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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ramadan Lecture Program 2013 With Sh. Salim Yusufali & Sh. Usama AbdulGhaniThe Awaited One Foundation is organizing a nightly lecture program during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1434 themed the ‘Revolution Of The Self’ beginning Thursday July 11th and running until Monday August 5th, 2013. The program will be held at the Fordson High School auditorium and will begin promptly at 10:15 PM. Our guest scholars will be Hujjat al-Islam Sheikh Salim Yusufali and Hujjat al-Islam Sheikh Usama AbdulGhani who will be joining us from the Islamic Seminary in Qum. Join us for a month of spiritually uplifting and practical advice. Lectures will be broadcast live & archived on our website; http://awaitedone.org/event-items/ramadan-2013-with-sh-salim-yusufali-sh-usama-abdulghani/ LIVE Broadcast will be on AOF TV
  2. Bismihi Ta3ala, In line with the guidelines set forth by all our Maraja on how one is considered a Marje Taqleed, at this time its important to ask if any individual who announces their Marjaeya be scrutinized before we accept them as such. We must refer back to our Ahlul-Khibra, those who teach Bahth Kharij students and higher in learning, to see if they give any credibility to anyone who claims the Marjaeya. We must also see if the person who claims Marjaeya has a certificate of Ijtihaad from any of his teachers as this is a pre-requisite to put forth your Marjaeya. Please refer back to the concept of Taqleed and Marjaeya and its conditions and apply them in any and all cases of which it relates.
  3. Salaam, Any way this can be translated into English for possible subtitles?
  4. These articles are a very good read. Very beneficial and has many practical steps. The Recommended Acts Practical Mustahibaat for Our Daily Lives
  5. WS, Here are a couple links http://www.al-islam.org/istikhara/3.htm http://www.islamicinsights.com/religion/clergy-corner/istikhara-to-do-or-not-to-do.html
  6. June 30 - July 1, 2012 See http://www.muslimcongress.org for more info
  7. (bismillah) (wasalam) Istikhara: To Do or Not To Do?
  8. (bismillah) (salam) There is a very good series of lectures on the life of Imam Mehdi [aj] based on the teachings of AYATOLLAH SAYYID MOHAMED SADIQ AS-SADR [ra] watch the 'Knowing Your Imam' 51 part lecture series presented by Sh. Safdar Razi. That series is academic and intellectually sound. Full Playlist - The Knowing Your Imam [May Allah Hasten His Reappearance] Series is a 51 part lecture presentation by Sheikh Safdar Razi about the life of the 12th descendant of the Prophet of Islam, Imam Muhammad Al-Mehdi. The 51 lectures focus on 4 main parts; The Life of Imam Mehdi from his Birth to the Minor Occultation, The Major Occultation, The Reappearance of the Imam, and The Establishment of the Global Just Government. All 50 videos are currently available. Facebook Fan Page; http://www.facebook....ImamMehdiSeries In part 23 there is talk about the Dajjal and that it is a system!
  9. (bismillah) A couple articles for those interested. To Shake or Not? Between Gender Equality and Religious Freedom Perfecting Our Hijab
  10. The magazine last published in late 2009 i believe. The website where the magazine was posted is offline at the moment.
  11. Its a Latmiya [Eulogy]. Its titled أين راغب حرب [Where is Ragheb Harb?] | He was the first leader of the Lebanese Resistance Movement, HizbAllah It can be downloaded here. It may take a second to reload and you may need to refresh the page. http://www.4shared.c.../___online.html
  12. (bismillah) A couple issues. 1. If Shiachat is an Usooli discussion forum than all the Akhbari posts should be relegated to a specific forum. There are too many unqualified opinions being presented as Twelver Shi'ism on this forum by Akhbaris and this is creating confusion as these posts are not mentioning that they are in fact Akhbari beliefs. For someone who would not know any better and came to this forum to learn about the teachings of the AhlulBayt [as] in line with the qualified Maraja3 theymay very well be deviated towards Akhbarism. 2. There is a two part lecture by H.I. Sh. Hamza Sodagar on the matter of taqleed which should be watched for a greater understanding by all including Usoolis and Akhbaris.
  13. Do you confirmation that they are coming to Houston next year?
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