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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam Sister, An unrelated question, how do you write so well (mashallah!). I used to be able to write very well descriptively but since I left uni and started working, my writing style has changed to be very abrupt and to the point. Feel free to PM if you feel comfortable to avoid de-railing this thread. Thank you.
  2. Salaam, Thank you very much for all the replies. Jazakallah.
  3. Walekum salaam. Thanks for such a detailed response. What I understand from your reply is that you need to get married as : Your hormones are out of balance and you need to rebalance themHave loads of kidsNew challenges, tests etc which you pass to set an example to future generations. I don't quote see how that is reaching closeness to God and hereby completing half your been? Surely the latter two points are directly as a result of the marriage and they would happen anyways. As for the first point, I may not directly agree with the hormones part but lets not discuss the satiation of one's physical needs as I respectfully want to keep this discussion spiritual. I am trying to understand how does getting married bring you close to God when you believe that you are doing just fine anyways. Thanks!
  4. How is that completing half of your faith when you're doing that already?
  5. Salaaam, So what does it mean to you when the Prophet pbuh said that marriage is completing half of your faith? I have been pondering about this heavily and have realised (with utmost humility), I am religious enough to carry on my day to day activities as I pray 5 times a day, have tawqa, constantly reflect upon my deeds, implement justice in my life, go to majalis etc etc. So why do i need to get married to get closer to God? What am I missing here??! What did you guys derive from marriage that made you more religious? I don't see anything that would make me do so. Thanks.
  6. Ki haal hai MurGHiijii?!

  7. Salamalaikum, I really respect Abu Lulu for killing our enemy. However i was wondering (from ur sig) whether if he has any religious significance please? Thanks!

    1. diracdeltafunc


      Kool. I didnt know he was a momin. I heard that he killed the dog due to personal revenge. Thanks!!

    2. diracdeltafunc


      Yep i trust Sheik Yassir too bro. Thanks for clearing that up. Jazakallah khair.

  8. Salamalaikum brother,

    1. diracdeltafunc


      Can i ask who is that sheikh in your display picture please?

    2. Abu Tufayl

      Abu Tufayl

      Walaikumus salaam,

      It is Shaheed Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr ÑÍãå Çááøå

  9. Salaaaam alaikum brother. I am intrigued by your signature that Imam Ali a.s. followed the advise of Hz Khidr a.s. in the battle of Badr. Is there somewhere where i can read up about this please? JK.

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    2. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      this is what it says:

      In at-Tawhid it is reported that 'Ali (as) said: "One day I saw Khidr (as) in my dream before the battle of Badr and I said to him: 'teach me something that will protect me from the enemies' and he (Khidr) said: 'say, yaa huwa man la huwa illa huu' (O You besides Whom there is no one except You). So when I woke up, I narrated this to the Messenger (s) who told me: 'O 'Ali you have been taught a glorious name'. That is why this was...

    3. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      ...this was at the tip of my tongue on the day of the battle of Badr."

      The author says: Indeed, Amirul Mu'mineen ('Ali ibn Abi Talib) recited Qulhuwallah until the end (of the chapter) and then recited "yaa huwa man la huwa illa huu! Ighfirliy wansurni alal qawmil kafireen". (O You besides Whom there is no one except You. Protect me and help me from the disbelieving people)

    4. diracdeltafunc


      Subhanallah!!!! Thank u sooo much for that brother. Jazakallah khair! Ya Ali a.s. madad!

  10. I am disaapointed to be cursed by a fellow shia itna ashari brother. Why?

    1. diracdeltafunc


      and you called me a 'nasibi puppet'. Could you explain?

  11. A very though provoking thread on Khomenei saab bhaijaan. Mashallah.

    1. Maula Dha Mallang

      Maula Dha Mallang

      thanks bhaijaan.....sometimes i feel like im banging my head against a brick wall here!

  12. Wa `Alaykum Assalaam,

    al-Khomeini is talking about the nawaaSib and them being considered "najis". He said there is no daleel (proof) of them being najis, and he talks about those who fought Imaam `Alee, and then he says nawaaSib and those who fought were not najis, but they were "more malicious than dogs and pigs".

    1. diracdeltafunc


      Thanks for that bro!

  13. Salaam alaikum, Ya Ali a.s. madad!,

    Bro could you kindly translate the following quote of yours please :


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