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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Oh Abbas! You have your father’s eyes. Oh Abbas! I’ve seen them filled with tears, Of a blood-red moon Sobbing in the sky. I’ve seen them laugh, The angel-white moon Of your holy brother’s love. But roar now, Lion cub! Roar! Oh Abbas! The thirst can't touch them now. We bear witness on that final day, You are your father’s heart!
  2. Wait until you are old. Then people will assume you know what you are talking about.
  3. I wanted to be a doctor. I became a doctor. I retired aged 26 and took up a different career.
  4. Salaam and thanks for the answers. What is Hawza? What is the traditional way?
  5. Salaam everyone, How can I become a trained Shia cleric? Is it hard? Does it take a long time? Do I need to go to university? Is it possible in the U.K.? Any help would be wonderful, thanks. Wasalaam?
  6. That's why I never look away. You gotta make the first look count.
  7. Salaam. Thank you very much. Blessings to you. I hope someone can expand the meanings to explain the specific meanings and importance.
  8. Did the original post mention cravings? I think it was just a question. Wasalaamu aleykum
  9. Only Allah knows what was in your heart and what was your intention. I believe the Islamic day starts/ends at Maghrib (though I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong) - 12am is a man-made construct. p.s. good job doing all your prayers in the end, that must have been hard. Wassalamu aleykum.
  10. Those dudes seem really happy though.
  11. Salaam, experts and sisters and brothers. Please can you explain to me what is ثنا ? Thanks very much. Wassalamu aleykum.
  12. Wow, Iran looks amazing. I'm even tempted to sort our my military service and visit.
  13. I don't know the answer, but I'm shocked that you might put "what will people say" ahead of your daughter's happiness. Wassalamu aleykum
  14. We celebrated today in the masjid, with plenty of Ibadat. insha'Allah it will be a good year for everyone. Wassalamu aleykum
  15. This thread is funny. All I know is I wish I had the chance to travel to my motherland freely - which I don't. wassalam aleykum
  16. Salam, sister. Thank you for sharing these deep and intimate situation. It must have been hard for you. What you have said is a story of the past. What you don't say is what you want to achieve, this would be a better place to start. For example: I want to know who my mother is, because I...<enter your own information>. Otherwise what is the point of anything, you just linger on in the past. InshaAllah you will find what you seek.
  17. Well, I know a friendly old dude who murders his own chickens in his back garden. But I guess I am more trusting. If it says "halal", I take refuge with the Lord and go for it.
  18. There is plenty of legit halal meat in the United Kingdom, please let me know if you have trouble finding it, depending on where you live. (private message if you prefer).
  19. Salam, brother. I agree with you, it is equally damaging. But to not understand the point is simply naive. It exists for the sole purpose of selling things: clothes, perfumes, cars, etc. etc. etc. While it is successful in selling things, it will continue and grow.
  20. Have you mentioned the brother who chased the gunman away from the second mosque... WITH A CREDIT CARD MACHINE?! "Actually, I didn't save them. Allah, God, saved them." Mashallah! https://amp.rnz.co.nz/article/23c17dd3-20c7-487c-abe8-ef9ad413df42?
  21. Mashallah, beautiful dream. I have no idea what it means, but it's beautiful. Wassalamu aleykum.
  22. Major video sites are rushing to remove the video or any other non-newsworthy content.
  23. I just read the article. Wow, that guys folded his hands when he prayed! I would never advise anyone does that, even Maliki Sunnis pray with their hands by their sides. Also as @eThErEaL said... I discovered a neat thing too. In Baqi where the 4 Imams are buried (Peace upon them all), you basically can't stand their for any period of time for prayers. I like to recite Al-Fatihah and other surahs in memory of the deceased, and it takes me 3 minutes or so. I wanted to do it 4 times while standing there, but you get moved on by the (rather aggressive) guard-looking police people. Y'Allah Hajji, Y'Allah Hajji they just bleat at you. Just next door, there is a massive sign that describes the things that you are not allowed to do by the graves. It's insane, I'll try and find a picture of it online and add it... attached. Commentary below. Amazing, right! I need to quote from it, because it is quite amazing in some places. Under "Forbidden Acts" (3rd bullet) you have "Reciting Qur'an, such as Al Fatiha and Ya-Seen" AMAZING!!!!! They have made reciting the Qur'an haram! Al Fatihah no less. Haraam. What next Ayatul Kursi haraam? La Illah Ha Il Allah also haram? Incredible. The really great thing about this poster is that it is so long. Is it getting bigger every year? I swear it is as they discover more things to make haraam and more ways to takfir us. Because it is so long you can stand there for a long time and it is right next to the graves of the 4 Imams!!! (peace upon them), so start reciting whatever you like for the Imams and every time the guard shouts "Yallah Hajjiii!!!" at you, point to the sign like you are reading it to get the really fine details of their absurd doctrines. The fact you are moving your lips just helps. Mash'Allah! ws
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