [military members] are. They are extremely security-conscious - extremely - to the point of paranoia. Most people don't know who these people are because they never display themselves, they don't have uniforms, they don't have any bases, they don't work out of bases, they don't have supply depots. Therefore, it is a very secretive arm [and that is] because they have a very healthy respect for Israeli intelligence, which is always trying to track them down. Nasrallah's leadership RFE/RL: How directly does Hassan Nasrallah, the spiritual leader of Hezbollah, control its military arm? Goksel: Their structure is that only Sheikh Nasrallah is the supreme commander and there is nobody else between him and the field leaders. They removed all those [intermediate levels] years ago, because they felt like when you are organized as a military unit then it is very easy for Israel to detect you, because when you are [such a formal] organization you make noise when you move. So they removed all organization and they are working with a secret cell system, actually. RFE/RL: But doesn't a secret cell system also present some disadvantages when it comes to launching coordinated operations on the battlefield? Is there no central planning? Goksel: There are also predetermined operations. They have a lot of local autonomy but they will not launch an operation unless it is all part of a plan. There is a local leader, there is a regional leader system, but they don't report to [any military headquarters in] Beirut. It is not cumbersome, there are no levels like in a normal army, [such as] companies, battalions, regiments, nothing like that. It is a very flat sort of organization, not a pyramid sort of organization. RFE/RL: Do we know where Nasrallah is now? Goksel: I wouldn't know where he is and certainly they [Hezbollah] are not advertising it. But I know one thing about that man: he never abandons his people. He is famous for that. The reason he became Sheikh Nasrallah [the leader of Hezbollah] is because of his reputation for never leaving the fighters. So I can safely assume that he is with his own people. He never abandons them, that is not his style. That's why he became so famous and so adored within the whole of Hezbollah, because he never leaves his people alone. RFE/RL: There are reports that the Israeli army is trying to assassinate Nasrallah by targeting Hezbollah compounds in southern Beirut and elsewhere. Would Hezbollah fall apart if he were killed? Goksel: If Sheikh Nasrallah goes, that organization is likely to come apart. Because, especially at a time like this, no [other] leader can emerge to keep this whole massive organization of social, economic, political, and military things together. Nobody can do that. And there are some [competing] currents in Hezbollah that Sheikh Nasrallah is keeping together. In my understanding, some of these groups might become more independent in their actions. And when you have people with guns and rockets [taking] independent action, then you are looking for trouble because you never know which way they will go. Because he is providing the central discipline and the central command. Cutting off Hezbollah, or Lebanon? RFE/RL: The Israeli army says it is bombing Lebanese infrastructure such as highways to cut supply routes from Syria - and ultimately Iran - which are suspected of rearming Hezbollah. But is it possible to stop supplies from reaching the militia? Goksel: More than [being] a strategy, that is a way of destroying the Lebanese infrastructure. That is not a strategy, that is an excuse to inflict maximum pain on this country. Because they [the Israelis] couldn't do it [stop Hezbollah], they want the [Lebanese] people to stop Hezbollah. And certainly [if the bombing is] to prevent the supply [of arms to Hezbollah], it cannot do that. There are 300 kilometers of open borders. Are they going to watch every border crossing 24 hours a day? That is a "no go", but it is a good excuse to keep bombing. Copyright 2006 RFE/RL Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036. Wassalaam
  16. (bismillah) (salam) In case you haven't noticed this website is called shiachat, and it is forbidden here to associate muslims like Hezbollah with terrorism, they are not war criminals like the Bush Government, the Zionist enemy and al Qaeda. Threads like these are not allowable on this shia site, you are demeaning muslims that fight for our right to exist. So unless someone wants to post up a thread about whether or not their own birth is legitimate, I suggest you dont question the valour and honour of these men. Shame on you Thread closed (Anymore similar threads will be met with a warning, if you have any qualms PM the admin.) Wassalaam
