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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. im glad you enjoyed the images and i hope that most of you felt a sense of aw. its truly beautiful to see such sights,and i wish we all have an opportunity one day to walk across the fields in those pictures, to appreciate Allah's creation more. alhamdolilah for his perfection.
  2. this claim is easily revealed to be invalid. the quran clearly reveals that.
  3. (salam) so a few months ago i bought www.billiondollarlinks.com (tried to build site from scratch) But i dont know what to do with it anymore and i really need advice as to how i could use the domain. thank you very much
  4. well unless you two give a fair explanation as to how the first and second are representing umar and abu baker then your claim is invalid. Its not very healthy to bend things around in religion to your liking,we have seen the majority of such happen in wahabi/sunni faith ,but unfortunately the shias are getting there day by day. second point is that the tremendous effort you guys put in sects isn't very islamic. If you would like to take this personal then ill let you know that I believe in my 12 imams and follow their teachings ,but for fellow shias to come and stick an imam or shia tradition in every hadith and every verse in the quran is a bit scary to me. Im not perfect ,and I have many things that i need to fix as far as my religion goes,but theres something called common sense that applies across the board and i hope you can give weight to your hadiths next time. thanks
  5. its kinda hard to really disect the video to prove it right or wrong
  6. hassan : 1. your figure is wrong,and there is no hezbollah in iraq,more like hezboshaytan 2.lebanon wasnt more divided,but you obviously cant see. 3.the 'corrupt' people were voted in by millions,do you want those millions to fight? 4.moqtda alsader cant even help himself. his armed men only hurt iraq further.
  7. by questioning the hadeeth ,i have somehow developed love for abu baker and umar? and theres nothing funny about my question, please explain how the first and the last are reffering to abu baker and umar. for all i know they could be reffering to osama and saddam. and also if you can explain the whole hadeeth to us,since you have knowledge of the first and the last. thanks
  8. ok so i finally got an answer to my question, one of you said ''like this'' and pointed to a thread about hezbollah. let me be clear to you. the worst thing that can happen in iraq is if the iraqis fight the occupation out. I say this mainly for the below reasons and i will tell you now that only blind men would fight in iraq. 1. Iraq is divided into several factions, fighting the occupation out is impossible due to disunity between the iraqis 2.The fact that saddam was in power and was in the process of getting kicked out hinders any ability to fight an occupation. 3.Iraqi men women and children have suffered a great deal and in no condition to create peace after a war with the united states 4.with america out,criminal members of several parties,including baathist and sunni groups will then wage a war against shias in iraq,during such the kurds will establish their own country. 5. if indeed a division is created ,then fighting will occur based on claims of resources. internal weakness will allow the corrupter and the evil doer to flourish and society would become dysfunctional. 6.the religious authority will lose its base and fanatics like moqtda alsader will undermine any possible development in the region. any relations with outside countries would be cut. 7. however, those points are if such war would succeed ,but as far as i understand, it has a very low probability,and will create a bigger occupational cause than the current situation.
  9. is that all you can argue? ^ your original post and my reply was deleted because it was unnecessary,so please provide proof as to how abu baker and umar are in this.
  10. all you guys who support shoe throwing: what is the right thing the people of iraq should do? answer the question please. thanks
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