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  1. Salaams, it has been a while, how are you doing?

  2. Iltimaase Dua...

    1. FaithIslam


      Is this the right forum to ask for people to pray?

      I request for prayers. My parents are old and ailing. They have a severe financial crisis because my fathers family has swindled him of his own money and his share in the family property. My parents have no son to depend on either.Please do pray that my parents are safe, content, healthy and get their share soon.

      Please also can you state a prayer and ziarat that I can do for my parents?

      May Allah and the Masoomeen answer your ...

  3. Alhamd. Good, yourself?

  4. Rumina


    PMs not working?

  5. Salaams! Alright i'm confused,are you/were you Ali Imran?

    I was wondering, seen you on GTAshia.com too and was wondering if you knew why the account was suspended? I registered two days ago but didn't get administration approval yet, and that site was pretty informative!

    and I can't PM u for some unknown reason I can't PM anyone


  6. S/a! Long time! Anyhow, wat happeed to GTAshia.com? Why is the account suspended?!

  7. hey salaams..u need a minimum of 50 posts in order to enter the chatroom

  8. Born and bred in London, England, but origin is Kenya, so..I'm khoja...

  9. Thank you...mind if I ask what your ethnicity is?

  10. hey welcome to shiachat...

  11. Lol! I guess many people aren't just too quick to say hey i'm boring! hehe,


  12. Welcome to Shiachat! I hope this site is beneficial for you. Do leave a comment or send a message if I can be of any help :-)

  13. Your profile caught me by surprise, you're very boring lol?

  14. Hey Irfanali! :) Just trying this out....

  15. Welcome to Shiachat! I hope it proves to be beneficial for you. If you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to PM or leave a message, and will try to help out :-)

    With Duas,

  16. Salaams, well you have to have a minimum of 50 posts to be able to send a personal message or to be in the chat room :-)

  17. Happy Birthday! I've seen your posts around though I may not know you personally :)

    I hope you have a GREAT birthday!

    With lots of Duas,

  18. Salaams,welcome to ShiaChat! If I can be of help at anytime for anything, please feel free to post a comment or PM me, wishing you all the best and hope this site is helpful to you :-)!!!

  19. salaams..its TU na aaya ghazi....it is amazing isn't it?!

  20. well..m born and raised in london...pure brit bludd....now living in Florida though! been 6 yrs

  21. oh seen seen.stanmore? or never heard of it?

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