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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Looks like you specialize going around in circles and putting words in others mouths. And mashallah, real nice akhlaq. The Ahlul Bayt a. you claim to follow will be ashamed to call your their follower.
  2. 1. A zaalim like Saddam being removed is obviously a positive thing. The difference in the number of the Karbala pilgrims February 2004 and that of March 2003 speaks for itself. Only a fool can ignore that. No one is belittling the spreading of message of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام)—The sudden increase in pilgrims right after Saddams death is a proof in itself. also, if “even the Americans” later admit that it was a mistake- it’s not their fault nor the Sayed’s fault that you did not gift them a crystal ball to gaze into the future, hence, it’s a foolish argument to say “even the Americans” realize it was a mistake after the fact. The intention of removing a thalim was a very good reason for the Sayed to support the war. The Shia now enjoy power in Iraq after being brutally repressed. DO YOU ALSO HAVE ANY IDEA about the Hadith we have about supporting or even working with the thalim government if it benefits the Shia? Try harder next time... 2. I will definitely call myself an Islamic organization but that’s a topic for another day hahaha ROFL. Thanks for the laugh. However, we are talking about Umaa here and not me, so like I mentioned earlier, it’s not a negative thing to have non Muslims as our allies. If they invite others at their conferences it’s for the intention of benefiting our situation. (Read up on history where the Imams/Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) also allowed this) If you stop pretending to be selectively blind, and observe, UMAA invites actual scholars as well. 3. kissing Bush or meeting with Obama doesn’t mean anything. It’s the Arab style to do it - just like shaking hands is one form of a greeting. It’s not like he was kissing your girlfriend so don’t get your knickers in a twist over it. Like I said, try harder next time..
  3. 1. Hold your horses and get off your high horse while you’re at it. Good thing about the Iraq war was that Saddam the tyrant was removed and there are no obstacles to visit the shrines for ashura and arbayeen. The numbers speak for themselves. The number of zawwar are increasing every year mashallah. So just because you disagree with that Sheikh doesn’t mean he is wrong. 2. The speakers that they invited are not invited in the capacity of a religious role model. 3. Some Shia believe it’s good to maintain a dialogue with the non Muslim government in which they are living, it is a positive thing as opposed to secluding oneself and facilitating the islamophobia.
  4. I was looking for this thread last week, lol. Did you get a chance to attend? Mehdi Hassan was amazing! The last session on spreading the message of Imam Hussain with Sayed Modaressi was the best one in my opinion. The comedy sessions were nice too! Food wasn't too amazing though..
  5. Thats a good point, my family and I are Indian/Pakistani but we are immensely more comfortable visiting an Arab center here (the IIA). Guess we are renegades?, lol. There is only one Indian/Pakistani center here but it unfortunately feels more like a socializing hub without much spiritual upliftment. Just my experience.
  6. Po dobre li e tam ?? Lipsva6 mi Bulgaria
  7. Was alaikom Salam dear brother, that's nice! How is life there?
  8. Priatno mom e Ot koi grad si Ivaylo??
  9. Thanks! No it’s not. It’s only $100 for each subject for one semester (6 months)
  10. (Bismillah) Salam Alaikom, The Islamic Institute of America has started a hawza program in the English language. I’ve started attending it and wish I had this opportunity earlier!! It is absolutely amazing! The insight and deeper understanding of Islam makes one enjoy this existence in ways that are indescribable! The subjects currently being taught are Usul ul fiqh, ilmul hadith, Arabic grammar, public speaking, Quranic sciences, usul al-kaafi ,biography of Prophet (sawaws) and Islamic laws. The main teacher is sayed Mohammad Baqir al Qazwini, may Allah reward him immensely for his efforts! Allahumma salle ala Muhammad wa Aal e Muhammad wa ajjil farajahum
