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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ali, quite honestly bringing him would allow users to talk to him one on one but I fear the lack of respect that's been shown not only in the comments but in the hearts of some users. Calling him a deviant and village idiot is extremely disrespectful and I've honestly seen more respect given to some wahabbis than him. Disagreeing with his views is your right, slandering and mocking isn't. And quite honestly all those that are this concerned about his speeches and the way he portrays us as English speaking shias, I beg of you to please prepare lectures and give them at the local mosque or on YouTube, instead of just sitting here behind your screens and phones anonymously posting about someone you haven't met and most of you aren't willing to talk to or even properly listen to his lectures instead of just picking the bad things. I hope people realize that this thread has given more exposure and fame than his YouTube videos could have... any publicity is good publicity
  2. Chaotic Muslim if you truly believe his interpretations are incorrect, do one or both of two things: 1. Don't follow or listen to him 2. Bring forth your tafseer This back and forth isn't really to anyone's benefit or constructive
  3. I met brother Tawhidi two years ago when he came to ottawa, and quite honestly the first time I spoke to him I was really bothered by what came out of his mouth and the "problems" that arose after he left, mostly his twitter and Facebook posts. When I heard that he'd been invited again to ottawa I was flabbergasted and wondering what they were thinking. I was called by a dear brother begging me to come and take a second look at "the new Tawhidi" and judge him on what he has become instead of what he was. I reluctantly agreed to go and see for myself what this change was. What I saw there blew me away, he wasn't the same person on the Minbar. But his twitter still had some questionable material. Here's the issue, what he says isn't about unity, and his ultimate goal isn't to sugar coat something that many Shias believe in (whether you want to admit it or not). Mt issue with this thread is as follows, a lot of the issues that have been brought up have not been substantiated with proof and some are outright. Calling him a kafir? On what basis? Something he's said years ago? I'm just lucky that my life wasn't as publicized when I was younger as his was/is. I honestly wonder if another one of our speakers would be met with this much push... some of our most popular English speakers have bashed our Maraji3, yet they get a free pass? why? Why Tawhidi and why not them? Lastly, I did not wish to even post anything on this topic as it has literally been a [edited] show, but I felt that I needed to question a lot of the ways some members, and many moderators have been behaving themselves the replies will be interesting
  4. so you misquote and because you disagree you just tell me to go away? are you serious? obviously you didnt bother to read why i gave my point of view on this topic, you decided to just jump to your own conclusion and seemingly you didnt even bother to read why i didnt care about reading more than the first and last page, and in the context that it was presented in, it had to do with the topic going off course kindly learn how to speak properly before making yourself look like a fool
  5. This thread has gone way off topic cant be bothered to read why exactly, read the first page and last and here's my take i agree with the topic of this thread, and i do not care who you support or "which side you're on" but those shias who support the syrian regime because he helps shias are no better than those who support the bahrain regime because they're sunni, a murderer is a murderer no matter what sect or religion, there's no excuse for killing thousands of people just voicing my opinion and dislike for bashar and his supporters, no matter who they are
  6. Salam Aleykum,

    I am announcing a new forum!


    Register, Start topics, Reply to others, and Make friends.

    A website not only for the followers of the Shirazi family, but for all of the Shia!







    HAPPY B'DAY 2 U...


  8. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  9. the person who invested the most into this site does not believe in it anymore, which comes to show how much unity us as Muslim Shias have, brother Ali started this site and he's left everything about it behind, its attitude like what has been displayed in this post that pullls us apart and as for me saying OUR loss, I am speaking about the Muslims worldwide
  10. dont worry i wont hold my breath for shiachat to put a banner mourning our loss, but for those who are interested go ahead and click on the banner of Shiavideo.com they have some information
  11. I'm disgusted by your lack of respect on this specific matter, not only coming from a fellow shia... but also coming from an admin on this site, after a long absence from this site, i come back to see what shiachat has done about a Great loss to our religion i see this shameless comment from a mod... and as for your other comment regarding different channels covering this loss, regardless of their actions, shiachat should not take a certain and very OBVIOUS and POLITICAL stance on this matter and show some respect for the dead and quite possibily one of the most respect famillies of scholars by showing a better sign of mourning for their death Allah yesamhich ya bint el hoda
  12. Sorry about the late reply, I would like to start off by thanking everyone who has helped me out, but I do have a few questions, Is there anywhere in the Quran where it allows on a certain time period for Muslims to mourn? When was this mourning "time period" introduced and by whom?
  13. sunnis dont mourn, im trying to prove this froma sunni point of view
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