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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks a lot for your help, that Allah sw support you ameen

  2. thanks a lot for your help, that Allah sw you ameen

  3. soory if i disturb you, im not a sheikh just a student of line, we dont have any comunity here in bolivia, no sheikh no nothing, and i m learning by net, then i iscover the other position of shia imami and we need help of someone inshallah

    I read your post and now im trying to contact with you inshallah im now on msn

    jazakalah khairun

  4. salam aleikum

    i know is very dificult to belive in someone who didnt know, but my intention is sincere, please help me to undestand better the akhbari way inshallah

  5. as salam aleikum warahmatullah.


    Dear Brother my name is tommy salgueiro im living in Bolivia we are a family who wants to follow the shia akhbari path inshallah, but we need to learn more about that please if you can send me a message to tommyneni@hotmail.com there i will explain better how we know about akhbari path inshallah

    jazakalah jairun for all

  6. Very impressive memory haideriam, considering this post was nearly 3 years ago! I'm certainly not that sharp at quoting myself verbatim of hundreds of my posts over years. Also, I find your fixation with a spelling, that too in transliteration somewhat humorous. You have constructed a stereotype of assuming akhbaris happen to be in indo-pak only I dont know if this is racially motivated or just from your ignorance but you should do your homework on demographics of akhbari imamis. I've lived in Bahrain for a year and half and 70% of arab shias I happened to have met there were Akhbaris and behamdillah there are quite a few in Medina too. In regards to a Risalah, I have since then found Bidayat al Hidaya to be very resourceful and sufficient so far... But thank you for reminding readers that I did try to collect Aqwaalil Masoomeen years ago and that I have been sincere in my intentions all along - Qala Rasoolallah (sawas): Innamal amaalo binniyaat Inshallah Imam (ajf) will guide us all. Wasalam
  7. Very impressive memory haideriam, considering that was nearly 3 years ago! I'm certainly not that sharp at recalling verbatim one of my hundreds of posts over years. I have since then found Bidayat al Hidaya to be very resourceful and sufficient so far but thank you for reminding readers that I did try to collect aqwaalil masoomeen years ago and that I have been sincere in my intentions all along AND Qala Rasoolallah (sawas): Innamal amaalo binniyaat Done with you :-)
  8. On the decree of Allah (swt) Rasoolallah (sawas) commanded invasion of territories such as Khaybar and others to the extent of most of Arabia. But this was based on the decree of God and not to force people to accept Islam but to prepare ground for the Message of God which had been ignored in case of earlier prophets who did not use force. Again in regards to Jihad Fee sabeelinnafs, If a sinner dies protecting himself from a wild animal (self defence) would you call him a martyr?
  9. During his reign he spread the Muslim empire to Levant, Egypt, Cyrenaica, Tripolitania, Fezzan, Eastern Anatolia, almost whole of Sassanid Persian Empire including Bactria, Persia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Caucasus and Makran. Accordiong to one estimate more than 4050 cities were captured during these military conquest. Guess who was this? Umar bin al Khattab (la) The Dynasty became reborn in Cordoba (Al Andalus, today's Portugal and Spain) and lasted there for another 800 years in several forms; Emirate, Caliphate, Taifas, and as the Kingdom of Granada until the 16th century AD, within Portuguese and Spanish borders. Constructed mosques and converted europeans. Guess who was this? Banu Umayya (la) He conquerd Mesopotamia, Aleppo, Mosul & Jerusalem and forever left his footprint in this history of JIHAD against CRUSADERS.. Guess who is this? Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (la) All heros according to your standards. (bismillah) He could not gather 40 supporters to pledge allegiance to him, During his caliphate a large portion of Muslims revolted against him and he did not invade a single country, guess who this is? Imam Ali ibn Abutalib (as) His supporters abandoned him, his people were continuously subjected to atrocities, he did not invade a single country, he was poisoned by his wife, guess who is this? Imam Hassan ibn Ali (as) He wasn't allowed to live peacefully and his mission of spreading the marefat of Allah to his shia was sabotaged by demand of allegiance from his arch enemy, he never invaded a country, he was invited to Kufa by people begging for an Imam, he wrote back saying: "The majority of the letters state "We have no imam over us, so come that God may unite us through you on guidance and truth" - (Imam's letter to Kufan leaders from Maqtal abi Miqhnaf) guess who was he? Shaheedush shuhada Imam Hussain (as) He was driven away from his home in Medina, separated from his family and brought to Khurasan, we was forcefully made Wali Ahd, and then poisoned, never revolted or invaded any country, Guess who is this? Ghareebul Ghuraba Imam Reza (as) And it's the same story with other Imams and these are my Heroes... Islam as you see it and Islam as I see it are certainly two different things.
  10. Struggle to protect yourself is JIHAD FEE SABEELIN-NAFS (both literally and logically) - If a sinner dies protecting himself from a wild animal (self defence) would you call him a martyr? WHERE AS: Struggle to protect the covenant of Allah (i.e. at the command of an infallible) is JIHAD FEE SABEELILLAH Can't make it any simpler!
