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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Has it been ages or what!? since iv been on here...O_o

  2. hellooo little one lol. yeh i disapeared for a while, but now im back lol, nowadays im havin rather more spare time to kill, (which is unusual coz really i should be preparing for my wedding!) lol but yeh ther are times wher iv thought right thats it need to get back on shiachat, so here i am. hope ur good bro =)

  3. elo banana head ehm ehm ehm

  4. elllo my long time malang frend loool...how u beeen?!

  5. looollll okies no problem lool hehe

  6. heyyyyy salams yam ismat LOL yeh man its me aqsaaaa lol...how u doin gawjush well to be honest the one person from svc 2007 that i knw are on ere is noureddinezzzz :) how u finding it ere? LOL

  7. salams haq peer mola ali madad..how we doin??? xx

  8. salams how u doin myy enemy >:(

  9. yh alhamd im not bad thankss wha u been up2? xxx

  10. wsalams ya ali madad :)...how u doing? maula waris xxxx

  11. Salams Mola Ali Madad siso

    Happy 19th!! xx

  12. . salams yam how u doin brov?

    maula waris

    ali ali

  13. yup alhamd iv been fine thanks...well its good to hear u'v been welll....chat to u in a bit...tc ws .xxx

  14. Haq Peer Mola Ali Madad....lol how u doin? let me gues u got home at 2 in the mornin again? geo

  15. salams ya ali madad malang =D

  16. yehh alhamd siso am fine and urself? long time no chat how u been these days? xxx

  17. wsalams how u doin siso? long time....wher u been? xxxx

  18. aite den no problem. thanks anyways..aur how u been?

  19. lol aite....random but haha....make sure u deleted it aitee....coz musafir e shaam dont wana..but u cud do me this favour atleast...thanks xx

  20. lol ya ali madad....how u doin......u didnt seem to answer my question...lol its left me thinkin for days...where did u hear me read?

  21. salams pir mola ali madad...how u doin malang..?

  22. lol what? where did u hear me reading? thanks btw but i'm curious now....ohh dont say musafire shaam made u hear it >.<

  23. wsalams ya ali madad, alhamd i'm all gd brov and urself?

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