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  1. Nadir


    somewhere, there is no pain where no one hurts where you footprints upon the soil are not burdens but stories somewhere where tears are only happy and love is the only rule in a land, a world of no rules where everything is fluid and your heart flows like a river a road into her smile a million little thoughts gathered for our single, infinite final, fantastically vast moment where beauty is no longer frustrating because the world is no longer ugly I long to go there and sit beside you finally
  2. I didn't give "the sincere lovers of truth" a label. I didn't say they were twelvers or non twelvers. Nor did I say the lovers of truth are the group that contains the fewest followers. A sincere lover and follower of truth can be found anywhere, in any group. And when such a person expresses the truth, chances are they will be condemned and marginalised by the majority. Brother, I was merely mentioning a historical trend. Whether that condemns your beliefs is your problem. I can't care less if you agree or not, but the vast majority of us are sheep.
  3. are you talking specifically about the muslims at large or the main ones? if it's the latter, some were instigated, some held grudges, some were jealous, some were power-hungry, and some were simply hypocrites - they sought to infiltrate the religion and destroy it from the inside. if you're asking about the muslims at large, well, the sincere lovers of truth have always been a minority man.
  4. salaam. hijab is more than just how a woman dresses. unfortunately, that's what it's been reduced to. hijab, in fact, is far more. it is a way of conducting oneself in a manner that befits an individual's dignity, male or female. hijab is about appropriate social interaction. it's about preserving masculinity and femininity. it's about emphasizing one's power by hiding it until it is necessary to display it. for example, we often talk about the strength of a woman's words when standing up to a tyrant. look at sayyeda zaynab: she embodied every principle of hijab. in doing so, she also had the power to withhold and display her strength as a woman. had it not been for her, imam sajjad would have been martyred in karbala as well. in sham, she stood before yazid and belittled him to such an extent that he would have displayed his lack of manhood if he ordered imam sajjad to be executed. a muhajjabah is a flagbearer of Islam but also a ferocious lion. sometimes we talk about hijab as a way for a woman to protect herself against idiotic men. honestly, the majority of men will always be idiots, which might be the reason why hijab is commanded upon men in the quran before it is on women. a man who observes hijab makes the women around him feel safe. a man who observes hijab defends a woman's right to dignity. he stands for an ideal and a principle that ought to have remained constant from the very beginning of humankind's history, but is, unfortunately, increasingly eroded on a daily basis. i feel that the reduction of hijab to a simple garment covering a woman's head not only enforces the perception of islam being oppressive on women, but it is also a tactic employed by the enemies of islam to corrupt the religion and increase its attack on human dignity in order to move society away from divine ideals that empower us to stand up against injustice and oppression, and, of course, to stop ourselves from becoming worse than animals.
  5. Salaam, does anyone have any quotes by Shaheed Baqir al-Sadr on the issue of Palestine? Sources please. Other Arab scholars will be appreciated too.
  6. how lucky is the beast that he gallops through harsh terrain refusing to be conquered although his struggle will end in defeat how cryptic are the signs of the past that we make the same mistakes as the dead how torn is the muslim he is raised in peace while the land of his prophet burns kings forbid us to kiss his grave their palestinian blood-lipstick marked on the cheeks of beer drinking politicians how hard is it to reconcile two extreme allegiances the muslim stands in a desert in the south surrounded by land mines and abandoned tanks rusted, made infernal by a descending, finite sun backward, progressive, primitive, modern developing, developed, civilised, savage interests forever in conflict definitions on opposite ends of an infinite straight line ideas living as neighbours one's good, another's evil the grey's lack of spine renders its words useless
  7. By the infinite notebooks that I fill to be free The prayers engraved on my body The pages of God clothing my being By the nights I spend awake crying for Husayn and Ali The prostration of Sajjad and the hypocrite's soliloquy By the miles manifested on the callused soles of tired devotees By the forevered moments of restlessness By the blood shed in a million eternities By the illusions of lovers and the dragging music of emasculated slaves By the anger of the birds whose stones pierced pachyderms By the forced patience of souls who cannot understand why their prayers remain unanswered By the sinner who sins and regrets, and sins, and regrets, and sins, and regrets By the burning fires that strip away flesh until there is only light By the severity of justice that infinitely peels skin to reveal infinite mercy By the nuanced supplications of saints with severed heads that save insincere snakes from their own paralysing poison By God! Tell me what I am worth! By the thought and word that said Be! And I became By His tenderness that cupped my frame Like water of the euphrates in the palms of the Moon! Why am I, I!
  8. Nadir