  11. You're missing the point again - Rasoolullah (sawas) was Ma'soom and was the Custodian of the will of Allah (swt) and his orders were based on what Allah had decreed specifically for each life. Only the giver of life knows when it's to be taken! Remember, taking one innocent life is like killing all mankind. Those who dont believe in his ismah (such as salafis) can justify pointless murders in the way of what they think is spreading Islam. Your purpose of life is not to push others conform to your political beliefs, the purpose of your life is to gain Marifat of your creator and that is what you're really accountable for Mawla Ali (as) said "Awwalil ilme ma'refatij jabbar" - The first knowledge to gain is the ma'refat of your creator. No ma'soom ever said that he who did not reform governments dies a kafir but Rasoolallah did say "Man maata walam ya'rifo IMAME ZAMANEHI faqad maata meetatan jaheliyya" - He who dies without gaining the Marifat of the Imam (as) of his time dies the death of kufr. Also, your arguments are very similar to those of Mutazila - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu%27tazili if you find truth in this ideology then identify yourself as a Mutazili and not an Imami perhaps then your point of view will be better received.
  12. 1. I request you to read the posts of the person I was responding to before assuming what I may be saying. The guy was saying that we should organise groups and appoint leaders and go on a global campaign to change regimes, he wasn't talking about self defense. 2. Again I fail to understand how the spelling of Sayyed, Syed or Sayyid matters!? I am a decedent of Ali Naqi (as) by lineage and I don't think it's a major issue if I spell my name as Sayyid or Siyyid or Syed or any other spelling as long as it's my name! 3. If a fly comes near your eye and shut your eyes to avoid the fly, would you call it Jihad? Self defence is simply self defence, a right endowed to every living being by innate. Jihad in maktab-e-Imamia is combat on order of an infallible Imam (as) 4. Regardless, Mujtahideen have ordered outbound or offensive jihad (a right which was reserved for Ma'soom until 18th century) in the past: (1804-1813), Fath Ali Shah's son and heir, Abbas Mirza, who was conducting the campaign, turned to the new ulama and obtained from Shaykh Ja'far Kashiful Ghita and other eminent clerics in Najaf and Isfahan a declaration of jihad against the Russians, thus implicitly recognizing their authority to issue such a declaration – one of the functions of the Hidden Imām. Kashifu l-Ghita used the opportunity to extract from the state acknowledgment of the ulama's right to collect the religious taxes of Khums. [1] The discussion is in regards to "Khalifatul Muslimeen" referring to actual Caliphs that have held the office of caliphate in the past (excluding Imam Ali (as) ) the discussion is NOT about "Khalifatullah" (an infallible Caliph / Imam) which is a completely different stature. Ref: [1] Momen, Moojan (1985), An introduction to Shi’i Islam : the history and doctrines of Twelver Shi’ism, Oxford: G. Ronald, p. 191
  13. I can see your point that the mechanics of functioning of Wali-e-faqih are somewhat different from that of a Caliph and Wilayat-e-Faqih is not a monarchy but the discussion is in regards to the relationship the believers of Wilayat-e-Faqih have with Wali-e-Faqih verses the relationship between a Caliph and those who pledged allegiance to him. So far, we understand that: 1. Wilayat-e-Faqeeh is not a monarchy unlike Caliphate 2. Majles-e Khebregan-e Rahbari theoretically has the authority to dismiss a supreme leader unlike Banu Saqifa who would be compelled to stick with a Caliph they choose for as long as he was alive. Also, you're making it sound as though wilayat-e-faqih in Iran is through explicit appointment by Imam Mahdi (ajf) both of us know that's not true. The Tawqheeh of Imam relating to what shia ummah must restort to during occultation states " Fa 'irjaoo ila ruaat-e-ahadithena" meaning "turn to the narrators of our traditions" and is a proof for marjaiyyat. Where as the concept of Naib-e-Imam was the idea of Shaheed athaani more than 600 years after major occultation when he proposed the theory of Naib al Khaas, which had no explicit link with the Imam (ajf) and this was later transformed in to the station of Wilayat-e-Faqih. I am not opposing it, just trying to minimise bias (like implying direct appointment by Imam) and stick to the facts. In any case, thanks for your answer - it was by far the closest to what I was looking for.
  14. You don't need to, an easier way to find my post on SC is to google "site:shiachat.com zuhair_naqvi" - go for your life mate :-)
  15. Some people never run out of off-topic ideas, in any case, I dont want to leave it unanswered. Pronunciation of an arabic word in english can lead to a number of spellings, but you're right I cant spell my name correctly but wouldn't that also apply to these personalities? Sayyid Ali Husaini Sistani - http://www.sistani.org/local.php?modules=nav&nid=1 Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah - http://english.bayynat.org.lb/ Syed Aqeel-ul-Gharavi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syed_Aqeel-ul-Gharavi Sayyed Ali Khamenei - http://english.khamenei.ir//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=57&Itemid=20 Ofcourse it does NOT, and you only showed your ignorance from that comment. And, I didnt want to publish my risalah - I was looking for risalah of an akhbari marja or alternatively collect ahadith with sanad on ibadaat. And behamdillah I found the Risalah of Shaikh Hurr Al Ameli (ar) and it's called Bedayat al-hidaya. Can I request you and others on this thread to not go off-topic unnecessarily?
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