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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Very impressive memory haideriam, considering this post was nearly 3 years ago! I'm certainly not that sharp at quoting myself verbatim of hundreds of my posts over years. Also, I find your fixation with a spelling, that too in transliteration somewhat humorous. You have constructed a stereotype of assuming akhbaris happen to be in indo-pak only I dont know if this is racially motivated or just from your ignorance but you should do your homework on demographics of akhbari imamis. I've lived in Bahrain for a year and half and 70% of arab shias I happened to have met there were Akhbaris and beh
  2. Very impressive memory haideriam, considering that was nearly 3 years ago! I'm certainly not that sharp at recalling verbatim one of my hundreds of posts over years. I have since then found Bidayat al Hidaya to be very resourceful and sufficient so far but thank you for reminding readers that I did try to collect aqwaalil masoomeen years ago and that I have been sincere in my intentions all along AND Qala Rasoolallah (sawas): Innamal amaalo binniyaat Done with you :-)
  3. On the decree of Allah (swt) Rasoolallah (sawas) commanded invasion of territories such as Khaybar and others to the extent of most of Arabia. But this was based on the decree of God and not to force people to accept Islam but to prepare ground for the Message of God which had been ignored in case of earlier prophets who did not use force. Again in regards to Jihad Fee sabeelinnafs, If a sinner dies protecting himself from a wild animal (self defence) would you call him a martyr?
  4. During his reign he spread the Muslim empire to Levant, Egypt, Cyrenaica, Tripolitania, Fezzan, Eastern Anatolia, almost whole of Sassanid Persian Empire including Bactria, Persia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Caucasus and Makran. Accordiong to one estimate more than 4050 cities were captured during these military conquest. Guess who was this? Umar bin al Khattab (la) The Dynasty became reborn in Cordoba (Al Andalus, today's Portugal and Spain) and lasted there for another 800 years in several forms; Emirate, Caliphate, Taifas, and as the Kingdom of Granada until the 16th century AD, within Portuguese
  5. Struggle to protect yourself is JIHAD FEE SABEELIN-NAFS (both literally and logically) - If a sinner dies protecting himself from a wild animal (self defence) would you call him a martyr? WHERE AS: Struggle to protect the covenant of Allah (i.e. at the command of an infallible) is JIHAD FEE SABEELILLAH Can't make it any simpler!
  6. You're missing the point again - Rasoolullah (sawas) was Ma'soom and was the Custodian of the will of Allah (swt) and his orders were based on what Allah had decreed specifically for each life. Only the giver of life knows when it's to be taken! Remember, taking one innocent life is like killing all mankind. Those who dont believe in his ismah (such as salafis) can justify pointless murders in the way of what they think is spreading Islam. Your purpose of life is not to push others conform to your political beliefs, the purpose of your life is to gain Marifat of your creator and that is what y
  7. 1. I request you to read the posts of the person I was responding to before assuming what I may be saying. The guy was saying that we should organise groups and appoint leaders and go on a global campaign to change regimes, he wasn't talking about self defense. 2. Again I fail to understand how the spelling of Sayyed, Syed or Sayyid matters!? I am a decedent of Ali Naqi (as) by lineage and I don't think it's a major issue if I spell my name as Sayyid or Siyyid or Syed or any other spelling as long as it's my name! 3. If a fly comes near your eye and shut your eyes to avoid the fly, would you
  8. I can see your point that the mechanics of functioning of Wali-e-faqih are somewhat different from that of a Caliph and Wilayat-e-Faqih is not a monarchy but the discussion is in regards to the relationship the believers of Wilayat-e-Faqih have with Wali-e-Faqih verses the relationship between a Caliph and those who pledged allegiance to him. So far, we understand that: 1. Wilayat-e-Faqeeh is not a monarchy unlike Caliphate 2. Majles-e Khebregan-e Rahbari theoretically has the authority to dismiss a supreme leader unlike Banu Saqifa who would be compelled to stick with a Caliph they choose fo
  9. You don't need to, an easier way to find my post on SC is to google "site:shiachat.com zuhair_naqvi" - go for your life mate :-)
  10. Some people never run out of off-topic ideas, in any case, I dont want to leave it unanswered. Pronunciation of an arabic word in english can lead to a number of spellings, but you're right I cant spell my name correctly but wouldn't that also apply to these personalities? Sayyid Ali Husaini Sistani - http://www.sistani.org/local.php?modules=nav&nid=1 Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah - http://english.bayynat.org.lb/ Syed Aqeel-ul-Gharavi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syed_Aqeel-ul-Gharavi Sayyed Ali Khamenei - http://english.khamenei.ir//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=57
  11. Yes all Imams are Amirul Mumineen in their reality except the title has been reserved for Maula Ali (as). And, of course it's not making sense to you because you're reading it without context. If you read the thread from the beginning you will see that I have mentioned "isn't Khamenei "amir-ul-momeen" (in historic sense of the phrase used for a caliph)". This question was provoked by a sunni's argument against wilayat-e-Ali on the basis of Wilayat-e-Faqih.
  12. Subhanallah.. So you actually agree with legitimacy of Sakhifa? This is taking ittehad bainul muslimeen to a whole new level! Secondly, he can ask you - why search for Nass about a personality in Quran in case of Naib-e-Rasool (Imam) while ignoring the absence of such a Nass in case of election of Naib-e-Imam? Who's also the defacto Naib of Rasool?
