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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's allowed. There is no question about it.
  2. "Hussein is from me and I'm from Hussein, may Allah loves WHOEVER loves Hussein" That's what the prophet says. Yazid says La Ilaha Illa Allah, but he's responsible for killing the Imam. I respect a Sikh for crying for Imam Hussein, and I don't like a Wahabi that shuns the tears.
  3. Oh my god. What in the world are you talking about? A non-seyed male can't marry a seyed female? Are you crazy? have you gone mad? I know that a seyed or seyeda have lineage to the prophet, but they're like you and me. They do good, and they do bad. idk what your references are on those Scholars, but if they did say it's haraam for a non-syed to marry a seyed, then I don't regard them as scholars.
  4. How could the argument of "Have our Imams done it?" not work. Do we not follow them? Are they not our example? With all do respect, I disagree with you on what you said, because we as shias follow the Imams actions, we are their followers after all. I don't care about Wahaabis and if they like us or not. It's irrelevant to what I'm trying to say. I don't want to satisfy anybody but Allah, his messenger, and the ahlulbait by what I'm saying. Imagine this, you open the USA today, and there are a couple of 10 year olds with bloody heads, the headline reads "MASS CELEBRATION AS SHIAS COMMEMORATE
  5. Inna lillah wa Inna lehu rajioon. Tatbeer huh. I wonder what Imam Hussein would say if he was looking at his shia splicing their heads and not focusing on his message. I wonder how many Imams did Tatbeer? NONE. Doesn't that tell you something? Isn't there some kind of hint in them not doing it? The greatest show of sorrow is crying, and that's what they did. And who ever said that Zainab(as) did tatbeer? didn't Imam Hussein tell her not to slap her face after his death? how can he allow her to do tatbeer let alone slap her face? No wonder we shias are ridiculed, we still haven't woken up. Hade
  6. (salam) No offence bro, but it doesn't sound like you're Iraqi. The Suicide bombings that go on are from Wahaabis mostly(i.e. alqaeda), since Shia blood is halaal to them and they hate Americans, then why not degnate a car on a busy street? Also there are a few Saddam loyalists that are doing this. And no, Iraqis were not free b4 America came. It's true what you say about there were no bomb blasts, and there were no demonstrations; but here's the reason why, THEY COULDN'T, any one who is suspected of talking against the governmen is off to jail in a hand basket. The Shias are blaming
  7. That's completely wrong. Shias don't believe such a thing. There's only one Quaran. ONLY ONE VERSION
  8. (salam) You see, we muslims believe that our faith goes along great with science, after all, God wants us to see things logically. We don't go with blind faith. The atom is mentioned in the Quran hundreds of years before any one could even think of such a thing.
  9. By the way, what denomination are you?
  10. ok, so what if it sounds like a nuclear weapon? The Big Bang Theory is in the Quaran. And a lot of things are in the Quran.
  11. Would you be kind and tell me how many versions of the Bible there are? and how many versions of the Quaran there are? And since when you know so much about Shia Muslims? For your information, Shias do read the Haadith (the reliable kind). Who told you this filth that we don't read haadith? Watch your mouth wine boy :angry:
  12. Halalooooya brother. Praise the lord.....God, not Jesus.
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