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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi Imran, I'm sure many people have done it for a long time. For me it will be a first in my life. How about you?
  2. Wonderful feedback. Very inspiring. :) The reason I am considering converting to Islam is precisely that (as far as I know) shia Islam encourages questioning your learning experiences - including religious ones - to find deeper truth and meaning. This is freedom at its best and I think if you are a seeker it allows you to find deep, deep faith and understanding. so err.... I umm.... sixth it! hee hee :P
  3. ^^ Both of you make good points. I had a conversation about this with someone else just yesterday, and the point they made was the same. There are many "younger" people on the forum too, so they do have a different perspective on things. Children and teens do often have a more emotional and sometimes immature perspective on things. Which is not the norm with everyone anyway. I guess I didn't consider that the responses could be posted by youngsters and not necessarily all adults. You're absolutely right, this is definitely a better place for them to hang out than somewhere else where they can fall in with the wrong crowd. :)
  4. raised Roman Catholic.. contemplate on the deeper meaning of that... Son of Placid, I second that motion. Ladies and gentlemen, you stoop.... and this particular activity often leaves us all more divided than unified. Somehow I doubt that this is what Allah intended for us. You know, I've been mulling over this the other day. Human beings are too petty. We get absorbed in the little details and that is often - even though perhaps only metaphorically - deadly. So you see, all this nonsense and bickering is useless and a waste of time and energy, because we only need to zoom out a little bit and focus ourselves on the "bigger picture" to realize that we shouldn't worry ourselves so much about how your muslim neighbours or how your Christian, Jewish or whatever neighbours pratice their religion. It is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. We make it our problem because we allow ourselves to become judgmental. Pointing a finger and especially falling into the disillusionment that you're better than someone else is NOT a right God has granted on ANY humans in ANY religion. ... so what it comes down to is that all the things those people do, those people that "we" don't necessarily agree with or can't identify with, well, we have no right to put them down really because ultimately it is between God and them.
  5. This is interesting. Personally I think Ya Hussain makes a good point. Not only are some of the topics increasingly immature, but some of the topics and especially the replies they contain are often more of an argument than a discussion or even a debate. Sometimes they can be aggressive and practically hostile arguments.... from one "type" of muslim to another and to christians, sikhs etc.... ! It blows my mind.... I'm sorry to say, but it's a huge turnoff for people who come to this site seeking enlightenment. They end up becoming more confused about Islam than when they first registered on the forum. And THAT is a shame.... :(
  6. ^^ Thanks. :) It is really nice to get feedback from a guy. Good to know what your perspective is. And yes, I have been thinking about the food too, lol, I think I'll probably have to make my own veggie/seafood dishes and bring them with me. hee hee ;)
  7. ^^ whoa, no need to flip out over it. I can understand you feel strongly about the obligation to God to observe hijab, and that is indeed wonderful. - the forum should be a safe place so people can ask anything and everything to help them in their quest for righteousness, piety and God. - we don't always know the full circumstances, it would only prove ignorant to assume - shooting people down when they appear to be asking an honest question will not help them on the path to Islam (this usually refers to reverts, but many muslims are also on this same path) therefore they need our patience, understanding and lots of explanations, so they can truly deep down learn and understand the reasoning behind many things in Islam.
  8. It is a fantastic quote indeed, thanks :) Great topic overall. Thanks!! :) Personally, the first thing that came to mind was greed.... but then I didn't find it on the list. I think as much as many of the other poor traits "spawn" one another, greed is the thing that corrupts the heart and sets it on this destructive path, so to speak.
  9. Here's what I found, not 100% sure if this is it, but it's the first thing that popped up on my search. Namely both #1 & #2 are types of bank info here are the definitions IBAN http://www.investordictionary.com/definiti...unt+number.aspx SWIFT http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&lr=&...on&ct=title
  10. ^ sadiqatulkubra, I love your quote. :) Very well put.
  11. Hey Trin You're awesome! Thank you for the link and the website, it's amazing! :) It's a fantastically great resource! :)
  12. :o Oh come now.... I hope I didn't scare people away or something. :( Does anyone have anything to reply? to add? do you agree?
  13. Thank you for all your replies, they are wonderfully warm and insightful. It makes me feel great to read them.
  14. satyaban, Thank You. :) I realize very well, and am very, very, very thankful to God that all are not so intolerant. It would be a tremendous loss if that was the case :) peace to you too my friend :)
  15. I'm considering it. The more I learn about it, about Islam itself and change my focus from how (unfortunately) poorly some muslims represent it to my very own discoveries about it, the more I realize how much I identify with it.
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