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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam all I just wanted to find out for my own peace of mind, the names of all the companions of Imam Ali a.s.....I just know a few such a Malik e Ashtar, Jondab, Qambar, and Abu Dhar....can you guys help me in finding out more names...thanks
  2. salams ive been married for like 6/7 months now and alhamdolilah personally i'd say getting married is way better than staying single! and theres loads of reasons as to why I say so...coz its nice to have a companion beside you that is going to be there for you for the rest of your life (inshallah)...but one main point is that half of ur faith is complete, theres no distractions when trying to stay on the right path...but this obviously depends on your partner aswell, as u need to look for someone with piety so that they can help you stay onto the right path and also help you prepare for the a
  3. Has it been ages or what!? since iv been on here...O_o

  4. ohh ok thanks keystoparadise, now i know what to do lol
  5. hellooo little one lol. yeh i disapeared for a while, but now im back lol, nowadays im havin rather more spare time to kill, (which is unusual coz really i should be preparing for my wedding!) lol but yeh ther are times wher iv thought right thats it need to get back on shiachat, so here i am. hope ur good bro =)

  6. when exactly does the bride ask for the mahr? before or after nikah is read? is there a need for a witness or can she ask her husband in private? i dont know much so need info sisters before i get married off lol :blush:
  7. :cry: ina lilah hi wa ina ilayhi raji'oon...May Allah rest his soul...remember meeting him in iran, great personality he was, May Allah grant him paradise - ameen
  8. okay naz...iv written the words down and here they are... Kya huwa kyu roh pari hai fatima darbaar mai Shaam dekhi saamne ya x2 karbala darbaar mai 1.Chandd khaimay chandd laashey aur maatam ki sadaa x2 Karbala ka raaz tha vo x2 kull gaya darbaar mai 2.Dheyr thak rohti rahi zahra magar ye sochkar x2 Kiss tarha jaayengi zainab x2 berida darbaar mai theres only 2 verses to it....most of these sangats jus repeat each verse a few times
  9. that is some heavy noha...geo..but sorry dont have the writeup for that....i'l try writing the writeup as i listen to this...its quite unclear tho
  10. lol....iv seen all sorts of people get married..so it aint really about being too smart or dumb
  11. elo banana head ehm ehm ehm

  12. my grandad being a zakir tends to cut out fry food coz it builds 'reysha', that disgusting gooey thing in ur throat, and yh hot water does help!
  13. elllo my long time malang frend loool...how u beeen?!

  14. im like sooooooooo late in saying this.......but thanks guys! and especially u tauq! thanks a bunch bro ^_^
  15. looollll okies no problem lool hehe

  16. heyyyyy salams yam ismat LOL yeh man its me aqsaaaa lol...how u doin gawjush well to be honest the one person from svc 2007 that i knw are on ere is noureddinezzzz :) how u finding it ere? LOL

  17. well oviously u have to choose someone 'apart' from your family and friends, so i the only person i could think of was me....and btw ure joke....its so lame
  18. In iran, men are strictly not allowed to go shirtless.....in some places men HAVE to wear shirts with full sleeves....so i doubt it u'd be allowed...u'll see pakistani's around in Bibi Masooma a.s haram, they'd probz join ya....but u'l notice they wouldnt go shirtless either
  19. I swear if i was there with svc this year and spotted ure kafila....i wouldnt think twice to join ya....id come running....when it comes to punjabi and saraiki nohey....i make sure im the first one there! and especiallyy seeing the sangat and maatami lot at that sort of place.......its just too good to be true ;)
  20. lol geo!.. Ithna Asheri Shia.....and a syeda...Jafri
  21. you know what yeh....its simple as...the man jus needs a punch or two...or needs to be shot coz he's reallyyy ticking me offf now :angry:
  22. when i went with the Al Asr Organisation to Iran in 05- and last year, we paid a visit to this sacred place, especiallly on a tuesday.....its soo beautiful and u definatly feel a connection with the Imam of our time A.j its jus amazing
  23. trust bro.....as far as i am concerned theres loads of people goin ;).....apart from me :(
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