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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hoooo!! So desu ka na!!!


    You still come here???? Why so...

  2. Salam, With the current frequency that I have been coming here, it might be years before anyone sees another post from me. But will try to come more often. A complete education system would focus on things that Ahul Bayt and Quran have highlighted to be important. For example, to be a complete human being which is the first step to reach before you can transcend to perfection, one needs to define those variables that will lead to completion and hence to the perfection of being. Chances are unlikely either one of these systems was designed with all those variables in mind. Having said that, these alternative systems does open one's mind to accept or think outside the box as to how education / schooling could potentially be reenvisioned. Hopes this makes sense. Wasalam.
  3. AOA, I am wondering if any body has any kind of knowledge about Islamic Educational Systems or educational system / models in general and where can i get more information that i can read or listen to lectures about it? I am not looking for educational system or models that are already out there. I can google them and have already. I am familiar with both montessori and waldrof/steiner schooling models that are very different from what is generally accepted as educational model which is a traditional model. Does anyone have any ideas about what an Islamic Educational Model should look like? I am looking for meaningful discussion and wondering anyone else has similar interests as well who would be willing to share ideas. wasalam.
  4. Salam, She has some interesting thoughts with which I agree. But not all. For example, she is giving us a non conventional system of education and telling us a bit about it which is called steiner / waldrof schooling. There are similar schooling system that are very similar, for example montessori is also very similar in nature. but both of them are not complete in any sense , however they are better than traditional schooling in many ways. check out the following Islamic School based out of Dallas, TX called wisdom academy. www.wisdomacademy.net
  5. salam, darood bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  6. those not familiar with technology can say that bloggers can revote and revote.... I work in the search engine industry and we have potential ways of figuring out if the person that clicked was the same person or not.... infact it is not even rocket science either... very easy to use and figure out........ ! sigh................. when will we be able to realize it technology is far more superior then what an average man thinks it can do! I blame this ignorance to lack of knowledge!
  7. Salam, Interesting points over all... something i would like to add is that everytime before going to bed ask them what the usools are, what are the furre deen, who are the panjetans, how many masooms, how many imams and what are the names of the imams. obviously ease into it. but if u repeat it every nite they will never forget who they really are especially when living in a western society!
  8. Arreeeyyyy mera bhai shaheed ho gaya..... mubarrak ho shahadat pane par......... dude i need to talk to u... willl call u sometime soon....... i am in desperate need to talk to you. I am kinda in trouble..... [Edited Out]
  9. hmmm...... interesting discussion.... i will pose my questions later! Nevertheless i will monitor this thread!
  10. Allama Majlisi I think ! This doesnot in anyway mean that since we are ready to walk on mines necessarily say that we are ready! I think that is a superficial analysis of the situation! I dont want to say anything more... besides like someone pointed out... we fail to see the Imam due to the fact we are not pious even though he is among us! Dont know if that is goin to happen anytime soon!
  11. Salam, Everyone seems to have an opinion on when Al Mahdi (as) will come. You can post tons of signs that these signs have been fulfilled and his arrival is close! But I on the other hand measure his arrival or shall I say, his occulation ending would be based on the following: Surah 13:11 For his sake there are angels following one another, before him and behind him, who guard him by Allah's commandment; surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition; and when Allah intends evil to a people, there is no averting it, and besides Him they have no protector. And when we are ready for his arrival.... he shall come out of his occulation! Until this one key ingredient is missing.. he shall not come.... but this is my opinion! Allah Knows Best! May He reappear Soon!
  12. http://www.zabihah.com/comp_blog_entry.php?entry_id=39
  13. chingari

    Muslim Jeans

    what is so offensive about this. I see nothing bad in it.
  14. chingari

    Muslim Jeans

  15. Education and working are two different things! So basically it should be two questions not one! Is there any doubt as to the importance of education regardless of sex? Its pretty natural, they probably come from conservative societies and it is a very big change to move to another country and not to mention the language, cultural differences are completely different. It is natural to be very protective of your family and loved ones. Its very easy to judge from outside and think what in the world are these people doing, but unfortunately we forget that it is a big change for them! This would only be possible if they come from a very conservative society , thus promoting the need of having muslim especially shia schools / high schools! umm every thing in this world is organized as a natural curve. So i wouldnt doubt that ppl like these exist, but they should be very few in number! There could be many reasons why someone would feel this way. 1- They are very afraid of the american society and have had a rough time in their lives. 2- They dont have any purpose or aim in life. This usually happens when they dont have direction in life and have very low decision making power. If it is the second part , then it is a matter of time that they will start to develop decision making power! When a human being starts seeing that due to his/her actions they will remain hungry , be shelterless etc, basically their very survival in this world is becoming hard then it opens eyes and they start getting their act together. Best thing is to advice these kind of people to realize this issue and what will happen if they dont work, the faster they realize it , the faster they will start working. Seems like some one hates men or doesnt like the male dominated world ;) anywayz, umm lack of direction in life :dry: And the same could be said, if a woman goes to work she might have a car accident and die and she might not be around for the man but this argument can go both ways! What you are trying to point out is having a contingency plan, really one cannot plan for everything in life, although some preparation can be made! Its sad if people do that, but if this really is the case then it further strengthens my belief in having shia schools all around the country. As far as what will happen to them if men die in their family, oh well human being makes adjustment according to circumstances and i am sure they will make adjustments. FLIP SOME BURGERS ! Like i said you cant plan for everything in life, just be prepared to handle different situations whether you are highly educated or not , be prepared to handle different things in life and being able to cope with them! So educated ppl are just dumb ! They could even get a PHD and still be dumb as hell ;) Education is no doubt very important especially for the women, i cant vouch the same for working unfortunately!
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