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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Come on guys is this really a big issue? I don't think so... Every year the international arena publishes IQ records and adds the statistical data to the public domain. Countries with low IQ are ofcourse never too fond of exhibiting their statistics but countries with high IQ most certainly grab an audience through all sorts of media platforms. If Ahmedinjad made this statement, surely he is not saying every iranian is more intelligent than all other human beings. Every country keeps records of an average and if Irans IQ average was better then others, then surely he has every right to exhibit such progress. The question we should be asking ourselves is whether these statistics are credible....the statement itself if true has every right to be made public, whether a newspaper forms the platform of confirmation, or the internet, or some boring fat man who takes the news desk on tv and equally for the president to boast about it. If the stats are real and true, than we should not consider it a race divider but a gesture to praise an Islamic republic over all other governing systems.....my response: Subhannallah!!!!!
  2. But bro im confused!! Usually stoning is prescribed for fornication/adultery and in some cases apostasy (seemingly heard of). If the Quran explicitly dictates that the punishment for Zina is being lashed, then shouldn't we completely ignore hadith reports which contradict the divine book? After all isn't this the Shia and Sunni decisive rule, that accept any hadith which supports the Quran and throw any hadith which contradicts the Quran against the wall?
  3. Bro Salaam, I watched a few documentaries online about the crop circles and one of them covered the contents in the link with more details. Bro now here's where I have a problem. We live in a world of pure deception. Where everything we are fed through the channels of the media is not necessarily true but usually a response or fabrication in order to push an agenda. What is strange about the crop circles is ever since lazer technology surfaced and was first brought into the public domain by ordinary scientists the American government took a huge interest in investing further in developing new ideas for furthering the benefits. The companies in USA who were specializing in lazer engraved technology began directly working with the american government. At this particular time there used to be reports that the American Government would use such technological developments to further its interest in developing weaponary. After sooooo many years even until today, the government never reveals where the money being spent on this technology is going. The conducted experimentation has always been kept secret, away from the public eyes. Now one can imagine, either they are wasting the money on weaponry or just new ideas to accredit their economy by trying to develop systems which may become profitable in the future. Or there is one other theory, maybe they transformed this technology from engraving small prints to large prints from hovering aircrafts. Prints big enough that they can produce half an acre of design on a crop field. Many of the crop circles which were discovered showed patterns on symmetrical designs showing the fractals of human and scientific imprint....the design of our creation, the numeric and systematic alignment of our expansiveness through scientific formula. Now if Aliens really did come to earth and made these circles, why would they do it now? Why when Science has already progressed and has been able to identify what these formulas are. So humans breakthrough, make the discovery, and then instantly in the same couple of years we have these prints found amongst the crop, its all just too much of a coincidence. So the question is asked, if man created the crop circles himself how was it possible. You have to remember these crop circles appear in the most isolated areas. Places where humans themselves can use the art of technology and produce such results in stealth, without anyone seeing. Secondly, the world knows about USA ever since after world war 2, they have been attempting to create a flying ship using several hydraulic engines on all sides to give the flying object better movement capability. AREA 61 in USA is no Alien crash site, but its a developed engineering and research center which attempts to create just that. Think about almost 80% of UFO sightings in the last 2 decades have all been in these areas. Are the aliens a boring bunch of space munchers who only wish to come to earth to see isolated areas in USA??? Come on how about 200 trips to TAJ MAHAL every year too looooooool. America is believed to have developed such technology to fill the skies and frighten people.....thats what they do, they develop fear for the general masses and consequently they benefit by staying in control......for eg. 9/11 for a perfect set up to scare the public in voting YES for the Afghan and Iraqi Invasion. Who knows one day there will be bombardment by unidentified flyng objects in the sky and eventhough USA will be behind it, they will blame the aliens....and all the dumb people around the world will be [Edited Out]ting their pants running aroun half naked screaming "there is no God, the aliens are going to annihilate us, boooo hooooo". A load of garbage!!!!! Bro bottom line is dont easily buy into these things. If America can produce a fake bin laden take, fake a mission to the moon and fake a muslim terrorist attack on NY, then surely the easiest of the all is making crop circles with a piece of technology Japan and Taiwan are only too familiar with on a small scale only america seems to have developed it on a huge scale.
  4. 72 hooris? Is that a Shia belief too? Why does "bright skinned" as according to the arabic language have to mean white skinned? Bright skinned by traditional arabic usually refers to healthy and pure skin. For example the expression bright face refers to ones healthiness reflected from piety.
  5. Salaam to all! Often videos are presented online showing women being stoned for fornication/adultery. Some of these videos also claim to be from Iran. My problem is I have always been under the impression that stoning as a punishment for such sins has no place is Shia schooling. Am i correct to assume that? I also took the understanding that the penalty for a proven case of fornication/adultery is strictly being lashed for a fixed prescribed amount of times as per the order of Quran. If I am correct to "assume" the above, then why does Iran or other Muslim nations allow such punishments which are usually filmed on streets with masses of people either contributing or just forming an audience? If im incorrect in assuming the above, I would like for anyone to provide a detailed analysis with referenced proof, preferably from Quran and Ahlul Bayt. Thanking you in Adv..
