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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    http://media-convert.com/convert/ convert all formats to all formats. easy, without installing and save.
  2. download Firefox, install it. download this addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3145 and run it.
  3. already 6 million CD has been bought by the GTA lovers...WOOOOOW!!!
  4. Alla Humma Saali Alla Muhammad Va Aali Muhammad Va Ajil Farajahum. Allahu Akbar! Allah (swt) guides whoever He pleases.
  5. I must say you are a talented wahabi. bravo. but sorry i wont insult you because Shia of Ali(as) dont insult people. unlike you wahabi guys. BUT for you question. there are 206 pages in the shia/sunni section... search ;) you can also visit answering-ansar.org
  6. sister? seyyed_HAMED :dry: well brother or sister, i dont know who you are. but Allah(swt) has already answered your dua's. i found the right path. now its time for you to make dua for yourself to find the right path. good luck.
  7. Abu Bakr, didnt give Fadak to Bibi Fatima(as) Umar, was a weak man, his iman was weak, he ran from battles, he was a BAD muslim. just read your books and you will know why. Uthman, was a corrupt Caliph.
  8. and you are telling us to repent? i hope you get banned very quickly.
  9. the dirt on the shoes of the slaves of the Prophet(saws) is far above these 3 "CALIPHS". go read your books. but ofcourse you guys have edition 1 billion, because you guys edite the books as you want it to be.
  10. there are more females reading the brothers section than males.
  11. loool i think wahabies really hate this site.
  12. are you crazy????? yazeed (LA). i wish i was an admin. so i could ban you right now. ever heard of FADAK? or WALIYAT? or SUCCESOR? or FATIMA(AS)?? do you know what these 3 so called "caliphs" did??
  13. i emaild Ayahtullah Sistani. he said. you are allowed to drink it. no problem :) i still have the mail.
  14. lack of logic! most people worship idols! most people are ATHEISTS! most companions of the PROPHETS were not on the RIGHT PATH. LEARN from the past. because most people smoke it doesnt make them right. Wassalam
  15. wait for some time. if she REALLY REALLY REALLY want to change, then accept her. if not the divorce her! you have to think forward, when you too have a child and then divorce, thats just wrong. so think and ask Allah(swt) for guidance. if it doesnt work, then just divorce her, there are like 3 billion females. choose one :D
  16. Allahumma Salle Ala Muhammad Wa Ale Muhammad Wa Ajjil Farajahum
  17. great idea. date? time? make a mail so we can send it to our muslims brother and sisters so they may forward it. Ins'AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì
  18. you cant succeed a doctor if you dont know how to help/cure the patient. same with the Prophet(saws), you cant succeed him (saws), if you dont know the rules. Abu Bakr didnt know the rules. who was the strongest? the most wise? who was the hero of khaybar? who was undefeated? who was the reflection of the deeds of the Prophet(saws)? surely not Abu Bakr nor Umar nor Uthman.
  19. sword of Allah(swt)?? no way.. maybe you should read answering ansar ?
  20. pray :) maybe there are duas for this situation.
  21. upload your picture here www.imageshack.com then paste the link here.
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