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  1. Tell him, mother! Tell him now! Tell him you forbid it, right away. I don’t care what grandpa says— You know father will just agree. Isn’t it bad enough how we suffer? Grandpa is sick and I see the crows The ravens mutter and the vultures circle. I swear it mother, they mean us harm. Yet father just spends day and night in prayer— He’s looking tired. And when I beg him, He tells me God knows best. Mother, how can I rest like this? I’ve seen those horrors Time after time in dreams. I’ve heard those screams, And seen those thirsty faces. They thirst for justice. They thirst for water, mother! I beseech you, Oh mother! My child! Oh the light of my eye! I'm not long with you here. I'll follow my father to the best place. The place where I am queen. You think my heart isn’t broken too? To send my dearest son to that place? Think not of these things now— You are a child. Play with your brothers, They need their sister now. For while they are princes now, Know this well: These men are not of this earth. God has purified them And steadied their hand— They live for special terrible purpose. He is a king, your brother, you know, A king among kings, even. Not just the prince of the hereafter. We must let him go. We must keep steady his path To that barren desert place. I’ve seen too That wretched blood-soaked earth. The screams of children, The thirst of the pious. You must let him go. And you must go with him. Yes, you must go with him, my dear. Your greatest work lies in those days That follow the pain you’ve seen. Your name will forever be met with fear. With a glimpse of the power of woman! In this filthy world of men. After all, my darling, The Message rests in you, As much as your brothers. You are half Messenger yourself! And there is no less in you, Zainab, my dear, The Lion That is in your brother, Hussain.
  2. Oh Abbas! You have your father’s eyes. Oh Abbas! I’ve seen them filled with tears, Of a blood-red moon Sobbing in the sky. I’ve seen them laugh, The angel-white moon Of your holy brother’s love. But roar now, Lion cub! Roar! Oh Abbas! The thirst can't touch them now. We bear witness on that final day, You are your father’s heart!
  3. Wait until you are old. Then people will assume you know what you are talking about.
  4. I wanted to be a doctor. I became a doctor. I retired aged 26 and took up a different career.
  5. Salaam and thanks for the answers. What is Hawza? What is the traditional way?
  6. Salaam everyone, How can I become a trained Shia cleric? Is it hard? Does it take a long time? Do I need to go to university? Is it possible in the U.K.? Any help would be wonderful, thanks. Wasalaam?
  7. That's why I never look away. You gotta make the first look count.
  8. Salaam. Thank you very much. Blessings to you. I hope someone can expand the meanings to explain the specific meanings and importance.
  9. Did the original post mention cravings? I think it was just a question. Wasalaamu aleykum
  10. Only Allah knows what was in your heart and what was your intention. I believe the Islamic day starts/ends at Maghrib (though I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong) - 12am is a man-made construct. p.s. good job doing all your prayers in the end, that must have been hard. Wassalamu aleykum.
  11. Salaam, experts and sisters and brothers. Please can you explain to me what is ثنا ? Thanks very much. Wassalamu aleykum.
  12. Wow, Iran looks amazing. I'm even tempted to sort our my military service and visit.
  13. I don't know the answer, but I'm shocked that you might put "what will people say" ahead of your daughter's happiness. Wassalamu aleykum
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