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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear All: Some links from my web site which talk about the false prophecies (also dubbed lies) of the Bahai Faith. False Prophecy of the UHJ: http://www.bahaiawareness.com/uhj_failed_prophecy.html Bahai Faith - The Failed Prophecy: http://www.bahaiawareness.com/bahai17.html Iranians Convert to Bahai Faith? http://thebahaiinsider.com/2016/01/17/the-failed-bahai-prophecy-about-all-iranian-jews-converting-to-bahaism/ Five Clear Lies of Abdul Baha: http://www.bahaiawareness.com/abdul_baha_liar.html The Fatal Flaw in Bahai Authority: http://www.bahaiawareness.com/bahai18.html - Imran Shaykh
  2. While you are a Bahai, you can also visit www.bahaiawareness.com which explains Bahai Faith from a Shiah and Sunni perspective. Thanks Imran Shaykh
  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters: Salamun Alaykum. I happened to chance upon this topic whilst researching about another topic. The question is - Are Bab and Bahaullah prophets? The answer is no. History records them as opportunists who changed their position at every available opportunity. Islam is very clear that there will be no prophet AND messenger after the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh). Every verse, every tradition we have from the prophet says that he is the last prophet and messenger. Furthermore, he even condemned any person who would come forward claiming to be a new prophet or messenger. Please see the following link: http://www.bahaiawareness.com/false_prophets.html Also see: http://www.bahaiawareness.com/bahai14.html Thanks, Imran Shaykh
  4. Mr Gabster, it appears that you have not seen / read www.bahaiawareness.com at all. The web site is full of references from Bahai books, Shia books as well books from the Ahle Sunnat. In fact it is your statement - "bahaiawareness.com is without proof or citations or means of verification" is without any proof at all. Here is a ref from www.bahaiawareness.com which establishes that Bahaullah himself said that the Holy Prophet is the last Prophet and Messenger of Allah - http://www.bahaiawareness.com/bahai14.html. And yes, it contains references and original book proofs as well. Here is another reference wherein Ali Mohammed Shirazi - The Bab confessed to the presence of the 12th Imam (as) - http://www.bahaiawareness.com/babc.html. And yes, it contains references and original book proofs as well. The problem with the Bahais is that they dont want to accept these proofs. The greatest link to Bahaullah lies in the Bab. And the Bahais hide the books of the Bab. Less than 200 years and the Bahais claim that no original books of the Bab are present. The only book they have is "Selections from the Writings of the Bab". Ask them for the books from where they "selected" the writings of the Bab and the UHJ will tell you that the books are under review. Which reminds me - here is another link from www.bahaiawareness.com with proofs and citations et all http://www.bahaiawareness.com/bab04b.html which establishes that the Bab was not the hidden Imam as the Bahais tend to claim. And if readers want more - here are links to establish that the Bab was nothing compared to the personality of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and Imam Mahdi (as). http://www.bahaiawareness.com/bab12.html http://www.bahaiawareness.com/bab13.html Secondly, I agree with your comment that for interpretations, one must go to the founders of the Faith. Please inform the Bahais so that they can stop tiring us with their translations produced by Pitckhall and Abdullah Yusuf Ali. While these are important, they are worth a lot less in enhancing our understanding of the Quran and its interpretation when we compare them to the words of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the Imams (as) who followed him. Regards, Imran Shaykh www.bahaiawareness.com
  5. Salaamun Alikum: My replies below: The Bahai Faith is nothing but a tool which was created by the West to combat the rise of Islam in the Middle East and to divide the Muslims. The Qadiani religion is pretty much the same. The difference being that the Bahai Faith created a "new prophet" in Shiah Islam and Qadiani Faith created one in the Sunni Islam. Both religions claim that their founders were sent by Allah - though they are unable to establish anything from the Quran. Or traditions. They both pick out verses from the Quran and deny traditions which poke holes in their interpretation of the Quran What is relavant to this discussion that Bahais may appear polite and courteous on the outside, but ask them some tough questions and then you know how abusive they can get! Ask me, I run www.bahaiawareness.com which asks serious questions to the Bahais and I know what kind of feedback I receive from them. I am happy to answer questions on the Bahai Faith. Do visit my web site www.bahaiawareness.com for more info on the true nature of the Bahai Faith Regards Imran Shaykh