  13. The Supreme Leader reverses the ultimate authority to override any of these systems and veto any of these bodies. And systems of government did exist under Caliphs too, there were administrative bodies and judiciary of qazis etc. under rashidoon, abbasiyoon and ottoman Caliphs too. So, this inst really a difference. As far as legitimate questions such as this one being labelled as "yet another attempt by the West" goes, there are conspiracy theories that go either ways. It's really easy to accuse a critic compared to thinking independent of the beliefs one's brought up with. Also a lot of pe
  14. 1. This shows your complete misunderstanding of Karbala - If you had any knowledge of history and if you had read the Maqtal you would know that Imam Hussain (as) did not revolt against Yazid (la) - Imam Hussain was revolted against. After the death of Muawiya (la), yazid wrote a letter to Walid ordering him to pressurise Imam Hussain (as) to pledge allegiance to Yazid and Imam relocated to Mecca for 4 months and 9 days to avoid confrontation but Waleed and Marwan persued the innocent Imam in Mecca too and planned to kill him during Hajj. There was no sanctuary for Ahlulbayt in Mecca or Medina
  15. We are talking about practical differences in the office of caliphate in muslim history (not in shia ideology) and the office of wali-e-faqih. That is what the discussion's about and not Zaidism for God's sake! where did you sneak that one in from? Again, I answered your senseless urge-to-kill and conquer the planet and self assumed responsibility of establishing one world government in my previous post which I will only quote: "You want to know why the Imamia consider Military Jihad impermissible unless decreed by an infallible? It's because only the one who has given life knows when to take
  16. 1. What do you mean in case of Khalifa you dont have that choice? Historically, caliphs never imposed their fiqh on their ummah, in fact, their ummah did taqleed of mujtahideen / imams of their choice such as abu hanifa, ahmad ibn hanbal etc while being in allegiance of the caliph. 2. Even Khalifa can be removed if people withdraw their support from him, there's no such rule that a caliph has to rule all his life. Thoughts?
  17. I respect your feelings but what you want to do? Launch a global campaign against all world governments and conquer the planet to establish one world government headed by the leader of your choice? Wow, you seem really frustrated with life in general. You want to know why the Imamia consider Military Jihad impermissible unless decreed by an infallible? It's because only the one who has given life knows when to take it, and no one but Allah's hujjat is aware of Allah's decree in regards to a human's life. It's not WUSSYNESS that stops Imamia from being barbaric like salafis, it's the respect fo
  18. Then you should find all Imamia who believe in wilayat-e-takweeni and ban them, and before you ridicule my belief you should know that I share it with great Imamia scholars such as Mohammad ibn Hasan Al-Saffar (Author of Basaer-ud-darajat and a close companion of Imam Hassan al Askari (as)), Shaikh Abu Ja'far Al-Tabari (author of basharat al mustafa le shiatil murtaza), Shaikh Ibn Shazan Al-Qummi, Aqa-e-Mahdi Bahrool uloom (read his tawale-ul-anwaar) and countless prolific Imamia scholars who believed in wilayat-e-takweeni. And, why is it so difficult to stick to the topic?
  19. I find it somewhat humorous to see you guys get so frustrated in answering a simple question. Please explain your allegation in relation to my post. And why are you bosting about Zaidism here? Completely irrelevant. I am really pleased with your akhlaq (or lack thereof) and your unusual sense of humour.. lol
  20. I appreciate your criticism. Like a normal person though I get quite busy and find time once a couple of months to post here. And just because you're an admin doesnt mean you have the right to call me anti-scholar pseudo-akhbari etc. just like I dont have the right to call you a mutazili. Apart from that, a forum is for holding a dialog isn't it? If you find a simple "question" offensive then you should really have questions about the vulnerability of your beliefs rather than questioning mine. If you dont like being questioned, you can delete this thread and ban me, I dont care. Thanks
  21. Again like, Orion you're talking about theoretical differences according to your personal belief. But in practice, abidance to wilayat-e-faqih requires total submission (Political, Spiritual and Physical) to the authority of the Supreme Leader, anyone who disagrees with his decree is deemed to be in disagreement with the sovereignty of the state and this is the station of a Caliph. We're discussing practical differences in sovereign authority of Wali-e-Faqih and Khalifat-ul-muslimeen and not perceived difference in statuses (as perception of a difference in status doesn't change anything).
  22. Like most of his comments on politically sensitive issues, this one attempts to sound neutral and ambiguous as well but if you read it carefully, it's a nicer way of saying - Wilayat-e-Faqih Mutlaqa is practicable if the faqih is popular and meets certain other criteria. So Sayyed Sisitani's disagreement is with the criteria of wali-e-faqih and not the authority which is equal to that of the Prophet himself.
  23. That's what I'm saying, Sayyed Khamenei is the Caliph and the present day successor of the prophet for those who believe in wilayat-e-faqih. What's the disagreement about?
  24. I am referring to wilayat-e-faqih as practiced (In Iran) which is Sayyed Khomeini's version, not appreciated by elder scholars like Sayyed Abul Qassim Khoei. Also the term "wilayat-e-faqih" itself was coined by Sayyed Khomeini so I cant understand what you are referring to when you say all maraje believe in it. If you're referring to the authority of a marja over his muqallideen, that's not wilayat-e-faqih as such.
  25. I agree and I believe that a Amirul Muminin is Imam Ali's (as) exclusive title in shia belief. But please note that I mentioned "in historic sense of a phrase used for a caliph" all caliphs (including muawiya) were called amirul mominin which is a fact in history. As for the difference you mentioned, the difference in authority over muslimeen vs authority over other forms of life is only if you believe in wilayat-e-takweeni. But in terms of sovereign authority, wali-e-faqih is the Caliph in relation to the ummah and by definition his rights are equal to the rights of the Prophet which include
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