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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. helloooo little one ...its me queenie-punks r not dead yet :)

  2. Forget the ladies, you could try doing an attitude self-check . In fact, we could all do that. Everyone's so busy with the twisted version of an ideal spouse that they forget the massive possibility that there maybe something they're doing wrong. I suggest an attitude make-over. Maybe then, 'humble' and 'religious' women would flock over for you.
  3. Try egg whites. They're very good and don't smell. Just dab it on your face with some cotton and stay still till your face explodes. Nah, Just wash your wash after it's all tight and dry.
  4. I wish I had tips for you but bleh. But I do suggest Mnemonics. For e.g.- I was doing this last night- I had to memory these abbreviations- ACR, which I converted to Aragon Can Run. Plus, SCP- Shia Chat Polls!! Take it a step further- I had to learn these points SMONFT-I converted it to Some Mother Of Nemesis Felt Tired. It's actually fun!! But don't pile it on the last day and as for your professor, I so get you. But study eh, and do your best!
  5. I think those elastic arm bands are usually used when females wear loose fitted sleeves(long ones) that expose the forearm during any movement. It's not ideal to wear it only with a 'top' . Lycra is an inappropriate choice if worn as single garment. You could always try layering.
  6. It's the regular abaya. Sometimes, I like to wear the manteau. Under certain circumstances, I wear the iranian chador, although that's rare.
  7. You ain't back yet :(

    I really wish your kid/s would grow up uber-fast!

  8. Neat! Now try with Arabic letters, shall we? :P Meth---someone's been smoking something :shifty:
  9. Someone pointed out the whole internet access issue which is 'spot on' in my case. Although, it's a problem when the reference work has to be done via internet, which inevitably leads to silly time-wastage. To avoid this, I'd once stuck post-it notes on my laptop screen wherein i'd personally written down msgs(beforehand) about studying and not sitting on the net, sort of a reminder to myself when nobody else is going to do that for you. Everyone's given fantastic suggestions so I only have one thing: If you're actually "studying" i.e. textbook stuff, you need to prepare the content map. What

    Have an awesome year!

  11. It's a thought but I'd hardly use that in my life.
  12. Well u found me aftawards .. So u can cancel ur plans of stalking me n do sumthing productive =P

  13. Aww... that is absolutely kind of you, Hun!

    I shall cut the cake on your behalf too :P

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