    Paper And Pen

    typing this in the dark waiting for the light, the spark the feeling that engulfs me stories that make me see here we are, now and again i am a paper, you are the pen write these words, speak them to the rest you are the middle way, neither east or west i sit, waiting for your words they become me, we are birds flying, far, far away i want you to say i want you to say that special phrase say it, be it, become all this praise you hear in my heart blazing, when does it start beating, fleeting moments in the sun the timing gliding towards just one me, you, we, they, i despise the wise i want to be a fool, no more thought do you want to know, do you want to know whose soul you have bought why it makes no sound how come it sings no song look into my eyes, not at them if you are a lie, this is my moment of truth let me be a liar i want to lie with you
  9. i walk at night on the streets of nowhere what a sight i see darkness outside but inside, i see light i am lost in wonder wonder why i got lost close your eyes, look within see, you are not so bad you are something more you are powerful and mighty strong as a fortress look! how you suffer and struggle but look how you survive no, you thrive nothing can break your spirit you have slept on rock bottom are there harder floors than that i am so disoriented in this world i don't know where home is i don't know who - or how - to trust do you live for this do you deserve this life i don't, you don't he doesn't, she doesn't we don't, you don't they don't even they don't nobody does indeed, he says there are signs for those who reflect he tells me to look why should i, i ask him you're always right anyway he says if there's anyone who has nothing at all to gain from being right it's Me
  10. i just found out that spriglief is no longer on SC. sprig, if you're reading this, thank you for reading and commenting on my poetry. best of luck, dude. to people who are considering commenting in this thread, don't. i just wanted to say goodbye to someone, not get into discussions/arguments about the views of other people.
  11. Nadir

    Homeless Man

    life is very much worth living. injustice should inspire us to be just. sorrow should push us towards happiness.
  12. Nadir


    it is said that knowledge is locked in a chest, and that its key is the question. it is also said that knowledge is freedom. so ask questions unless you want to remain in shackles. bubbles about to burst music becomes noise we want to be first so we destroy your voice troubles my mind that we are not free the answers i find don't satisfy me ---- dear god protect me from arrogance protect me from pride protect me from confusing information with knowledge dear god i'm afraid for my people for the big dreams they dream i'm afraid they will destroy everything they wish to save dear god help us find balance in an unbalanced world help us find the way to live in harmony with all around us dear god give us the wisdom to use the facts to enact the right story
  13. Nadir

    Homeless Man

    i finish chocolates in a heartbeat to avoid my obligation to share i gave a homeless white guy a kilo of wheat he asked if i had some change to spare you can't give a junky something to eat when he's begging for some "fresh air" saying no is no mean feat you have to be aloof if you really care he says [Edited Out] you, man i don't want a sack of grain give me currency i say no, man, i'm not giving you cash you eat or you starve either way you won't snort not by my hand he says [Edited Out] you, man you can't tell me what to do with my life i say no, man, i can't but i care too much to help you die that's the truth, that ain't no lie take a shower, shave your beard i'll buy you a burger and iced tea he says [Edited Out] you, man then i go back home, wherever that is and i bawl my eyes out because i just saw another man die on the street
  14. the solution to life, according to sc, is marriage. not phd. lanat on phds! ignorance is bliss!
  15. i don't comment on sc, but bliss, this is intense.
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