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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The last steps, When the world ended for him His vision fogged with tears One step forward, Then, seven steps back. With the child Still nested in his arms, His eyes met with Rabab’s. How could he return the infant? With a throat slit, from ear to ear! Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un Only Hussain’s heart knows How with each of those steps, Rabab’s eye searched for her child And Hussain had no answer. © Sahar H. 8th Muharram 1437
  2. The tenth The universe mourns The chaos that stirred, Was it the Quran that fell? Walk me to Karbala! Let my vision hold the enigma, As it unfolds. And for what I saw there Choked on my tears, as I struck my head Noor of Zahra’s eyes, Sibt-e Rasool In a bed of arrows, held still. Wa Muhammada! Wa Aliya! Pages of Qur’an-e Natiq Scattered it lay Some torn, some burnt Some trampled, it lay. And Zahra, with a despaired heart Collected each page Held it close to her heart, The heaven was in rage! © Sahar H. 9th Muharram 1437
  3. Rajab & Rajab-iyoon Felicitations to those brilliant hearts Wherein the longing-moon for rajab is sighted. Those precious pearls of tears That spills Those deep sighs of wonder That escapes the chest Reflecting on the eve of festivity That has arrived Keeps me in awe of their zest These are the “Rajabi-yoon” The ones who have recognised the value Of these beautiful days & nights to come Blessed are they! For they have spread their arms Waiting to collect the rains of mercy As angels prepare to welcome Rajab – the month of Allah. How can I describe this month? Is it not, but The beginni
  4. Eclipsed Sun Had my poetry not been Honored to be spelled, word by word Under the influence Of the magical letters of your Nahjul Balagha Then the sea of words, that comes to my mind today would choke me, leaving me drowned. …. It is the charm of your personality, O Abal Hassan! The humility in your genuflection The sincerity in your sujood That makes my poetry of coal, appear as diamond as I dedicate rings of words, to your noble name. O beloved! Who can write a word in your praise, without knowing you? And how little does history know you? …. Pages of your praise, blotched with enmity Eclips
  5. Birth of Noor The morning breeze whispers And ‘tis melodious call To the sound of its merriment, awakened has all The scent of amber and oud, laced in air Welcomes the beloved, in a manner so rare If my eyes were blessed with purity of sense Then the wonders of today, in my poetry I could condense The gathering of Prophets, the majesty that poured As angels bowed down, before their Lord Thanking their Master, for the gracious regard To religion has come, a leader, a teacher & a guard The priceless felicity in both heavens and earth Ah! The finest celebrations, that comes with your birth. O
  6. Three lawyers martyred in Karachi today: Shaheed Kafeel Jaffri Shaheed Shakeel Jaffri Shaheed Badar Muneer Karachi, Pakistan 25/1/2012 ...... Firing in Quetta,.. & three more martyrs: Shaheed Wilayat Hussain Shaheed Mohammad Anwar Shaheed Abid Ali Quetta, Pakistan 25/1/2012 May Allah hasten the arrival of our Imam (ajtf).
  7. Salams, What you're describing is most probably spasm in your muscle. Could be due to a recent episode of over exercising or calcium/vit D deficiency. The latter is more probable.. if symptoms persist, you could get your blood calcium levels tested just to see if you're getting the right dose.
  8. Projection of Arrows The weight of beloved's coffin, resting upon Hussain's shoulder, as he rushes through the streets of Medina. Advancing towards the tomb of grandfather, the green dome embracing him from afar, and Hussain; his salutations, interrupted. The projection of arrows - poisoned with hostility, at his brother's motionless, silent frame. and Hussain; detaching each mantle of hatred, with tears. He remembered his mother, her warm lap enclosing him and brother. and Hussain; his grasp tightened. He remembered his father, his cloak - the scent of pure paradise. and Hussain; facing najaf
  9. A Mother's Prayer Dim, through the green mist, That encompassed his tired figure, As he curbed the daggers of pain that wounded his frail body. His mother saw him drown, The helpless sight of her son Choking, drowning before her sight This cut through her heart. She mournfully sighed. He rose up to walk again, The green light now highlighting his pale features He smiled through pain. She cried in reflection of his malaise. If only I could hold you in my embrace, and sing along your elegy, just to console you my son. Just to be with you. cried his mother from heaven. He whispered through his b
  10. O Hassan Ibne Ali. Of your which wound shall I narrate, O Hassan ibne Ali? Allow me to confess; I fear,.. I fear my elegy will fall short of you! Shall I speak of the eye, that witnessed Ali's helplessness or of the heart, that ached with pain by recollecting the sight of his mother's broken ribs? The morning breeze, absorbed your tears whilst you looked at the gloomy picture that faded gently before your eyes. The soil of your mother's grave, heaven's scent of musk, consoles you O Hassan ibne Ali The stream of memory, flows past you, as you prepare for more sufferings. O Zahra's darling Hass
  11. ^ missed u sis. hope you're doing well. You're blessed dear, atleast you have captured those beautiful moments in your mind.. all I have is my imagination, my senses that tells me what it would "feel" like to be in Karbala. May Allah grant us all the opportunity to be among the zawar of our Imam (as).
  12. (salam) Ya Zahraa!! JazakAllah for sharing Br. Baseeji. This one def has to be read out in a fatimmiyah majlis. salam.
  13. Thank you for sharing brother. But this part got me bit confused, can you kindly elaborate? I understand that this grief you may not fully understand I promise I'm your servant, and when you come to me I'll stand But don't belittle my heart When Hussain tears me apart For I swear on his day all I see is Hussain torn on sand
  14. Salams, One of the finest poems posted here. This is something every poet should go through..jazakAllah sis phoenix.
  15. The Walk to Karbala A step closer at a time, And all what escapes, is a deep sigh as I watch millions of Hussain’s lovers marching towards his sacred shrine Steadily, but in rage of love Aspired, And I let free my tears To fly and reach Where I cannot, But forever desired … It is with every step they take That my heart beats to the rhythm of their “Labaik Ya Hussain!” How it must have felt? To walk alongside the angels, Knowing the proximity, to the Kaba of Love They march, against hate, against race and oppression With blistered feet Limping, but never of their pain they'd ever complained! T
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