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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hmm, u leave the questioning to the brothers, that can pressure him, and if needed, beat him and make sure he sitn lying :shaytan:
  2. make a black one that says Freedom on the front and Fighter on the back and i'll buy it!
  3. yah, and i got mine when i was younger from the black kids in the hood, never from my parents moral of the story You're either a bully or become bullied significance to this thread: none!
  4. anyone tried the bubble tea?hear its good
  5. it's all about the Chai Halib, Ice Caps and Fruizzis from Second Cup (I dunno if they contain any caffeine, but they're ADDICTIVE!!!)
  6. i must've dropped my pocket change, who found it?
  7. ^ I like how you explained it twice with different wording, that way they're bound to get it :)
  8. gud thing it doesnt know my extension :Hijabi:
  9. what difference does that make? I still think chinese people have food that I am not quite accustomed to!
  10. ^...so? i dont know what your problem is, either you're just seeking some attention around here, or your suicidal, in either way, i'm sorry to hear that and Allah Yeshafeek!
  11. khalf_al_Quaed


    To have Ali Imran stop replyin wit these stupid "...so?" type answers!
  12. imagine it was you, wouldnt you sue that company for releasing such a video?
  13. AHAHAHA That's tooooooo funny!
  14. ^what does that mean? why not just write i english? or am i missing something :unsure:
  15. All for ignorin Ali Imran cause his replies dont make sense say I!
  16. what does smelly good have anythin to do wit the train??? And, if they wer to put smelly food, no offence to anyone, but asians would win the prize!
  17. im really confused :unsure:
  18. awesome car, unfortunately, school is gonna start, and for the next four years, imma be broke, and wont be able to afford the car (or the insurance) as a matter of afact if i did decide to buy it, BUT i'll make you a deal, if i somehow decide to buy a lottery ticket, and i win over 6 mils, i'll buy it :!!!:
  19. tough call, my beloved all in one phone, or this islamic one... any1 know of a proggie that can do the same? :unsure:
  20. got my license two yrs ago, was drivin 4 yrs ago, why? Cause i'm not a woman and my dad actually trusted my driving... unlike some1 else in teh family *COUGH sis COUGH!!!
  21. an english teacher's worst nightmare :(
  22. i yawned scrolling thru it really quickly, bro you have your answer!
  23. that site featured at the bottom of the pictures is a site where people can compete with all of their photoshop skills.
  24. khalf_al_Quaed


    what canadian pride if you can't even spell it? :P its spelled EH!
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