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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. did you guys take pictures? make a TV show or website "When Shiachatters Meet"
  2. i never really read the comics, but my friend has, and he said his son and the green goblin apparently are diff (thats what i understood) can be wrong tho.
  3. OKAYYYYYYYYYY 10 000 000 euros for a ball????
  4. influenced by the western world.
  5. umm... from my knowledge the green goblins COMES BACK. Apparently, he never dies, or dies and then comes back... not too sure, right now, i am looking for a Spiderman rom for gameboy, can't seem to find it anywhere!
  6. it depends what you are lookin for in a movie. The first part, they concentrated more on the action hero and the villain, on the second one, they concentrated A LOT on his romantic life, his aunt, and of course, the villain. Personally, I think the first one was much better because it was very detailed and well done. I give the first one a 10/10, the second one 9.8/10. I give troy 9.5/10 and King arthur the same thing. I will judge one movie without watching it, and that is Harrold & Kumar Go to White Castle from me, just fromt he commercial, it gets a -5/10.
  7. where? :huh: its all in arabic, any direct link?
  8. get HIJACKTHIS and CWSHREDDER they seemed to work for me
  9. this cleric has my last name :o I GOT MAAAAAD BACKUP! :!!!:
  10. or when he's on Mars and farts and says "It wasnt me" wait... that's not funny... last time i watched that movie it was when it first came out, when i was still a child, i guess things are just funnier back then.
  11. we are all equal in front of Allah!
  12. ahh the dentist, some of the best times i had in my childhood, i always loved those toys they would give you before leaving, but I went to a french clinic, and well... i dont like to generalize, but the secretary was racist and never gave me my toys :( I remember once the dentist got really mad at me, because i fell asleep, and my mouth kept on closing, he actually got my mom to come into the room and hold mym outh open while he did wat he had to,l he told me i was the first kid that ever slept. As for heaven and ali... both of your powers combined makes a really bad powertrip.
  13. I was in a Mac's last night, and I saw a magazine, and on the cover it read something like "The World's Fattest Cat goes Anorexic" imagine if that happened, that fat thing became skinny, that'd be scary
  14. u heard that movie was good, i wastched part of Catch Me If You Can, but the best english movie of all times (drum roll please) ............ Scarface. I dunno what the rest of you think about his movie, but i think it is the best movie ever!!
  15. damn, some of these movies are real classics, too bad it would take forever for me to download these.
  16. WHOA!! That pic has got to be a fake, AND FUNNY!!!
  17. i agree with the woman part, but do we really need to generalize on a certain race?
  18. a male snail only has sex once in its life, and it lasts for 12 hours, after that they die
  19. what you're finally a legal canadian :P
  20. Being the 1st of july, in Canada, most people know that the most anticipated day of the year is Canada Day. The day where thousands gather at the heart of the capitol to celebrate the country's birthday. Unfortunately, for most youngsters, this celebration becomes chaos and a chance to have their first drink (which later on becomes their second, third and fourth drink....) At this festival, there are many families who go out to enjoy the change of atmosphere in the city, but the most famous part of the night is the Firework show which is held right behind parliament hill. Enjoying my time with
  21. it sounded as if it would be the wrong answers.
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