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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Coakroaches? EEEEEEWWW! hate them, and the ones they have in Bahrian are HUGE and they dont die very easily, i have 2 stories, the first, i was in the washroom at my uncles house, and there's a crack in his bathtub, and i had taken a shower that morning and when i came back, i sat on the washroom, and one that's about 10-15 cm came out of the crack and went back in, i'm tleling u, i never went back to hishouse. The other story was also in bahrain, it happened in my grandfather's house, and they dont have much coakroaches there, but once i found this Huge one in the living room, so i took the spray that's supposed to kill them, and sprayed it on him for like 5 minutes, and it still stayed alive, so then i just took a na3al and squished it, it wasn't very nice seing his insides gushing out!
  2. Assalmo Aleikum, Excellent Job on the site brother Ali, looks better than the old one (Not that it had anything wrong with it) The colors are more recent (XP style) and I really like how everything is user-friendly!
  3. I would've really liked to c the last one, the photocopy one, it would've been very funny!
  4. Well, if she was facing the Quibla, why not just kill her and eat her, that way no one would have to worry about how to get her out of there while she kicking and panting, and on the other side, everyone would have some good meat! :D :D :D :D
  5. :nono: I got 41... that's not me :nono:
  6. Ni3als, not guns, good one, i think this applies to other nationalities, the Iraqi weapons are spreading across other arab countries
  7. Wouldn't they be looking to their right?
  8. looooooooooooooool, BTW, which one is it that they say there are traces of Alcohol in it? I heard that one of those have 0.005% or 0.0005% of Alcohol in them, any1 know in which it is in?
  9. :D looooooool, I actually saw this on Ripley's Believe it or Not, these dogs are police dogs, and this is how they show that the trainers have control over the dogs, and the dogs have inner control. salamz
  10. Assalamo Aleikum, i do not know much about dreams, but there is one thing i do know, I've heard that women's dreams are always the opposite of what they are! Sorry i cant b more specific!
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