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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. well, there is a way you can do it, you wait outside a bank for some idiot to withdraw that much in cash (no one would do it, but what the hey) and you beat the [Edited Out] out of him and steal the money, of course... its haram, but you got your money, repeat process as needed!
  2. i have to admit, that is a pretty good way to catch a peron's attention, and it shows us th emeaning of time.
  3. so where do I sign up for this bank?
  4. jealous of what exactly? I don't understand, its as if it was always my wish to start my own thread and to make it succesful keep posting and asking people to join, if they are already in the thread, then why push them to do it more? It just does not make sense to me, anyways, enough time wasted on this thing, im out!
  5. ^ or maybe they should stick to nuclear weapons :!!!:
  6. that inforwars website is pretty interesting, imma have to sit down and read it someday. I would also like to say welcome back, even though i did not know you when you left. My question now that you have come back is, What difference do you see between the Iraqis that you saw on TV and that you were spoken about in the army, and when you actually saw it in real life?
  7. technology, its amazing. for some reason i read womb as tomb, and i thought a baby was growing in the grave or something :blink:
  8. you are one lucky man!
  9. yah, but he made you look cute... sometimes stupid, he didnt chop ur head off and throw swords at it...
  10. how do we know there arent any cameras on the third floor?
  11. its just a reason to have chocolate :D
  12. then you're on the right track :P
  13. ^ popularity level decreasing
  14. this is a classic game, too bad no one plays it anymore. The arrows is kinda hard to move.
  15. khalf_al_Quaed


    this described me way tooooooooooooo well!
  16. one of my friends' friends' went skydiving with like 10 other people, they all came down safely, his parachute did not open, and i guess you can all figure out the rest.
  17. skyline over supra anyday. I have a friend in Ottawa who has an Accord with Skyline lights, too nice.
  18. guy, the singing babies are the best!!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THEM? boo to violence!
  19. how is this not dumb and lame? Out of the 89 (now 90) posts on here, FORTY OF THEM ARE FROM YOU!!!!
  20. blame the dead horse on terrorists, and start a whole war over it!
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