  11. Michigander here too. My wife will be more than happy to connect with you.
  12. Jazakallah brother Wolverine!!!!pleasant surprise to see me being mentioned in a post , eid Mubarak brother!!
  13. For anyone who wants to know the REAL reason for the ban, here it is: the country just got hijacked: People seem to be missing the point entirely on this issue. Trump's action was not about 'banning muslims" - it never was. Look a little deeper below the surface of what has just occurred and consider this. The 'muslim ban' issue is a smokescreen. What this was about was testing the waters to create public chaos and bring about opposition from the supreme court, and to see if DHS could then override a supreme court order and get away with it without any public outcry. And they got away with it. And here people are actually even defending this action. That is why they used muslims and the ever-popular threat of terrorism, because they knew the people would support it, and now a legal precedent has been set. DHS now has both 'legal' and public approval to override the supreme court on any domestic issue and the new attorney general will support it. Think about that, because that means any rights you have... and yes, if you are an American, that means YOU. And the people supported it. Trump's action is not about travel bans, it never was. They just used muslims to get public approval for the action. What it was about was setting a legal precedent whereby DHS can now override the supreme court... The people of the United States just lost any rights the DHS decides they dont have, and they now have no legal system to fall back on because the supreme court is now subservient to the DHS - when last week it was the other way around like its supposed to be. And Trump did it after sacking the heads of almost all departments, while there was quite literally only a skeleton staff at the White House - and certainly no one there who could oppose his actions. Neat trick huh? Look at history. Overriding and gaining control of the court system is the first step in any coup de'tat... this is exactly the way they played it in Germany, in Italy, Spain, Egypt, Panama... and anywhere else you care to name.... Think it cant happen in America? Think again...The really interesting thing though, is that so many people are approving of it.
  14. (Salam) I went for the Friday prayer too at the ICOFA and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. The sheikh in his sermon advised to exercise restraint towards the protesters or else I was all ready for a fight, lol.
  15. On a related note, lottery is halal as per Ayt. Sayyid Hakeem: Q [1] There is a national lottery held in our country, run by a company. Tickets are sold for a very low price, and the winners receive prizes. The company also gives some of their income in the sale of the tickets to certain charitable projects. Is a Muslim permitted to purchase such a ticket with the intention of winning the prize, and if he intends to give a part of the prize to an Islamic charity project? Apparently the said transaction is permissible, and it is not considered to be prohibited gambling. The deal here is merely selling a ticket for a low price with the condition that if the chosen numbers match the company’s randomly selected numbers the participant wins the prize. One becomes deserving of the prize due to fulfilling a condition included in the sale deal, so it is permissible to claim the prize. It is not obligatory to spend the money in the way intended, although it is better to do so. Q [2] Is it allowed to play state-sponsored lottery in which you buy ticket of two Euros, and if you are lucky you can win millions. Is that money lawful or not? It is permissible to purchase state-sponsored lottery tickets, but the prize should be collected on behalf of the Marja. Q [3] It is has been mentioned on your website that it is allowed to play state-sponsored lottery, but the prize should be collected on behalf of the religious authority (the Marja). How do we collect the prize on behalf of the Marja? If a believer receives money that is taken from a government organization, and it is known that the money had once belonged to a Muslim, it is still regarded as being owned by him. One can take this money by intending to take it on behalf of the Marja, and then he can assume ownership of it. It is better to help the needy believers with some part of it. Q [4] I own a store where lottery tickets are sold, and I receive a certain profit on each ticket sold. Is this permissible for me? The transaction of the commonly-known lottery is based on purchasing a paper ticket confirming certain numbers he has chosen, and as a result he is entered into a lottery draw. If the chosen numbers match the numbers randomly drawn, they win the prize. Such a transaction is permissible, and selling the tickets of such a lottery is permissible. http://english.alhakeem.com/pages/quesans/listgroup_ques.php?Where=134
  16. What an incredibly imbecile soldier for not being aware of his surroundings. Also, the amount of respect and reverence that the Queen and the royal family is given is disgusting.
