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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow, apparently when I was younger I ate about 6 bananas a day... right now i'm eating about 2 a month, maybe its time i go back to my old yellow friend. thanks for the info
  2. 220 lbs. I am 6 foot 2, i guess that has a little to do with it.... as if there's no cat other than 200+, i agree with abdulhujjah, he did not consider giant Bahrainis (i.e. ME) while making this poll.
  3. I like my name. When I was first born, I was named Jameel, my parents changed it to Mohammad Ali. While that would have been the perfect name, my grandmother disliked the name, and renamed me Mohammad Mahdi, which is still amazing.
  4. Savages? I'd rather say that we're not whipped...
  5. HAHA, ur funny, u've heard it before and still not sure what happens :P
  6. There was a huge meeting of the United Nation Council for Women, the president got up and said "Us women have had enough of picking up after men, cleaning up, washing, cooking and taking care of the house, I want everysingle one of you to go home tonight, and tell your husbands that we are not here as servants, and that they must have an equal share in everything. We will meet again in one year, and discuss the changes, hope to hear good news." A year passed, and the UNCW had another meeting, as planned, the president got up and asked for a few volunteers to tell their stories and changes, a C
  7. I eat out at least twice a day. I guess it is a variation of where you eat and the precautions you take. Personally, I hate the smell of the bread from subway, but when ido go, i ask them to change the gloves, and not to cut it, its a huge footlong halal sub. Also, I am not sure baout all subways, but the one i go to, there is one guy cutting the bread, one putting the meats, one veggies, and one cutting/cash (yes, its a very busy one) so there isnt contact with the meat people and the veggies.
  8. sorry about the late reply, but not this is not the same as the Abul Fadhl Miracle, unfortunately, I was about 2 months old when that occured. The ghost story occured much later on in my life.
  9. From the mixed replies that I have recieved, it looks as though the turba does not bleed on the day of Ashura. Another question, is there such thing as Turba Abal Fadhl? If there is, anyone know where I can get that one also?
  10. I have seen what would be described in english terms as a Ghost. I happened approximately 5 years ago, my friends and I were in the cemetary at about 1 AM (not sure of the exact time, i know it was late) and we were sitting in the Muslims section of the cemetary, we saw the name of a Sayyed so we decided to read Dua for him, i stopped reading for a bit, i looked up, I saw a white shadowy figure looking down, it did not get to my head, so i put my head down, then I had realized what I had just seen, I looked at it again, it was walking towards me, i blinked, looked at the others, they did not n
  11. Does anyone know where I can get an Imam Hussein Turba? A real, pure one? The ones that bleed on the day of Ashura. This would be really hepful. Thanks Salam KAQ
  12. I give up, this search engine is messing with my head, if anyone knows how to use it (it might just be me...) then please show me, its really aggrevating.
  13. I posted it on this website a few years ago, now I am having much troubles with this search engine, wish me lotsa luck!
  14. I think the reason behind my greater grief of Abul Fadl is because he did save my life when I was an infant, and I can never forget the favor he did to me.
  15. I don't mean to sound like an idiot, but does anyone else feel that as well? When i listen to Maqtal, the person who stricts me the most, and whom i feel more attached to is Abul Fadhl El Abbas. Does anyone else feel that or am I the only one?
  16. Don't worry bro, not all Arabs/Iranians are haters as you put it. I think i am one of the many arabs that do not Agree with Wilayat Faqih and do Tatbeer (totally irrelated together). I am the kind of person who will oppose any type of hatred, even towards our sunni brothers. Just put in mind,t here are always some that dont have that hate in them.
  17. The way I see this is that Sayyid Shirazi's sayings are useless and should not be looked at? Or he would say things that are false, and by takins a Marja3's word on such an issue is not sufficient enough. I suggest you start by respecting all 3alim and understand that they have made it further than any of us here ever have. It takes a simple person to see that you have much hatred, from your replies, towards Imam Shirazi, these are between you and God, but as the Forum rules apply, no disrespect should be given towards any 3alim.
  18. I don't know if this helps faithmuslima , but I was going through websites of Maraje3, and while looking at the questions and answers i came across a topic of Wilayat Al Faqih and in the description, there was a paragraph that stated the following: source : Source
  19. HAHA Couldnt they find a better place? I am amazed as to how many Matams they have in Bahrain. I was there for three months, I think it is physically impossible to walk 5 minutes without seeing one, and this is a far stretch, walking to my cousin's house (a 2 minute walk) I would see three of them, no joke. Mashallah.
  20. You cannot generalize, many of my good friends are Sunnis, and they respect every ritual or differences that occur between both sects. I truly am sorry that you have had such experiences in the past, but to no right is there to say they all do that since there are Shias who do that, same as Sunnis, and even if you want to go as far as there is racism between Other Religions and Islam (which i have experience more than Sunni/Shia hatred) I always thought it was the other way around, never have I seen Shias pray behind a Sunni Sheikh, but at our Friday Prayer, we see many Sunni brothers who joi
  21. Just by the reply I can see that you have not watched CBC before. I have lived here all my life, for the better part of it I remember CBC as being one of the fairest TV stations around, their main objective (unlike CNN and the likes) isn't to defame any foreign country but to show different aspects of them. I do remember them having a whole documentary on Saudi Arabia... and trust me, it was not good advertisement of the Government, at the same time, it is the same TV station that aired several shows showing the cruelty of the Jews in the occupied lands of Palestine, and the many conspiracies
  22. BTW, many Sunnis believe that Shia only pray 3 times a day (i.e. they pray one Morning, one Dhuhr, and oneMaghrib, they think that we ommit the Asr and Ishaa. I know this is not what is being discussed, but next time someone does ask why we pray 3 times, make sure to have their question understood corectly.
  23. Anyone ever heard of the Ouija board, or something like that? I heard a story by my sister where there were about 4 girls playing it in the washroom of her school, one just went into a coma, and the other was thrown into a wall times over again. Would this be extreme psychological concentration and belief in the game where it can create an imaginary force by the mind to make the person believe that there is a jinn, or do they just plainly exist?
  24. Orion why are you always on the defensive? What I meant to say, and if you read my post correctly, it is not possible to have a 100% crime free society, but to get to the point where they make TV shows about it, then it is a noticeable problem. How come Saudi Arabia has been succesful in having less, or less visible problems such as the above mentioned than Iran?
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