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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Turns out Macisaac was wrong (again). Please pray for the now deceased shaheed. Al Fatiha
  2. SHAME ON UGLY JINN AND JAMAL AL HASAN. You believe such scurrilous rumours when you didn't even know the brother. Then you go a step further and spread these lies. He was a Shia, a Muslim & deserves at the very least our good words in death. May Allah (swt) guide you or destroy you
  3. My bad. +1 on the second point. When you leave religion aside your morality is relative. As such that makes it pointless to attack the shia concept of mutah when really, everything goes.
  4. Hows this... Your modernist take on Islam could quite possibly take you out the fold of Islam, especially when viewed in light of Quran (4:24) and hadith (too numerous to mention here, do a search of the multiple other Mutah threads). As for your belitting of the Zawaj of Mutah here is something for you to ponder on. You hold disdain for the words which must be spoken which make an act which would otherwise be zina into a halal one. Remember the act of sexual relations aren't haram in and of themselves. Now consider the similitude of a lamb chop. The lamb is slaughtered ear to ear but the Butc
  5. Salam brother I am in a similar situation. At the beginning when I started to pray and to grow a beard my mum told me I was being 'fanatic' etc. Eventually she got used to it and now doesn't say anything. Try to be upfront when the time is right and no matter how annoying the situation gets it will improve with the help of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Like others have said, use it as an opportunity to show that Islam actually makes you a better person, more responsible, more respectful of family values, more honest etc. Do that and inshAllah they will see their view of Islam was wrong, and who knows
  6. +1. Also in Wisael as Shia, there is a riwayat that states that Imam Ali (as) married a lady from kufa in Zawaj Mutah. Too many akhis innovating in da deen blad, tryna make Islam a sunni ting.
  7. Umar and Khalid never liked each other from childhood, I can be pretty sure their dispute had nothing to do with Malik (ra) and was a pretext used by Umar.
  8. Sayed Khomeini (ra) took from Ibn Arabi or Mullas Sadra etc. They may have even been Nasibis. But it was the Prince of the Believers, Ali the Son of Abu Talib (as) who said: 'look at what is being said, not who is saying it'. It's a shame these infiltrators don't open their hearts to Islam. What to do with these fifth columnists...
  9. I reply to the A'waam in kind. When their blood boils at the arrogance at such statements then they might do some internal reflection and speak against their own from using such phrases towards the Mumineen.
  10. A usual argument from the partisans of Abu Bakr is that Imam Ali (as) allowed his Companions, like Malik Bin Nuwayrah (ra) to be murdered, so this is proof that Abu Bakr was right. Now putting aside the fact that they use the same argument to deny the attack on the House of Fatima Az-Zahra (sa), is there any literature in the books of the Muslims where Imam Ali (as) later says anything about this episode? Does he criticise Khalid Bin Laeen for the crime of rape and murder? What did he say at the time? JzA
  11. In Baghdad, Muslim and Sunni scholars were discussing events regarding succession to the Prophet (saaw). The Sunni tells the Muslim 'The proof that Abu Bakr was chosen by the Prophet (saaw) to be his Successor is that he was chosen to lead the Salah whilst he lay on his death bed.' The Muslim replied 'But I thought the Prophet (saaw) was deluded on his death bed?'... :yaali: And before any sunni tries to claim Umar didn't say the Prophet (pbuh) was deluded, the Prophet (pbuh) himself says 'I am better than what you attribute to me', thus proving he was indeed insulted by Umar's accusations
  12. Whether you wish to admit it or not, any muslim male or female who wishes to get a tattoo has been undoubtedly influenced by Western modernism. It is a possible indicator to a wider mindset and is a perfectly legitimate reason to weigh up suitability as a spouse. The tattoo in and of itself might be halal, it's irrelevant. It's the context of it however which is relevant and will tell someone a lot about the other person. Of course good people may want a tattoo, Im not judging intentions, im talking about outlook on life. If someone is 'traditional', he might not appreciate someone 'modernist'
  13. Ok good point, but I dont want to get bogged down by Khalid Bin Walid and what he did and did not do. The point I was trying to make was that perhaps Usama comes under this category of Sahaba: Sahih Bukhari Hadith: 8.578: Narrated Anas: Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, "Some of my Sahaba, companions will come to me at my Lake Fount, and after I recognize them, they will then be taken away from me, whereupon I will say, 'My companions!' Then it will be said, 'You do not know what they innovated (new things) in the religion after you."
  14. Exactly. Now let's be clear I am in no way, shape or form, comparing Ayatollah Khomeini (ra) with Imam Ali (as). Just to clarify that before any insincere people try to level that charge at me. But if we are to use history as a lesson to ensure that we don't repeat the mistakes of the past, then I always try to compare the two situation exactly how you laid them out. I also see a parallel in the plight of Shaheed As Sadr (ra) and Imam Kadhem (as) (Shaheed Sadr (ra) lived in Kadhemiyyah, went through torture and imprisonment in Baghdad). Truly our scholars are successful when they are attacked
  15. Good post, And this is essentially the point. All those who posted about how great things are mainly focused on things like scientific and technological advances, which are no doubt important. Yet there's been no mention of morality, and it is on that front that mankind is seriously at a loss.
  16. ^ You could apply the same argument to Khalid bin Walid then. What happened before and after the Prophet's (saaw) death are two very different things.
  17. + 1 Unfortunately they refuse to read. Saddam and Muawiyah had a lot in common. Either the people perpetuating this lie are ignorant or insincere, and increasingly it seems to be the latter.
  18. Please study the history of Empires and Imperialism and then tell me if what you say is realistic.
  19. Salam

    I googled Saeed Shariatmadari

    found this, you should keep searching on line

  20. Wa alaykum As SALAM Try facebook, linkedin and other social sites. what was he studying, might be good to see if he became that, ie search for engineers with his name etc. InshAllah you find him.
  21. Wow, some seriously naive people on here. Macisaac says that fighting back will make life 'a hellhole', as if the white phosphorous and the depleted uranium and the rape and the repeated atrocities in the US dungeons etc etc, is making life a living hell for Iraqis. Hows this, Obama says end of the year (which he's already starting to backtrack on, like his predecessor did)... if he's lying then the resistance can begin and no more mealy mouthed justification for cowardice dressed up as 'peace'. Deal?
  22. Salam unfortunately i doubt it. He has been harsh on the Saudis especially in his reply to Uraifi (May Allah (swt) either guide him or render him destroyed). He will probably not be going there unless they fall.
  23. Ask them yourself my brother. Saddam wanted 'peace' (more like a Muawiyite deception) in 1982 and Ayatollah Khomeini (ra) refused. Some even say Sayed Al Khoei also leaned towards 'peace', but in his case it's more understandable that he would hold that position as he was under a great deal of pressure, being that he was living under Saddam's (la) tyranny and probably had to display taqiyyah.
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