  17. Muslim Omar refuses drug test By Josh Massoud ONE of Australia's most promising boxers is facing a two-year ban for refusing to take a drug test because of his Islamic faith. The Daily Telegraph can reveal reigning under-19 Australian amateur middleweight champ Omar Shaick declined to provide a urine sample under supervision of testing officers. In what is believed to be the first case of its kind in Australia, the Lebanese Muslim 18-year-old informed Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority testers his religion prevented followers from exposing their genitals to others. Shaick is now set to be outed for a mandatory two years and stripped of his title, pending an upcoming hearing before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). But with the Brisbane-based boxer preparing to argue that practising Muslims be allowed to submit urine samples in private, the case has the potential to rock drug-testing procedures across the globe. The World Anti-Doping Agency now insists all urine tests be supervised after athletes were caught providing false samples from syringes and bottles. Millions of Islamic athletes world-wide are forced to adhere in conflict with their faith. A deeply-religious Shaick, however, steadfastly refused to let ASADA officials witness him giving a sample during a random sting on Brisbane's Logan City Boxing Gym two months ago. He since went on to defeat NSW's Leroy Brown by a point to take the 75kg under-19 title at the National Amateur Championships in Darwin on July 22. Also a junior Commonwealth Games silver medallist, Shaick this week declined to discuss his stance. His trainer Chris McCullen stressed Shaick had nothing to gain by avoiding the test. "It's not as if he's a drug cheat - Omar refused to do the test purely on the basis of his religious beliefs," McCullen said. "He's the cleanest living kid you will ever meet. "When the testers came he asked them if there was any other way it could be done. He was willing to take a blood test, give hair, skin ... whatever. "He just could not have them stare at his genitals." According to McCullen, Shaick spent more than an hour pleading with testers to compromise. "He asked if they could frisk him and then let him give the sample with his back turned," McCullen said. "They said it could not happen." Concerned about the consequences, Shaick sought advice from Dr Mohammed Abdullah - an imam at his local mosque - the following day. Abdullah confirmed Shaick's stance was "consistent with" the Islamic tenant of modesty, Haya, which also dictates the wearing of hijabs and lowering the gaze. "Unless it's extremely necessary, or an emergency, one must not expose their private parts in front of others," Abdullah, also director of Griffith University's Islamic Research Unit, said. "He was uncomfortable with that. "This is the first time I've come across a case like this. "It becomes a personal choice. He is aware of the possible consequences and told me himself he is willing to ultimately take the ban." ASADA declined to comment on the case. The Daily Telegraph, however, understands it has already sent the court a letter as prosecuting agent in preparation for a trial. The CAS hearing is expected to commence within the next month. A spokesman for the court confirmed any decision was binding and there was no appeal procedure. Despite the fact proceedings are impending, Boxing Australia has permitted Shaick to continue to fight until a final verdict is delivered. McCullen said: "We are pretty confident nothing should come of it. "He's the most strictly religious kid I've ever come across." We need more sportsman like him, good role model for children
  18. No one said anything wrong about hareeri, but seeing you asked he was one of Bill Clintons best friends. And I know what your stance is when it comes to American Allies. B)
  19. Dont be too upset zuljennah they can still be fed to the orcas. Not to worry. :) Posted in wrong forum.
  20. ^ America gave money to Saddam and they were thanked by many iraqis for ridding them of the pestilence they initially inflicted, so what do you say about that?
  21. Not the first time its been done by an aussie... Remember when Darren Lehmann called the sri lankan player a black @#$*. Australia sport is full of racism, but I dont blame them, the PM of Australia is a racist, he refused to acknowledge that the Cronulla riots last year were fuelled by racism, rather he said it was alcohol to blame. And The Foreign Minister Alexander Downer recently said that he refused to watch CNN, and that it was too biased, he preferred watching Fox News because it gave the real news. So Jones should be sorry, sorry that he is a red neck racist victorian just like David hookes (another Australian batsman) who was killed a year or so ago. No wonder this world is a prison for the believer.
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