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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. im sorry and ment no harm or insult if the original poster was a sister . The way it was written gave the impression it was a male. No i don' know that girl and i never said i did, but from the info provided I was obviously making a ill informed judgement based on my varied experience with many many many many people im sorry .Had it been posted by a male i would not be ashamed to warn a fellow brother to be cautious of a female with such behaviour it is not wrong to be perotective and give advice at the same time espeially durring these times .I lost my brother to someone like the girl ment
  2. no they dont actually the south have same as the rest of lebanon Lebanon is a paradise its just some of the dishonest people that reside there that stuff it up when i was in lebanon in 2003- 2005 durring one summmer we didnt have electricity for 2 weeks bad it felt like the stone age to me but it was hard and a challenge at the same time
  3. Like they say "if something sound too good to be true then it usually is " I really hope that her interest is in our religion and not in YOU brother . Sharing your passion is a good way of getting close to someone, no offence it seems abit suss to me .I really hope im wrong but those things shes into are quite heavy and hard to give up cold. but all u can do is try if she is true then good for her . Allah ma3ak
  4. salam brother , Alhaduallah Allah has granted her with a wonderful man as yourself, never put yourself down you seem like a good man.If she is tempted by Romantic fantasys of the past then it is not your fault but hers.Suhanallah god makes us forget the bad times and lets us remember the good times . Later on those bad times seem fair to us and we romaticise them and we say "ahhh he wasn't that bad" when he was a total drunk " or he" didn'treally hurt me " when hed beat the ilfe out of u .Tell her to remember why she really left him and why she married you. You REALLY need to tell he
  5. what do you mean? In the name of Allah ! I really ,really hope your not insulting my integrity
  6. salam , thank Allah he came I went 2 days ago, picked up some really good books wish i could buy them all .I think I'll go again .
  7. The prophet (sawas) worked in caravan Trading that travelled from Mecca to syria, He accuired the reputation for honesty and wisdom durring his work.
  8. salam Does anyone know if there are any shia book stores in melbourne who sells translated books into english ? Last year a man came from sydney and sold heaps of shia translated books but he didnt come this year .So does anyone know where i can get some books? thanks salam
  9. Brothers and sisters when i said pictures I ment only like pictures of my children as babies( fully clothed ), nature photos and pics of my deceased father in law .NO animals no statues no icons nothing. so just incase i have taken everything down till i am sure.
  10. salam , I have recently finished reading a short book on death called "journey of the unseen world " by Ayatullah Najafi Quchani . Fantasic book it is a story written in the first person about a man who dies and we travell with him into trasition of death based on actual islamic shia sources. It is really a life changing book .I reccommend it to anyone who has questions about death or is interested.
  11. salam sisters , The area I live in has alot of sunni people and through my kids school i had befriended some sunni ladies , when one came to my house and saw pictures of my children and family overseas around my home she told me i should get them dowm as it is haram to display them as the angels will not enter my home to protect us.Fristly i told her only Allah is the protector but i could not really see her logic . Is what shes saying true?
  12. Whats the differance between 17 -18 -19 -20 years old your still the same person if you mature and ready and commited .I was married at 17 dont think there is a differance b/w when i was 15 till about 26 same person diffrent year
  13. I always thought that pig was haram because they were once human as it states in the quran in surat al Ma'idah ( the table)"....... and we transformed them into detested swine and apes' correct me if im wrong please, but thats my understanding.....
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