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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thankyou for your advice. It will not be in my book. :) I know what it feels like for people to pibberpabber Christianity and not know it. You just feel like slapping those people.
  2. thankyou so much for your help. My story is in pre-production. Thankyou for correcting my facts, that gave me a better understanding of Islam. sorry about my paranoia of you guys....I had lack of sleep. I always get a little crazy when I have insomnia. my thoughts grow disorted and stuff. u guys are so nice!!
  3. Before i implement this into my story I want to check in with you guys first. If this turns out to be insulting to you please flame me all you want for I no way want to be disrespectful of a religion I highly admire. Please know that I am ignorant of most Islamic culture and I am only beginning to study it. I apologize in advance. But I am writing a book about dingoes...and am now developing the dingo nations in my head. The world to them is Australia and South Eastern Asia. And there are many nations in the two continents. One nation is like America, it is a democracy with (the moral values and implementation of the founding father's ideas: liberty, life and pursuit of happiness.) This America like nation is called Kakadu. It has a traditional Aboriginal religion, they praise Gimbaya, who they claim to be their creator...the great superior dingo being. (Human being, dingo being :blush: ) It is askew to represent Christianity sort of. Gimbaya is one god of dreamtime. Kakadu contains many different cultures including Boolomos. Kaakadu follows the law of the sires (created by its freedom loving founding dingo fathers) and they believe the whole world should follow the law of the founding fathers. The other land is called Djamara. Its dingoes have the religon of Warrigalism (which is askew toward Islam). The followers of Warrigalism are called Boolomos. Boolomos believe there creator (who I haven't named yet, lets just call him God for now) God. All of Djamara is a warrigalism nation. They follow the Messenjer (the chosen one) Djamu. Djamu was chosen by God to be his messenjer to spread his word and bring order to the world. (Mind, these characters are all dingoes.) This religion is called the "New Dingo Order" The followers of Djamu (boolomos) will go to paradise, a peace of happiness, peace, love and serenity. Djamu painted the Noble Holy Cavern, which depicts the word of God. Boolomos wash themselves in the river several times a day. They believe in purity, and Djamu was the purest one. Then they pray by singing beautiful songs to their deity. Their land follows the law of the Holy Noble Cavern (the laws depectied on the cavern). The law of the Holy and Noble cavern demands peace and order. And the Boolomos are a peaceful and great dingo beings. In the ancient days Djamu created the most powerful and civilized society. In modern days however, Kakadu is the most powerful society. They believe the whole world should follow the law of the Holy and Noble Cavern. (Dingoes don't have books they just paint on caves for compositions.) The Djamrans are a kingdom, and the Kakaduans are a democracy. The Djamarans are a good dingoes, and they think the Kakaduans are bad dingoes. The Kakaduans are good dingoes, and they think the Djamarans are bad dingoes. There is a culture clash between them. If you find this offensive, I wil ABSOLUTLY POSITIVELY NOT put it in my book. Infact I'll put it clear out of my head and into the trash bin!!! You can flame me to pieces and ban me from this forum if there is a need. I just want you to know I am very ignorant of Islam and I do not wish to offend ANYBODY or GOD at all! The offence is out of ignorance, not of purpose. Be honest. I am only trying to write a story. And the descriptions of the nations are very recessive in it.
  4. how will Osama bin Laden spend his eternity? I know many people think different. I would say infinity milleniums of community service and listening to the Black Eye'd Peas "Where is the love" every minute of every day. how do you think he will?
  5. Teaching us to love one another as brothers as Jesus did is not the work of the devil.
  6. Tolerance is a treasure that few have and hold. But it is accesssible to everyone. www.tolerance.org
  7. wow. that was beautiful. absolutly beautiful. I ordered Mary in Islam book from Amazon.com but it never came. :o I had a dream where the blessed mother appeared to me once. I was drowning in deep water and out of nowhere came a voice that said "FEAR NOT. I WILL SEND YOU A MIRACLE." It was the only part of my dream that I remember. I have a Mary shrine only an hour away. There many peeps have seen the miracle of the sun, smelled the scent of strong roses, and seen tears come from the Virgin's eyes. I feel like Our Lady of America wants me to do something for the children of the world. I've drempt about it for ages but never really got down to it. If only Our Lady would just pop down one day and tell me what she wants me to do exactly. Then I wouldn't have to make so many mistakes and sloth. :(
  8. RuQaYaH - I love your siggy. It is so powerful and true.
  9. in heaven there are no bombs, no guns, no diseases!!! Muhammed never killed the innocent. Genocide is not the answer terrorists and murders, brothers I wish you would just stop! I wish I could tell the world...everythings going to be alright. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  10. I would'n t stick up for that freak who made the cartoons but I won't stick up for violence either. You can't make peace by chaos. Violence never solves anything. We are all brothers in the eyes of God. I feel sorry for my brother who drew those pictures. I feel sorry that he had such an off-course life, and that he couldn't know what a great guy God is. salaam
  11. What do you think about the Virgin Mary? I've heard many beliefs. But I remember crying infront of her statue - then feeling utter serenity as my crying stopped - and then I felt two arms wrap around me. I dunno if that was Mary or psychosis - but it was pretty cool. I developed an obbsession with her, after I so humbly asked her to help me. She brought me peace and joy. I have a statue of her in my room. She's quite contrary alright!! what do you think of the virgin mary?
  12. don't bring yourself down to the murder's level.
  13. taliban is not nice people. How do people get so mean? :(
  14. hey my aunt (who is christian) had a life after death experiance where she went to heaven then came back. she was a flatline. I read the book 90 minutes in heaven and there was a christian guy who went to a christian heaven then came back very in touch with God. However, I've only heard of one incident where an Islamic person went to heaven. The only reason why I haven't heard anything is because I don't read that often about miracles of other religions. Actually he was half christian and half islamic, he saw Muhammed, the Jesus, then Muhammed, then Jesus and eventually followed Jesus. I was wondering if Islamic people have life-after death experiances and what they're like. thanks.
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