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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. this brought distress to my heart and tears to my eyes. Allahu Akbar.
  2. salaams dear Ehsan. I mentioned that we don't CURSE, we just point out what they did and like what you said, criticize them but he said even that is wrong. we moved on to the topic of karbalaa and he says all our history teachings are wrong and even if yazid and mu'awiya did this, we can't judge them because afterall they're sahabah and Allah is pleased with them etc etc. he's trying to convince me that our ulema say these things to brainwash us into what they want us to believe so that the islamic nation can fall.
  3. Salaams dear opressed sister, just never forget that Allah is with you. Its difficult to say 'be patient' but patience is beautiful and trust me, the rewards are worthwhile. Everyone has their day, he destroyed you like that, someone else will have no mercy on him whatsoever in the course of his life. Do salawat 100,000 times and all troubles will vanish Allah willing.
  4. hey everyone, i really need your help. this dude is trying to tell me that the shia belief is wrong because we curse their so-called sahabah and i said we do that coz they took ali (as) right, he doesn't want to understand that but please give me points which strengthens my argument and now he says shia is kufr and i want to prove that wrong to him, he gets all his info from this website http://www.khayma.com/fahad1390/din/agidh/5.htm and he assumes everything that person says is right, how can i disprove that seeing as i dont have as much knowledge as he assumes he has? w.s
  5. Salamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters, I am a 17 year old girl who has never ever made her mind up of what she wants to study academically...I keep changing my mind lol. But I was just thinking that because I can't ever be set on 1 thing of what I want to study...I was thinking of soing Islamic studies. I really want to join hawza because that always interested me but I never really thought it suitabl if i wanted to graduate or something. But now I'm really thinking of getting into hawza because atleast if I want to learn, I'd get thawaab for learning more about Islam right? Anyways, enough of t
  6. Mahmoud Ahmadenajad is such a brilliant guy, but if only people in forums such as aliraqi would open their narrow minds instead of just attacking me when i point out his true educated personality, they just come up with 'he's stealing our oil' or 'he is a villain', i feel so annoyed my argument wasn't that strong, i feel so upset and i've let myself down big time. They just attack me with aggressive remarks about him, and they ignore me because i am -a kid- and they were just being so rude, i really want to prove that he is such a beautiful human being but i dont have any evidence whatsoever,
  7. I've had a near death experience, maybe it was, maybe it wasnt, allahu a3lam, but it seemed like one to me. I was play fighting with my brother, then suddenly, he gripped me by the throuat so hard, and i was screaming for him to let go, then everything started to fade. I felt myself being picked and pushed into a vehicle and it was like I was sitting between two massive, huge, gigantic men, and i was sooo scared, then I had the impression that traffic lights turned red and then one of the huge guys opened the car door and pushed me out and then it was like i was going down a tunnel, then i wo
  8. Oh my god, i cant believe men can be so cruel, don't worry sis, everyone and Allah is with you, inshallah as soon as you experienced this hardship, it will be a thing in the past, and you done what any of your sisters here would do, this man doesn't deserve you. Don't worry sis, everything inshallah will be okay.
  9. i obviously prefer to live in a shia country, but i can see where Mo is heading, its better to have all sunnis and shias unite but obviously thats never going to happen unless our Imam (as) will reappear.
  10. Congrats, hey i just had a nephew! we named him Retha though, how about Kawther? or Nahrawan? these are both rivers in heaven. i personally love Iman and Ghadeer but some people say they are boys names...well...how about those names mentioned? Fatima Zahra and Zaynab are TOOOOO popular, y not try something different? congrats again!
  11. strawberry, if you see my other post, 1 week earlier on, then you'll understand what i'm on about.
  12. Also Najaf, because my loved ones were buried there, my grandads, or syria, where my brother was buried after he was killed in a road accident when he was 1, but i prefer Najaf.
  13. i told the headteacher and i wrote 'i am racist!' all over his desk and classroom door, hehehe! and i keep dropping hints, and i made every single muslim turn against him! loads more...heeheehee!
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