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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, I'd prefer for someone to connect me with people they know as opposed to me looking up random names on the phone book.
  2. Salaam Alaikum, Looking to get in touch with Shias in Kentucky. Please post here or message me. Thanks!
  3. Salaam Alaikum, My organization is interested in getting the two week ad run on the shiachat website, but we were wondering if shiachat can design the banner for us? Is this included in the price or will it cost extra? You can directly PM me or respond to this thread and our organization will proceed accordingly. Thank you! Here is the information that we want supplied in the banner: Organization - Islamic Information Center Conference - ALIM Conference Dates: September 2 - 4, 2011, Labor Day weekend Location - Washington D.C. metro area, Bethesda, MD - Hyatt Here is the link: http://www.islamicinformationcenter.org/frontpage/front-page-items/american-leadership-initiative-for-muslims-convention-2011.html Also, we want the ad to link directly to the registration page: http://www.eventbee.com/v/alimconvention
  4. To the moderator: Can you please pin this at the top? If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence in your home, you are not alone. Even though most domestic violence occurs behind closed doors, it is common and probably affects people you know. The following is a list of domestic violence organizations that focus on South Asian and/or Muslim women. If there is no organization in the area you live in, there are other local organizations that can help you. If there is an emergency, please contact 911 immediately. ALABAMA AshaKiran, A Ray of Hope P.O Box 12311. Huntsville, AL 35815 Phone: 256-698-4446; Ashaline (Hope line): 256-509-1882 Email: asha117@gmail.com Website: www.ashakiran.com ARIZONA ASAFSF, Arizona South Asians for Safe Families P.O. Box 2748, Scottsdale, AZ 2748 Phone: 877-723-3711 E-mail: info@asafsf.org Website: www.asafsf.org CALIFORNIA Aasra 41835 Albrae St., Fremont, CA 94538 Phone: 510-657-1245 and 1246 (office), 1-800-313-ASRA (hotline) E-mail: asraa1@aol.com Website: www.sawnet.org/orgns/aasra.html Maitri 234 E. Gish Rd, Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95112 Phone: 408-436-8398 (office); 888-862-4874 (crisis) E-mail: maitri@maitri.org, staff@maitri.org Website: www.maitri.org Narika PO Box 14014, Berkeley, CA 94712 Phone: 510-444-6068 E-Mail: narika@narika.org Website: www.narika.org Sahara 17918 S. Pioneer Blvd Suite 204, Artesia, CA 90701 Phone: 562-402-4132 (office), 1-888-724-2722 (hotline) E-Mail:saharaorg@yahoo.com South Asian Network 18173 S Pioneer Blvd, Suite 1, 2nd floor Artesia, CA 90701 3465 West 8th St. Los Angeles, CA 90005 Phone: 213-480-9632; 1-800-281-8111 (Helpline); E-Mail: saninfo@southasiannetwork.org Website: www.southasiannetwork.org CONNECTICUT Sneha P.O. Box 271650, W. Hartford CT 06127-1650 Phone: 1-800-58-SNEHA (hotline for CT only), 860.658.4615 E-mail: sneha@sneha.org Website: www.sneha.org FLORIDA No More Tears (NMT) Project 1234 S. Dixie Hwy #332 Coral Gables, FL 33146 Phone: 305-439-4685 SAHARA of South Florida 10290 NE Second Avenue. Miami Shores, FL 33138 Helpline 1-866-567-7635 Email: info.at.saharafl@gmail.com Website: www.saharafl.org GEORGIA Raksha PO Box 12337, Atlanta, GA 30355 Phone: 404-876-0670 (office); 404-842-0725; Fax: 404-876-4525 E-mail: raksha@raksha.com Website: www.raksha.org ILLINOIS Apna Ghar 4753 North Broadway, Suite 632, Chicago, IL 60640 Phone: 773-334-0173, 773-334-4663 (crisis), 1800-717-0757 E-mail: info@apnaghar.org Website: www.apnaghar.org Hamdard Center 228 E. Lake St. Suite 300, Addison IL 60101 Phone: 630.835.1432/ 630-860-9122; Fax: 630-835-1433 E-Mail: admin@hamdardcenter.org Website: www.hamdardcenter.org MARYLAND ASHA - Asian (Women’s) Self-Help Association PO Box 2084, Rockville, MD 20847-2084 Phone: 202-207-1248 E-mail: coordinator@ashaforwomen.org Website: www.ashaforwomen.org Counselors Helping Asian Indians (CHAI) 4517 Redleaf Court, Ellicott City, MD 21043 Phone: 410-461-1634 Ext. 2 E-Mail: raziakosi@chaicounselors.org Website: www.chaicounselors.org MASSACHUSETTS SAHELI PO Box 1345, Burlington, MA 01803 Phone: 1-866-4SAHELI E-Mail: ushavakil@aol.com Website: www.saheliboston.org Asian Task Force P.O. Box 120108 Boston, MA 02112 Hotline: 617.338.2355 Office Telephone: 617.338.2350 MICHIGAN Michigan Asian Indian Family Center 32401 West 8 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 48152 Phone: 248-477-4985 (office), 1-888-664-8624 (hotline) Email: info@maifs.org Website: www.maifs.org MINNESOTA Asian Women United of Minnesota 24 hour hotline: 651-646-22261 NEW JERSEY Manavi PO Box 3103, New Brunswick, NJ 08903 Phone: 732-435-1414 E-Mail: manavi@manavi.org Website: www.manavi.org NEW YORK Islamic Center of Long Island, Domestic