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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, The cyber world can be taken as just another Dajjal which is absorbing so many of our youth into unimaginably sick engagements, spiritual illnesses, troubles and so on... It's one the major things that our community (as Muslims) must be aware of or made aware of. As adults many of us may know that there's just NO REASON to trust ANYONE online (to provide personal info)... adolescents and kids however are not able to understand this. They come into talks of these experienced online predators and do what not. They're easily deluded to believe what they're online friends tell them, and do
  2. How are those members supposed to set an example by not participating?? (you won't even know that they exist) Sure... I have myself known some people who have stopped coming on the site as regularly as they used to before. However one needs to understand that.... Shiachat is an online Shia community... a problem that is within this community, is therefore every SHIA's problem. This is not a personal issue! Each of us has a duty towards any problem in our society. (If you see the problem that is... and yes, it is a huge problem) And no, there are not a "few" unappropriate topics/posts, it's bec
  3. Great points Br. Shabbir.HasanAlly! Jazakallah! Our society has this problem of worshipping just any person who comes in front of the people, utters some hadith, and verses from the Quran. If people get the kind of majlis/lecture that they want/like or "woo to" ,that's it, they're happy... they don't care whether that particular person deserved to sit on the mimbar of the Prophet or not. So pathetic! In actuality Islam just isn't as important to many as other worldy affairs, as you mentioned.... people would make sure they're going to the right doctor, but it does'nt matter to them if a spea
  4. Beautiful Indeed! May Allah increase His bounties on her...
  5. Haha.. exactly.... Friendship with a nonmahram, which constitutes, talking unneccessary, joking, sharing personal info etc... is totally totally haram,... and when a girl is doing that, she absolutely has no right to complain people bothering her. If our girls have learnt anything and anything at all from Sayedatun nisail alameen, Hz. Fatematuz-Zahraa SA, they would never ever step into such nonsense, neither allow "pervs" to do so.
  6. Would you please check your inbox? Please...

  7. walykum sallam sis i try not to but gcse maths is just soo hard when you have all the other workk in ur mind inshallah do pray forme take care sallams

  8. sallams siss thankss 4 the hellp woith mathhs i finnaly understod it i just forgot 2 aaddd the brackets:$ thanks once again take care sallams

  9. Wassalaam... ur welcome. That's fine...

  10. Thanks for the comment, i'v only checked it today lol

  11. http://www.qomicis.com/english/ --centre for International students.
  12. Yes, there are many accounts of events after Karbala in this book (author is Sheikh Abbas Qummi). It also talks about how Hz. Mukhtar takes revenge over each of them. (May Allah increase the curse upon them) http://www.maaref-foundation.com/english/l...afasul_mahmoom/ There is another book called Maqtal al-Husain: Martrydom Epic of Imam al-Husain ('a) and the author is 'Abd al Razzaq al-Muqarram. http://al-islam.org/staging/maqtal/ You are right about what you say. It's very strange indeed..... I wonder how can the pains and sufferings upon Imam Hussain not awaken a person's heart? And how c
  13. Like we all know -- Every Day is Ashura, Every Land is Karbala..... This means that unles and until Yazeediyat has not ended Karbala continues. Who was Yazid? The one who snatched the veils from the heads of the Ladies of Ahlulbayt. ---- What do you say about our own women who take off their veils with their own hands? The one who would use the verses of the Quran to say things he wanted to! -- What about the people of today who exploit the Quran in any way they want to prove their point--which is so Haram. The other things we commonly know about him as an alcoholic, aldulterer etc... any of
  14. Thanks for providing the links. Please remember to keep informing. He will be in the Husayniyah in Toronto INSHALLAH from the first of Rabi-ul-awwal. (which is 9th March - 17th March) Live broadcast will be available at : www.husainiyah.org For timings and more information please look at the website. May Allah give him a long long life!!!!!
  15. A book about the development of Shi'a hadith - Outlines of the Development of the Science of Hadith
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