  6. Dear brother: I could not find the word Baha in ziyarate jamea - I have not been through dua-e-arafah as yet, but I will. I reiterate, the concept of manifestation does not exist - not atleast the way the Bahais have put it. Just thought I would put it down so that the Bahais dont rejoice and start quoting this as the proof for Bahaullah! Given that we recognise that the Bahais are supported by Israel and that it is not a divine religion, one must pay attention to the deeper rationale for the appearance of this faith. Pay attention to how wahabism, qadianism and bahaism all came at the same time, albeit in different regions - middle east, india/pak and iran respectively - to split the Muslim community. All of them are well supported by the West - the Bahais in America and Israel, Saudi Family by the Americans and Qadianis by United Kingdom. The Bahais have usurped the position of the Mahdi just as it was done at the time of the death of the Holy Prophet of Islam when another person was reinstated as the caliph in place of Imam Ali (as). As regards the beliefs of the Bahais, consider the following beliefs which are sufficient to establish their position as disbelievers (as per Islam) 1. They believe that Quran is superceeded by another revelation 2. They do not accept the finality of Prophethood and Messengership of the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) 3. They deny namaz and the Day of Judegement (as it will occur) as per Islam 4. They have erred in their selection of the 12th Imam as the Mahdi. Needless to say there is a lot more. But this should be sufficient to establish what are their beliefs and the rationale for the same. Ws Imran
  7. Dear ShIaLeB: I sent you a list of books (most of which are Sunni books. Did you get a change to go through them. The books have the page numbers, volume number et all. They would go a long way in putting your doubts to rest and also fulfilling the requirement of getting traditions from Sunni books for the Mahdi. Secondly, for us, whether the tradition is from Ahlul Bayt (as) or the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is the same as the Ahlul Bayt said only what was came down to them from the Prophet who of course received his knowledge from Allah directly. Thirdly, even if the Prophet (pbuh) said something once, it carries the same importance - it is a tradition from the Prophet (pbuh). Period. It demands the same obedience as something he may have repeated multiple times. Also, the Ahlul Bayt (as) were the interpretors for the words of Allah and the Prophet - their traditions clarify what the prophet said and more importantly, they do not contradict the words of the Prophet. Lastly, there is no tradition which indicates the period of occultation in terms of its length - it is just noted that occultation will be a long one and one in which Shiahs will be persecuted; injustice will be rife and inequality will prevail. When the Mahdi arrives, all this will end for the Mahdi's revolution will bring about justice and equality. This is one of the most defining characteristic of the traditions of the Mahdi - he will fill the earth with justice and equality just as it will be rife with injustice and oppression. This is a measure by which one can evaluate whether any person claiming to be the Mahdi is a correct one or a fraud. And herein is a message for the Bahais in this forum. The Bab and Bahaullah have come and gone for more than 150 years. In this period, injustice and inequality have only gone up. Speak to any human and he will vouch for this fact. So, without evaluating other proofs like genealogy, long life, occultation (in all of which the Bab fails misearably) the Bab does not fulfill the basic "necessary and sufficient" condition for being the Mahdi - that if establishing justice in this world. Far from doing that, the Bab, bahaullah and their followers are the ones who are cribbing the most of injustice meted out to them. For more on the Bab v/s the Promoised Mahdi in Quran, please read: http://www.bahaiawareness.com/bab13.html Hope that clarifies the question. Regards, Imran Shaykh www.bahaiawareness.com
  8. 33:44 has no indication of any future prophet - as I had mentioned earlier, the Quran is a lot more deeper than just basing an entire concept on an ordinary translation. Pick up an Arabic lexicon and you will realise the depth of Arabic as a language. There is not even a hint of any future Manifestation. Forget about the hint - even the concept of manifestation does not exist in Islam. Prophet Mohammed tell us about future prophets - those who would make fraudulent claims. Can you tell us any one place where the word Adamic cycle exists from any - from any prophet? Bahaullah brings a new concept - makes his own claim and expects people to follow. You must be deluded. Regards,