  17. (salam) I also attended UMAA and particularly the matrimonial sessions. Here's my quick take on it : 1. About 90 % of the females at the matrimonial sessions were without hijab. Some even had tight fitting and sleeveless dresses on which was appalling to say the least. Some even had the temerity to talk about their favorite music bands/groups *facepalm* 2. Sayed Ammar's talk on the signs before the reappearance of the 12th imam a.s was absolutely fantastic! I agree with his opinion that we should not wait for the fulfillment of these signs to become religious. He talked about the concept of Badaa' (change in Allah's decree). Sayid Qazwini's speech was beyond excellent too! I'm waiting for the speech recordings to be uploaded so that I could listen to them again. 3. The cost of the meals should have been included in the conference registration cost. The breakfast food was too oily and bland and not worth the asking price. Burgers at lunch were unappealing and unhealthy, the very sight of which made my appetite go away. I could not attend the keynote speech by Aslan at the dinner banquet because my ahlul sunnah friends (who i brought with me for company ) thought it was too expensive and wanted to explore chicago/navy pier/ eat outside instead. 4. The books for sale at the bookstores were very intriguing particularly sheikh Rizwan Arastu's "God's Emissaries (Adam to Jesus) and a book on Irfan (mysticism) by ayt. jawadi amuli. Can't wait to start reading them! 5. Sheikh Jaleel's lecture after fajar salaat was very nice. Talked about Prophet Saleh and the people of Thamud. 6. The discounted rooms at the hotel were sold out and I had to pay the non-discounted room rate. They should offer more discounted rooms next time. I did notice that the organizers provided rooms at the Holiday Inn which was about seven min. away but I did not want to keep going back and forth in the shuttle between the two hotels. 7. Moulana Athar saheb and Mehdi Hassan could not make it to the conference which was a disappointment. 8. The program guide did not list the exact times when each speaker would start his speech which was very troubling. I wanted my friends to attend the speech on shia and sunni but wasn't able to convince them because the time of the speech was not mentioned in the program guide. Also, I am not sure if Abather al halawachi recited Dua Kumayl at the conference, I really wanted to listen to him reciting it! I felt the conference was a worthwhile effort overall. I made some new friends and most of the people seemed to be from New Jersey.
  18. (salam) I was going to open another thread with a similar request but then I saw this one. Could someone please translate this for me or post a link with the translation? Jazakallah! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_yFw_UdTj0
  19. (wasalam) In addition to one of the above posters request (germanshia?) it would be awesome if you could share your online library with us. Most of those titles appear to be tremendously interesting! :Hijabi:
  20. Jazakallah for sharing. Made me cry. Labbayka Ya Imam (as)
  21. (salam) I attended a seminar on Khums led by Sheikh Mahdi Rastani in Dearborn but I was hesitating to answer your question because I didn't want to take the responsibility of misquoting him. Luckily, I received this email update from awaitedone.org (a couple of min. ago! ) Does it answer your question? From Shk. Mahdi Rastani: --------- Dear brothers and sisters, Salaamun Alaykum, I am composing this message with regards to one of the rulings that we discussed during our khums workshop. That is the ruling with regards to savings. It can be found on page 11 of the booklet. Although I had put the correct answer into the booklet, for some reason I explained it in a wrong way during the workshop. The following is the correct ruling on savings: If I save money to buy a house or a car, do I have to pay khums?A: Saving money to purchase things in the following years is not part of one’s yearly expenditure. Exception: The only exception to this ruling is when all of the three following conditions are met: 1- that he cannot purchase the thing he is saving up for all at once. 2- saving up for what he needs in a course of several years is common amongst the people of his region, in such a way that if he did not do so, it would be considered a shortcoming in fulfilling the needs of his family. 3- that instead of just keeping the money, he rather spends the money on a part of the house or car each year. For example, for someone who is saving up to buy a house, he would have to buy the land in one year, then buy cement the next, and wood the year after that, and so forth. If he were to just save up money without spending it each year on the different parts of the house, his savings would be liable to khums. ((Sistani, Al-Masae'l al-Montakhabah, p. 257, ruling 597)) Another example of such purchases would be when the parents purchase the appliances that their soon to be married daughter or son will need in the following years for their mutual life. ((Khamenei, Ajwebah al-Estefta'aat, q. 918 and 906: 861)) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the booklet also contains the same answer, but the ruling is explained a bit clearer here than in the booklet sorry for any trouble that was caused thank you, keep us in your prayers,ws -Mahdi Rastani
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