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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. qiyas is drawing pictures of imams (as), so usoolis are not ones to talk, also qiyas is giving youre own opinions and fatwas etc......however talking with someone whose heart has been sealed is truly a waste of time ;) then why has Allah warned uthman (la) at the start of surah abasa?
  2. well if Allah is mentioning it in the quran, then there must be some significance to it, however there are millions of hadeeths with me right now on different verses, if I post them from sunni references the argument will be ended :)
  3. says who?........I think you better take after youre name and stay in youre little world..........by the way I dont believe in taqleed so dont give me a name, I only care about ahlul bayt (as) and quran, and from Quran and ahlul bayt (as) ali yun wali ullah is absolutely necessary in namaaz..........
  4. Since youre question was extremely broad, I have tried to keep it as short as possible, there are far too many hadeeths with regards to ali ibne abi taalib (as) being the wali of Allah, however the following references are from sunni books, so if nasibis are saying that this verse was for Ali (as) how can you guys calling yourselves "shias" deny Ali (as) is the wali of Allah, remember Ali (as) said ana salatul momin, I am the salat of a momin :) Verses proving that 'Ali is the Wali of Allah (answering-ansar.org) [shakir 5:55] Only Allah is your Vali and His Messenger and those who believe, tho
  5. it doesnt matter what sistani has said since its quran and ahlul bayt (as) by the way I would just like to say that taqleed comes from sunnism, I have a book with me to prove it, it is all analogy and personal opinion, to say ali yun wali ullah is wajib ion tashahud adhan and iqamah , youre question was which hadeeth proves it, my question is which hadeeth doesnt prove it? I have a lot to say about Mr.Sadr Mr.Khumayni Mr. Fadullah, Mr. KHoei especially as well however I will not do so because it is quite clear usoolis do not want to hear the other side of the argument, this is precisely why i
  6. wasalam thanks brother its good to learn more.........
  7. are mullahs youre god?.......but neways it really is a waste of time answering you..:) taqleed is haram ;) .....so thats the end of discussion........also qiyas is drawing pictures of imams (as), so you should know all about qiyas......... I dont care what sistani has said because he gives his own opinions which is haram, also sistani must realize that ahlul bayt (as) are the proof of Allah Not him, I find that most people that do taqleed are jealous of ahlul bayt (as) and cannot bear their merits, also we can tell what hadeeth is sahih and not by referring to the quran, for example if ther
  8. taqleed is a arab and persian thing traced back to Mr.mufid and Mr.Hilli.....however to understand this topic takes time, rather than diving in straight away, however imam sadiq (as) said "when our qaim comes, he will be severe with the arabs", we can see why I guess in the corrupt societ today, also Imam Sadiq (as) said the "coming of our qaim will be close, when Islam disappears like snake disappears in its hole", we can see that again today, nobody seems to be following the true religion, its just their own whims and desires.......
  9. well to you youre way and to me my way, however I will say to call yourself "ayatollah" is a major major statement, imam sadiq (as) said an aalim is someone that does not say on anything that he DOES NOT KNOW, so are you telling me sistani knows everything, sistani has the knowledge of the whole universe? if you are id be very surprised, please listen carefully to the words of imam sadiq (as) rather than blindly posting. and did you even read my post?.......anyways since this is just going to turn out into a childish argument theres no point in pursuing it.......
  10. youre answer is so ridicolous i do not know how to answer it, I think chapter 9:31 from the holy quran answers youre statement......."They have taken their doctors of law and their monks for lords besides Allah", (chapter 9:31) so Allah is saying that the christians were jahil because they did taqleed of docters of law and took them as God, surely Allah is referring to some groups of people here, lets go further down and read ahead "O ye who believe! there are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in Falsehood devour the substance of men and hinder (them) from the way of Allah" (9:
  11. sistani gives his own opinion so therefore cannot be regarded as a scholar, im sure you are fully aware of various hadeeths of imam sadiq (as) from usul al kafi that analogy (fatwas) i.e giving youre own personal opinion is haram, of course there are many scholars, however what is the definition of a scholar? imam hussein (as) called habib ibne mazaahir (ra) his faqih at karbala, did habib (ra) issue fatwas against matam and zanjeer? did habib (ra) say other anti islamic things? No he didnt, he was a humble slave of imam hussein (as), Also there is a hadeeth by Imam Sadiq (as) that if a man me
  12. incorrect, sistani and other men give their own opnions, like for example saying ali yun wali ullah is mustahab in namaaz, when in hadeeths kisa it is very clear that this whole universe was made on the ahlul bayt (as), if it was not for them (as) we would not be here, it really is that simple, imam sadiq (as)'s advice was to refer hadeeths with the quran, NOT any other person, unless hes a man that follows hadeeths of ahlul bayt (as) and does not give his own opinion i.e fatwas, Zareen me saying that imam hussein (as) called habib (ra) a faqih shows that it was only imam hussein (as)'s humble
  13. brother what does sheb mean?.......thanks for the info
  14. In my view it really is quite scary how so many people follow someone without doing any research on the topics themselves, and just because that man has studied and got a phd and whatever else he automatically qualifies to issue "religious rulings" which from my view are catasrophic to the deen of Islam which was brought down by hazrat mohammad (saw) and then passed on to his successor helper and confidant hazrat ali (as)....... so I believe its wrong to follow anyone but ahlul bayt (as).........
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