  9. Some of the historians who have reported traditions about the long life of the Mahdi are given below: 1. Muntakhabul Asar, chapter 30, part 20, page 276 2. Kashful Mohajjah, part 79 3. Tazkeratul Khawas by Sibt Ibne Jawzi, page 377 4. Al Bayan Fee Akhbaare' Sahebaz Zaman, chapter 25 5. Al Mo'amaroon (entire book is on this topic) 6. Tafseerul Jawaher, volume 17, page 224 7. Izharul Haqq, volume 2, page 124 8. Mahdi Mau'ood Ala Rawani, page 585 9. Al Imam Al Mahdi Menal Mahde Ilaz Zohoor, page 353 10. Tarikhe Mo'rajuz Zahab by Masoodi, volume 1, 2 11. Isbatul Wasiyyah by Masoodi 12. Daad Gustare' Jahan, page 302 13. Kamaluddin, volume 2, chapter 52, page 549 14. Chehrae' Darakshane' Imame' Zaman (as), page 268 15. Ghabate' Tusi, page 81 16. Yaumul Khalaas, page 164 17. Kashful Ghummah, volume 3, page 333 18. Beharul Anwar, volume 51, page 263 A tradition from Imam Sadiq (as) informs us that Hazrat Nuh (as) was granted a long life so that it would serve as a proof for the long life of the Mahdi. Secondly, the long life of Hazrat Nuh (as) establishes that if Allah wishes, he can AND he has given life (more than the current age of Hazrat Mahdi (as)) to another person. In addition, the life of Hazrat Adam (as) was 930 years; the age of hazrat Shees (as) was 900 years. Hazrat Nuh (as) is one example amongst many. More proofs can be provided if required. Regards,
  10. Dear Mr. Bahai: You make it sound so simple! Thankfully our Quran is a lot more deeper than just referring to Mr. Pickthall's translation to comprehend the entire meaning of any verse. I can bet that forget about reading the Quran in Arabic, you do not even know the number of alphabets in Arabic. yet you make such a lofty conclusion and post it as if it were a foregone conclusion. The Bahais have a long history of misinterpreting verses - based on their translation alone. You can visit my web site www.bahaiawareness.com to know more about this. Inshallah, I will post a reply to this verse as well. In any case, my objective right now is not to reply to this verse. You made a very strong statement - Firstly, that the Mahdi of Islam has come and gone and that is the Bab. Could you provide even one single proof for that? Secondly, you said that Mohammed is a Manifestation from God. Please bring only one tradition from The prophet wherein he indicated this for his followers. Just one tradition. You also made a statement that bahaiawareness is full of lies. I am not surprised at this given that you are a Bahai. Only time will tell who lied and who spoke the truth. Regards, Imran Shaykh www.bahaiawareness.com
  11. Salaams: I am Imran Shaykh, the author of www.bahaiawareness.com. I saw a link to my web site from this forum so I decided to come here to check out the same. I went through the discussion so far and would like to clarify the following points. 1. Bahais are definitely kafirs - for the following reasons: a. They believe in the concept of Manifestations of God, which is totally aginst the concept of Tawheed. b. They do not accept the finality of Prophethood of the Holy Prophet of Islam. All Islamic sects are unanimous that the denial of the finality of the prophethood of the Holy Prophet of Islam is equivalent to kufr. 3. They deny the finality of the Quran and believe that the words of Bahaullah are superior to Quran despite all traditions to the contrary. 4. They deny physical resurrection. They believe that the world in which we are living in is the Heaven and Hell which is promised in Quran. Spiritual reward and punishment is what they believe in. Thus they deny Qiyamat and consequently, the words of Allah in Quran (close of 30% of Quran is about Qiyamat) and that of the Prophet and the Holy Imams (as). 5. They accept that Bahaullah is the "spiritual" return of Jesus Christ which again is contrary to the words of the Holy Prophet (saw) and the Imams (as) Please feel free to visit my web site www.bahaiawareness.com for more information on the Bahais and also for any questions that you may have. Regards Imran Shaykh Salaams brother: Bahais are not Ahle Kitab. When the flow of revelation ended with the Holy Prophet of Islam, then where is the question of a new sect which came more than 1200 years after the Holy Prophet to be classified as Ahle Kitab. in Quran, Ahle Kitab refers to the Jews and Christians. In another thread in the same discussion, I have clarified how the Bahais are kafirs as per Islamic definitions. Regards Imran Shaykh www.bahaiawareness.com Dear brother, Salaams: If you wish you can look up www.bahaiawareness.com for the origin of the Bahai Faith and its relation to Islam. Bahais came with an Islamic background, but then their beliefs are tantamount to kufr. Regards Imran Shaykh
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