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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I forgot to put the name unfortunately, but here it is Ghuloom Ali Abbas Ashoori. Thanks again
  2. Salam, I have always been told its Makruh to eat with your left hand and that it was better to do it with the right. Unfortunately, I do not have any Hadith to back it up salam
  3. Salam I dont know if this has been said already, how about Ayah?
  4. White-Race? I'd like to saddly admit that there are MANY Muslims in those Masons groups you speak of. I noticed their rings, apperently, they aren't supposed to discus Religion or Politics, are they covering up their acts? Or they jstu changed their minds from what they used to be?
  5. Salam, If I could bother everyone as to just recite the Fatiha for the death of my grandfather, he passed away saturday. thank-you all Salam
  6. So what you kidman is saying is that by having htme stoned to death or tortured, it takes away their sins from this life?
  7. I went searching on the Arla website, and these guys are in trouble... http://www.arlafoods.com/APPL/HJ/HJ202COM/...12571090033A03F What I do find interesting is the Lebenon comment, are they implying that since there are other religions, who cares about the Muslims in that country or..?!?!
  8. Other than teaching us a lesson? Anything else? I read a story about some women in Bahrain, she worked as a nurse in the Delivery section for 17 years if i remember correctly, and during those 17 years, what she would do is switch babies at birth. After having retired, she decided to do Tawbah, and she went to Hajj, when she got there, she saw people walking around, but could not see the Kaaba. She screamed and cried on the spot, they brought her to a sheikh and he said the only thing left to do for her is to kill her. Does this make a better question? Why would they kill her?
  9. Hahaha, this site used to be so simple... I guess I'm what you would call an Old G. My syster showed me #shia, and later on i saw www.shiachat.com unfortunately, the only mark I have left on this site was on the General Off-Topic discussions, I was away for a while, but now I'm back, hopefully to stay in General Discussions this time :D
  10. I had a quick question, I wasn't sure of the answer when one of my friends asked me. You know how some people get stoned to death if they commit adultry, or any other type of death after committing a sin, why is it that we do this? Does this erase this great sin they have committed and enables them heaven? I'm really unsure about this so please explain. Thanks
  11. Very nice, and they refrained from putting too many gorry images on there, I guess to allow viewings for all ages. Very effective.Thank you
  12. Google All the way. I remember using Yahoo for the first time at the library internet, the librarian was teaching me how to use it, I found it amazing, up until I learned about google, it was the only search engine I would use. I never really adapted to their Messenger, most people use MSN, and after a while, I just gave up on yahoo all together. I do ocasionally use it for maps and movie searches, but it ends there.
  13. Surprisingly doesnt involve Islam... maybe you should choose your words more wisely.
  14. sorry Jnoobi, but not because it is not islamic, it means its not funny! In fact, Islamic pics shouldn't be THAT funny! true maybe one or two were not appropriate, but honestly most pics were funny and we need funny... so if you want something Islamic you have got the entire forum! :) wal salam...
  15. Those "Shirazis" <--- why do you say that?
  16. It is not legal, but there are talks that the canadian government is looking towards legalizing it and making it a "profession". In other words, the Gov't wants to get a cut out of these people, and not let them keep the whole income in pure cash.
  17. check out the links given at the beginning and end of the video... it tells us the background of the... um... the girl. weirdest video ever, but that wahabbi jumpin in the air was the funniest thing i've seen since Dirty Kuffar
  18. i still think that killing thousands of innocent people is worst...
  19. You like the Americans a little because they don't want Quebec either. HAHAHA... wait a second, i live in quebec...
  20. Salam, I was wondering if anyone could please post the ruling on playing cards w/out gambling of any Marja3 that they have a link to. Thank-you in advance Salam PS: please do not just tell me it is haram, i would like a link.
  21. Yes I am a giant, and yes, back then when i ate that many bananas, i was a genius, i think all this junk food rotted my brain, im thinkin of going back on the all banana diet.
  22. I think it was in another thread, although no definite sources, i read that the whole "same name as the prophet Isa" was nothing more than a remix of the original story
  23. lol @ The Imam - "Baby Cause I'ma Thug" : a/s/l? Abdul: WHAT? The Imam - "Baby Cause I'ma Thug" : oh sorry man rong window lol Abdul: imam! hahah. i thought you were married! The Imam - "Baby Cause I'ma Thug" : I am. slots #2, #3, #4 still open This is way too funny
  24. khalf_al_Quaed


    not jealous... just hungry, wanna send me some by mail? Or if you live in ottawa, deliver them?
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