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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am sunnio too and I don't believe that Shia are kafirs. I do think though that they're misled. I get upset with them when they curse Aysha (ra) and the sahabis....wouldn't u agree?

  2. Salaam-wa-Rahma Is there a book(s) in English (with authentic narrations) about the signs preceeding the appearance of Imam Mahdi. I'm Sunni but would like to read about this from the perspective of Shi'i scholars (and in a sincere way...not just to pick holes for the sake of sectarian polemic). Thanks in advance. PS - I found one online article on Al-Islam a while ago but was looking for something a bit more substantive like a book.
  3. Salaama I believe that in terms of mazhab, the Qadianis basically follow Hanafi fiqh.
  4. Salaams Yeah I'd heard about the French laying on scholarships for Chechen students. Kudos to the Frenchies (tres bien)! Cheers for the article link. Al-Muhajiroun = utter ****ers! Whenever I arranged talks on the situation in Chechnya back at Uni, those morons would turn up and try to hijack the whole event with their incessant sheep-like braying. My friend Colonel Umar Sougaipov (Maskhadov's emissary in London) almost beat the [Edited Out] out of them on one occasion...I really had to restrain him. Fortunately the campus security ejected those idiots just in time. I mean what can you say abo
  5. Just to add. The Chechen people are tired of war and desire peace and economic development...a decent and normal life if you will (contrary to the wishes of many jihadis...both the real and arm-chair varieties). They're pretty much resigned to Russian rule. I just wish that Putin would clip the wings of that thug Ramzan Kadyrov. There are plenty of decent, humane and educated pro-Russian Chechens who could run the place instead of that animal Kadyrov and his brutal militia. Actually, Alu Alkhanov (a former police...or militsaya as it's called in Russia...General) the current President of the
  6. Salaams Anti-Wahhabi Totally agree with all you say above. Especially about Putin. I have the same love-hate dichotomy going down with regards to Vladimir Vladimirovich. Yeah, I'm London based. We have quite a few Chechens here. Our biggest community in Western Europe is in Belgium though. I've heard that there is a fairly sizeable North Caucasian community in New Jersey. I believe the community was founded by emigres fleeing the Bolshevik Revolution (it's that old!).
  7. Oh I'm definitely a fan of Politkovskaya. I totally agree with your assessment of her. She was a genuine partizan of justice for ordinary Chechens and their suffering. I was very heart-broken the day I heard of her ruthless murder. Btw, she was assassinated after the attack on Nalchik. As for Basayev...you're not the first or last person to have this suspicion. Many, many Chechens and others have had these thoughts. I've certainly entertained them. You should get yourself a copy of Alexander Litvinenko's (the victim of the recent polonium poisoning scandal in London and a former FSB operative)
  8. You know Anti-Wahhabi, I don't know if I necessarily agree that Reagan was responsible for the fall of the USSR back in the 80s and 90s. Sure, the arms-race that he initiated and the funding of the Afghan insurgents did have a role to play. I just wonder if the proposition is not a little over-blown? Chinese Premier Zhou En-Lai was asked in the 1970s as to his opinion on the effects of the French Revolution of 1789 on world history, he replied (wisely in my opinion...got to respect the wisdom of the Chinese!)..."Too early to tell." My own opinion of the Soviet Union, as well as that of my fam
  9. Salaam wa rahma Like I said before, I'm not aware of any Chechens fighting alongside the Talebs. It is true though that the former separatist regime had diplomatic ties (of sorts) with Mullah Omar's regime. I believe that it was ex-President Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev (he became President of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria...that's the official name of the separatist Chechen regime...after the assassination of General Dudaev and held that post until the election of Aslan Maskhadov in 1997) who initiated this around about 1998. The Maskhadov govt. was appalled by this (they wanted UN recognition not
  10. Salaams First off, there is no substantiated or even credible evidence of Chechens fighting for the Talebs. There has NEVER been a single Chechen prisoner held in Guantanamo Bay. Here's some evidence I'd like to cite for my position: CHECHENS FIGHTING WITH THE TALIBAN: FACT OR PROPAGANDA? NO CHECHENS SAID TO BE FIGHTING WITH TALIBAN. RUSSIANS WITH THE TALIBAN? NOT A SINGLE CHECHEN DISCOVERED. If someone were to show me some credible evidence (as opposed to either Russian, American, Pakistani or Northern Alliance/Hamid Karzai government propaganda) of Chechens fighting on the side of the Ta
  11. I'm not wasting my time arguing with someone whose only source of information about Chechnya comes from a guy sitting in sunny Qatar (Movladi Udugov runs Kavkazcenter from there). Do you even know who Udugov is? Plus you keep showing the same Kavkazcenter link over and over. In English that's called a one-trick pony. Try something different for variety's sake. You don't know anything about Chechnya apart from Basayev, Abu Hafs, Abu Walid and Khattab. I'm glad you're one of the few Muslims with the correct understanding of Allah's deen. Good for you. Me Secularist? My oh my so you have ilm-ul-g
  12. Salaam Marshal! Listen bro I'm trying to PM you but seem to be having the same problem...namely my pm facility isn't working. Will try again.
  13. Just to say, Imam Shamil was a scholar and warrior who waged a sincere jihad against Tsarist oppression/colonial conquest. He was not a murderer and jahil (as far as Islamic scholarship goes) like Shamil Basaev. Imam Shamil waged war according to the principles of the Prophetic Sunna. Imam Shamil did not instigate attacks against Theatres or Schools. In short, he did not murder innocent civilians. PS - Having re-read the whole of this thread I just wanted to ask Bro Al Awhad...Vi govorite po Russkomu?
  14. Salaams No they aren't. Let me clarify though. The Sufi brotherhoods and their Shuyukh (eg Sheikh Mansur in the late 18th century, Imam Shamil during the mid-19th century and Sheikh Uzun Haji during the period of the Bolshevik Revolution and Russian Civil War) traditionally led the resistance to either Tsarist or Bolshevik rule. Now during the period 1991-94 (until the outbreak of the first Russo-Chechen conflict of the 1990s) the Sufi brotherhoods (particularly the Qadiris) were in full support of General Dudaev's national revolution. When the Federal government led by Yeltsin attacked Grozn
  15. Salaams to all Speaking as a Chechen (I'm Sunni and am a mureed of the Naqshabandi-Haqqani Tarikat...although I'm a poor quality mureed), please, please, please don't quote from Kavkazcenter. This is a rabid Wahabist web-site run by a former gangster/mafiosi (Movladi Udugov) who grew a beard sometime in the mid-90s and became an exponent of the most vile salafi jihadi ideology. Jihadi ideologues like Movladi Udugov have brought little to my beloved homeland except for unnecessary destruction, killing and a reputation for terrorism (e.g. the sick massacre of children at Beslan). Kavkazcenter is
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