  6. Salam to everyone. I'm just a little surprised wherever there is a form, style or group of people who form an approach under scholastic provisions it is often referred to as "Scholastic pupits". My problem with these seemingly defective addresses is that I don't actually have a problem with it. I follow the Resalah of Ayatollah Sistani and remain consistent in adhering to the prescribed guidance. It is of no harm for one to follow the verdicts of a Scholar providing one is wise and knowledgeable to such an extent that he can distinguish right from wrong and be consistent in following a path which actually provides logic and consequently truth. We are not forced or compelled to "make believe". Our actions are not enforced by the agents who form the much acquired guidance but without a doubt the laws and traditions of Islam are made evident and as such man with his Free Will is obliged to follow. Is there any harm in that? I don't think so. The only harm in such a practice is witnessing truth being distorted and remaining oblivious to it. SURELY, when I take from Sistani I am not obliged to not question His authority but contrary to that I am obliged to follow what is Just and Real and hence I'm a free brain in a free body and my actions will be accounted in singularity. At the same time, we do not consider the Mujtahids to be perfect human beings. Sometimes wrong choices can be made, or if not wrong, weak conclusions. These are human beings who only wish for the best and do not profit from their extensive works and piety. So are we blind folded by these scholars? I don't think so. It is liberating to follow a knowledgeable man who belongs to the correct school of Guidance. I find nothing in it other than peace, humility, servitude and compassion. More importantly I find tolerance of oneself, other groups as well as logic and a sharp basis to truly suggest that we are no entirely independent of Guidance but we are dependent.
  7. stating the obvious... He was also the first Imam The first righteous successor
  8. And brother Bakr, i think its rediculous for us to compare Abu Bakr with Aqil. Abu Bakr denied Gods vicegerents to serve as leaders of the Muslim Ummah and rejected the Sunnah of the Prophet by not keeping the Ahlul Bayt and the Quran as one. Abu Bakr remained in this state of sin, for the remainder of his life. Aqil on the other hand, was subjected to his temptations but later pulled out....no major harm done.
  9. Panzer, from what i've read, I observed the fact that the Imams blind brother Aqil, didnt allow himself to seize the offerings from Muaviyah based on the talks and conditions imposed when Muaviyah and Aqeel met in Damascus. Also i understand Aqeel denied Muaviyahs provisions based on the expresse enmity shown to Aqeel against Imam Ali (A). If the above account isnt true then i'd have to request sources. If the above account is true, then is it fair to suggest that he was a traitor? Or would it make better sense if we were to say he failed to show his commitment in a small space of time with temptations to increase his own possessions but then came around to deny such sins and returned back. I dont see a traitor here, only an ordinary man who wished for more wealth but eventually knowing the position of his brother, rejected his own desires. Also post-incident (Muaviyah & Aqeel meeting) are there any other proofs which imply Aqil remained opposed to his brother??
  10. ^^nah... Scums are too good this season and adding another trophy to their name makes me cringe. I was hoping Arsenal done em, which may have given them a boost to chase the PL and may have set the Scums a little back and maybe allowing further draws or defeats. Im a hard scousin liverpuuudlian but i have to admit ive always liked Arsene Wenger and believe he's one of the best managers around so i kinda feel sorry for the gunners....we done em in the PL and CL...mocked all their chances lol
  11. wazz

    Hi I Am New Here

    salaam bro Jahz If you dont mind can I ask what sparked your interested in Shiasm? It is true, any religion or secular faction which asks its believer to be intolerant of other religions can never be on the path of righteousness. Islam preaches otherwise, we are to examine and observe other religions and be tolerant of peoples faith and ideals.
  12. Latea Silat is available in Croydon UK. Only problem is the guy who teaches the art is actually a syed and doesnt hold classes for women. Silat isnt easy, the first 12 weeks usually concentrate on preparing the body for the worst. I took up 8 lessons when I was stayin in Ilford, and seriously everytime per 2 hour sessions, they literally cained my body with fist and stick blows. Its meant to be preperation to withstand pain. The training excercises are very practical as well as physical and usually require the ability to cope with constant blows which infact serves as the primary defensive mechanisms to build on skill to improve defensive techniques (it works!). I dont think there is a direct link of any forms of Silat with the teachings of Imam Ali (A). I too was interested at some stage to have developed skills from a realist as the Imam was an ultimate warrior but when questioning the Ustad, he said it is highly possible that Silat and its Various stemmed arts have some form of common similarities to the then fighting technics of Imam Ali (A) but none serve as an effigy to His model of fighting. The possibility is due to the carriage of fighting techniques from the time of the Prophet to now. Traces of these arts were spread across the continent and formed strong bases in Indonesia, Malaysia and various Muslim regions in China. The bottom line is Silat is the best form of practical fighting techniques and does hold some weight in sponsoring the muslim fighting style and hence is encouraged...but for you lol, the Kitchen is a safer place hehe
  13. did the watermelons have sharp teeth, stick legs and pointed red ears?
  14. Does it matter? Even if it was a partial foul, the bottom line is its the players fault for being in the position of forcing a penalty. These professionals understand the game well enough to keep themselves safe but when they faulter like that it can go either way. Look on the bright side, Wenger has my sympathies....you didnt really think if u beat us, youd win the CL, did u? What you should be complaining about is the chances you had which were hoofed or bent beyond scoring. Concentrate on that and you just might succeed next time. Credit to Arsenal for starting the game well but the gunners got gunned down in the second half. Liverpools performance was good enough to take the win and have it sealed and deservedly signed by babel with the 4th goal. So lets all stop [Edited Out]in and give Liverpool the credit they deserve!
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