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    I've created a guestbook in Flash, but I'm not sure what it is in the code that isn't working. I found this guestbook online that works perfectly and imitated it with the code into my website - but something is missing and I don't know what! Will you be able to help me out? Can I PM you?
  2. Rumina


    Salaams anybody here experienced with scripting in flash??
  3. Salaams, was wondering if anybody here knows how to do arabic calligraphy?? I have two arabic names I'd like to put together in a calligraphic way! PM me if you do. Thanks!
  4. Alright I barely skimmed over this and I didn't even know Barcelona had this much discussion to it. I'm an Arsenal fan through and through but I do admit they are playing not up to their expectations this season. Kind of sad to see, since there are good players with good potential. My two cents.. I'll let ya'll go back to discussing Barcelona :-)
  5. Salaams, I hope all are well. It has been great that the Salawaat Campaign has continued over the course of the year. I am sorry that I have not been updated it as often, however please find that the number of Salawaat, has currently reached: 600, 178 This is as of 9th April, 2010. Please continue to pledge!
  6. Salaams, it has been a while, how are you doing?

  7. Iltimaase Dua...

    1. FaithIslam


      Is this the right forum to ask for people to pray?

      I request for prayers. My parents are old and ailing. They have a severe financial crisis because my fathers family has swindled him of his own money and his share in the family property. My parents have no son to depend on either.Please do pray that my parents are safe, content, healthy and get their share soon.

      Please also can you state a prayer and ziarat that I can do for my parents?

      May Allah and the Masoomeen answer your ...

  8. Salaams, This reciter is very renown and is indeed Sa'eed Al Ghaamdi To find the whole Qu'ran recited by him, please visit: http://mp3quran.net/eng/s_gmd_english.html Iltimaase Dua, Rumina
  9. Inna Lillah Wa Inna Ilayhi Raje'oon May Allah (S.W.T.) place him amongst His Chosen Ones.
  10. I don't believe there is anything such as 'good' dua. The very fact that it is a Dua, it holds enough power, if you give it that much importance. Every Dua has its own status and benefits. If, however, you are asking for a particular reason. Then there may be some Dua's and Prayers specified to certain benefits. Rumina
  11. Salaams i'm looking for an audio to this Nawha. http://www.shiaindia.com/Nauheytext/tha-yahi-abid.php Please if anyone finds it...post it! Or knows the tune, and can work some magic...thanks! Rumina
  12. Alhamd. Good, yourself?

  13. Rumina


    Y'all stop the war, stop the hate Ain't nobody tell that you're a terrorist state? What right do you have to step into that place? Ain't nobody got the guts to tell it to your face? Let me say it then, loud and clear, Just make sure what I'm saying, you can hear Get out of there, those people have a right to live You better say you are sorry, and pray that they forgive That they don't burn you back, and bring your place down to ashes Aint no human life here that's worth putting in the trashes You got it all wrong, you see, you think its all yours to claim Your name ain't written nowhere, all you want is power and fame You ain't getting none of that, not in Gaza or Palestine Just let it all go, give it all back, every penny every dime Y'all think you’re heroes by killing innocent children in school? Their mothers and fathers yellin' and screamin’, y'all are just fools So looks like you ain't goin' nowhere, fine, let justice be shown Wait till God shows you His might, and brings y'all down Y'all going to burn and wish you'd never done what you did That's right, that's what y'all get for killin' that kid.
  14. Salaams, no this is not the same one. This is a khoja boy - he was 23 years old, and passed away in New York. Not the same one you are talking about. Iltimaase Dua, Rumina
  15. Syed Mahdi Moderresi is reciting in London, UK at the Stanmore Imambargah. You can view his lectures live at: http://www.hujjat.org/ They are at GMT time, so there may be time difference from wherever you are. Rumina
  16. Salaams, http://muharramdiaries.blogspot.com/ Iltimaase Dua, Rumina
  17. Wow! I'm so glad that Mir Hassan Mir's are out - he's absolutely amazing, and officially my favorite! I've also started some writeups - will post here, but will need someone to double check them - as my urdu is 'haale haale' Rumina
  18. You'd be surprised how widespread some of that is becoming - I have seen it amongst shias - that you can eat something just by saying Bismillah first. It really is a sad situation. And they call themselves Shias - don't they feel guilty for titling themselves such and following the practices that are not of the Shias? Aakhir Zamaana ki Nishaani...A sign of the end...
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