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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. man i hate the american elections, cause the only things they do is bring out bad points about the oponent and nothin about the country... what's the use, its not like you're gonna keep on bashing the oponent when you win the election, you'll be leading a country.

  2. Anyways, we had alot of bad experiences with the turtles..we gave away 3 and kept two for a while, untill one day we found out that my mom threw them off the window cause she couldnt stand them anymore.

    i suggest you dont go near windows ali!!

    i used to have a turtle, kept on poking it with a pen until it was bleeding one day, after that i got bored, and well... gave it away, in return the people we gave it too just released it in the river.

  3. If you live in Canada and heard nothing in any media about the events in Sudan, you must live in a box.

    Go read a newspaper.

    what are you ignorant? Have you even tried to read the paper in the past little while, it was either all leading up to the elections, or the aftermath of the elections, even when that little asian girl's "killer" was found, he didnt make the front page, i wonder who's the one that's been in a box!

  4. thats stolen from the simpsons. The episode where Bart becomes Mr. Burns' son, and then homer goes to his house to try and get bart back. and he says something like "what you're gonna release the dogs? or the bees? or the dogs with the bees shooting out of their mouths?"

  5. (salam)

    If its nokia. Then I'm your man :P Although you have to download them over the net. Also, You'll need a memory card coz the files are gonna be big if your gonna be playing games like fifa2004 etc. Do you have Nokia series60 ? Let me know if you want more details ;)


    Bro Yasser

    I WANT GAMES FOR MY NOKIE 60 SERIES!!!!!! I have a gameboy emulator right now, and i transfer all my files through a bluetooth wireless transfer and a memory card!!

  6. (salam)

    its probably the ex-husband of the wife. she thought he was dead, so she married the other person. and her brother is probably fasting for the ones the ex-husband had missed in his life.

    boy must that suck for the new husband... what does this have to do with 9-2-11?

  7. ^ I liked Dragon Ball Z...

    watched every episode of Dragon Ball/Z/GT and even all the movies..

    loved Goku Vs Majin Vegeta Scenes..

    honestly, if it were available i'd buy the gravity lowering room where Goku and Vegeta Trained in for weeks, that makes a person sooooooooo much quicker and stronger when on real land... i keep dreaming.

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