Harmony Project 835 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury, NY 11590 Phone: 516-333-3495 Email: 1icli@optonline.net Website: www.icliny.org Sakhi for South Asian Women PO Box 20208, Greeley Square Station, New York, NY 10001-0006 Phone: 212-714-9153; Helpline No.: 212-868-6741 E-mail: contactus@sakhi.org Website: www.sakhi.org SAATHI of Rochester P.O. Box #92 East Rochester, NY 14445-9998 Phone- 585-234-1050 E-Mail: saathi_rochester@yahoo.com Website: www.saathiofrochester.org Turning Point for Women and Families, New York Tel: 718 883 9400 Email: info@turningpoint-ny.org NORTH CAROLINA KIRAN PO Box 3513, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3513 E-Mail: kiraninc@hotmail.com OHIO ASHA – Ray of Hope 583 Franklin Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 Phone: 614-326-2121 E-Mail: asha_rayofhope@sbc.global.net Website: www.asharayofhope.org OREGON South Asian Women’s Empowerment & Resources Alliance (SAWERA) P.O. Box 91242, Portland, OR 97291-0242 Phone: 503-641-2425; Help line: 503-778-7386 Email: sawera@sawera.org Website: www.sawera.org PENNSYLVANIA Service and Education for Women against Abuse (SEWAA) PO Box 1591, Havertown, PA 19083 Phone: 215-62-SEWAA E-Mail: sewaa@sewaa.net Website: www.sewaa.net TEXAS Asians Against Domestic Abuse PO Box 420776. Houston, Texas 77242 – 0776 Hotline: 713-339-8300, Email: info@addainc.org Website: www.aadainc.org Chetna P.O. Box 832802, Richardson, TX 75083 Phone: 1-866-410-5565 Email: chetna_dfw@yahoo.com Website: www.chetna-dfw.org Daya P.O. Box 571774, Houston, TX 77257 Phone: 713-981-7645 (work), 713-981-7645 (helpline) Email: manager_daya@yahoo.com Website: www.dayahouston.org Saheli PO Box 3665, 1806 S. 5th Street, Austin, TX 78764 Phone: 512-703-8745 E-mail: saheli@saheli-austin.org Website: www.saheli-austin.org Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation P.O. Box 831419 Richardson, TX 75083 Phone: 972-880-4192 www.tmwf.org tmwf@tmwf.org VIRGINIA Please see details under Maryland WASHINGTON D.C. Please see details under Maryland Asian Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP) 202 464 4477 info@dvrp.org Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center (LRC) 202 367 3099 District of Columbia Coalition Against Domestic Violence http://www.dccadv.org/ FAITH 703 437 1375 ambahmed@hotmail.com WASHINGTON Chaya P.O. Box 22291, Seattle, WA 98122 Phone: 206-568-7576 (office); 206-325-0325 (hotline) 1-877-922-4292 (toll free) E-mail: chaya@chaya.org Website: www.chayaseattle.org
  5. I go to a salon called Maria's, which is off of Boynton Beach Blvd. and Congress. If you go in the day time on a weekday, they hardly have any customers and there are no male hair stylists and there are no windows. Basically go west on Boynton and it is on your right (before Lawrence)
  6. You should probably contact the local MSAs at the schools there. Perhaps there are students and you can start a small Shia circle.
  7. Hey Salaam. There is a Shia Retreat coming up Nov 22-25 in South Florida. The cost is 185 for 4 days and 3 nights including lodging, food, and transportation from IJA in Miami. The location is in Parish, FL at the Day Spring Conference Center/Retreat. Hassanain Rajabali and Odeh Muhawesh will be leading discussions on Muslim Identity in the West and other topics. There will be open discussions, lectures, workshops, and sport activities. The ages are 15 and up. If interested, please message me and I can send you the registration form! Seating is limited!
  8. The group is in need of more members. Please join.
  9. I wear lots of eyemakeup at mosque events (all those eyeshadows are so pretty), otherwise natural makeup for everyday, like powder, light lipstick, and light blush
  10. I use Whole Foods Citrus Shampoo/Conditioner..no chemicals, safe for the environment, and all that good stuff
  11. salaam this group is only for women; if someone is willing to take charge, then he is free to open a divorced men's group. i've included women who are having marriage problems within the group because communicating with women who are divorced or soon-to-be divorced, may make them realize that there is an option to get out of a marriage if the spouse is unwilling to change his treatment towards his wife...it is also an opportunity to seek advice from a different perspective and are willing to talk about it.
  12. Salaam Alaikum, A new yahoo group has been started for Shia women who are going through a divorce, are separated, or are having marital problems. Its an opportunity for women to share, discuss, ask questions, and so forth in an anonymous and comfortable environment. Please join this group as it needs more members who can share their experiences and help other women. Thank you. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/divorcedshia/
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