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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I met a swedish convert in Qom on hawza course this summer. I think there is some shia converts in Stockholm. Do you knowthe group Den Vantades Vanner? ww.dvv.se I'm sure there are some active converts in that community. I'm not convert myself, but I know aloooot of danish shia converts (over 20 sisters). My best friend is a danish convert and her husband is swedish convert. His brother has also converted to Islam. My sister in laws's mother is also a danish convert, but sunni, so my sister in law is half marrocan and half danish... and she has converted from sunni to shia. My sister is also married with a shia convert, but his african american. My neighbour is a convert too, but sunni. There are many converts in Copenhagen. You can't take a walk without seeing at least one mashaAllah.
  2. I'm sure kungfu is great, but I'm pretty satisfied with Taekwondo and are not going to start over with another martial art. At least not for now. Eid mubarak brother/sister.
  3. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Human beings are social beings and have needs. You just need to look up Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, and you will find out that basic needs include food and 'tenderness'. This is force of animal and human survival on this planet. It's God given needs, because they bear fruit in a persons life. We may not feel it's necessary, but Ahlulbayt (as) has tought us that a marriage will fulfill our religion because it gives so much in a persons life - if one marry the right person. I'm not married myself but I truly think this is the reality. I'm just curious. What would a reason be to not getting married? and what is the disadvantage in getting marriage? I mean a reason that is healthy and rewarding not only for a person himself but also for the ummah. I also find it important that the reason takes into account that Allah subhana wa Ta'ala did only create man and jin to worship Him, as stated in the Quran al Kareem. So our choices should reflect this view of life i.e. that we only do things fi sabilillah. So when we choose to get married we do it in the name of Allah, and when we choose not to do then it's also fi sabilillah. I would appreciate a reason that is based on this view of life. I hope you don't find my words judgemental, because it's not my intention. My post are not directed at the beloved sister you have mentioned, but are just in general. The sister seems to be religious, may Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala bless her. Wa assalam
  4. Assalamu aleikum sister True to tradition there is no taekwondo classes for only women, that would be only in muslim communities for muslim women, so I thought that someone might have heard of it, if there was any. But I appreciate your suggestion sister. I think that would be my last option. Wa assalam
  5. Even if you have residence permit in the country and not just travel visas? Is there no exceptions if one has been active in the country like been studying hawza etc.? Wa assalam, your sister. Wa aleikum assalam brother Mohammed Håber du hittar forummet lærerigt bror. I suppose you are already familiar with "dvv"? Wa assalam
  6. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh First of all Eid Mubarak to all of you my brothers and sisters. My question is... Do you know if it's possible to join the iranian army when one is not an iranian citizen?
  7. Assalamu aleikum Baraka Allahu feeki sister. I will certainly take texas into consideration. Please brothers and sisters, if you have other suggestions don't hesitate. I need as many ideas as possible. Wa assalam
  8. We also call it somali khimar. Very comfortable and good covering hijab. Do you know somali 'abaya? The closed 'abaya that you can tie behind the neck. Also very comfortable and practical 'abaya. I used to wear it, but mostly in muharram..until my rabbit bit a hole in it.
  9. (salam) Such a good point! I remember a psychologist who talked about exactly the same. She said that sometimes physical violence is an expression of frustrations and powerlessness, the human way reacting in such situations. The case you mention here is an classic example of how a man (or a woman) can get frustrated and respond by using his/her hands....like kids when they don't feel they can communicate verbally. Mind you, it doesn't excuse the action, but there is no reason to make the husbands as if they were the shayateen and the wives as the poor ones who just didn't do anything at all; were just sitting and doing nothing but got beaten anyway by the psycho husbands. I mean, I think the reality is more nuanced than this, in most cases. A survey from UK has shown that there are more men in UK that gets beaten by their wives than vice versa, so we sisters have no reason at all to feel entitled or feel that we have patent on this problem. I don't have the survey online because it was mentioned in the class. We had about socially disadvantages men. And I can tell that men who gets beaten by their wives is definitely a bigger problem because unlike women, it's taboo to talk about, so they normally don't get any help. May Allah Ta'ala protect us from these problems.
  10. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

  11. (salam) Hijab is not only a piece of cloth, but a whole aure, even the way you carry yourself... It should express simplicity, harmony, piety and pureness. I understand that there is different styles and ways wearing it, but I don't think it should be a fashion thing, which it does when it contains festive colours, contains several layers of scarves (as if it's comfortable), looks like a camel's hump etc. and people afterall pays attention to you because of it. I just think it loses its value, just like when you wear make-up and tight clothes with it. Keep it simple. As a true muslimah, you are beauty itself :)
  12. If it's online shopping: http://www.shukr.co.uk :)
  13. Alsalam alikum,

    how are you, dear sister?

    I want to know about Shia community in Denmark if you don't mind telling me a bit about it, please.

  14. Alsalam alikum,

    how are you, dear sister?

    I want to know about Shia community in Denmark if you don't mind telling me a bit about it, please.

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