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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Guys -- don't let your biases cloud your judgement. I am shia, but nonetheless, you've got to confirm something this crazy before you start hurling your curses and insults at the guy; lest you wrong him with your accusations. Just cause its on PressTV doesn't mean its true--lol, PressTV has reported stuff from the infamously fake Onion News--that should give you a hint concerning their credulity! now on Mohammad al-3arafi's twitter page, he publicly denounces this so fake 'fatwa' and rejects it. https://twitter.com/MohamadAlarefe In Arabic: In English (my translation): SO PLEASE once and for all, don't go around spreading falsehood. peace
  2. (salam) *i chose to edit out my original post, i am still against Sistani's action, but my post wasn't as well thought out as it should have been, alot was said in heat, some of which was unecessarily deragatory... * May Allah hasten the Rise!!!(salam)
  3. Asalamu Alikum, I actually think its cool that there is a brand name called Mecca. Its just one more thing to possibly impel someone into investigate the religion :) Like a walking advertisment :P Wouldn't you hate it if there was a brand name called Zion? lol. In anycase, i haven't seen the brand to be derogatory in anyway so its all good :) Wa'Salam :)
  4. Asalam, eheheh.. there are alot of descrepencies in the whole 9/11 situation, that gets you questioning.... this site is a MUST SEE: http://www.fightamericanterrorism.com Here is a direct link to an aricle called Orchestrated Terrorism! http://www.taliyah.org/fat/domestic/911.shtml IT IS A MIND OPENING READ :) At Least most of it is... Peace
  5. (salam) We are to God and To 'Him' We Return, ... The Oppressors shall soon know just what loss they have incurred upon themselevs, ..May Allah Hasten the RISE! There are many hadiths in regard to the myriad of killings in Kufa as one of the signs of Imam Mahdi's Imminent Return! Sharpen your Souls and your Swords for the Rise! Wa'Slaam, ~Mohammad Hadi. A
  6. Alikum asalam, thank you for the reply, God Bless (YouthOfAli)... i'm not sure its for a shia-convert- friend who is in london (visiting) and wants to vist islamic center/mosques for his own reasons...and i don't really know exactly where he is in Lodon...thank you anyway sister. God Bless you both. Peace. ~Mohammad Hadi. A
  7. Asalamu alikum, yeah, odd eh, boggles the mind.... i mean if you did reach it, what would you be reaching if essentially there is no matter there, then there is nothing there, then is there even a hypothetical end to it? :S lol... is there even a universe?! j/k went a little overboard there..:P Wa'Salam ~Mohammad Hadi. A
  8. Asalamu Alikum, If you know of any please give me the locations....thank you. wasalam
  9. Asalamu Alikum, My prayers are with you too sister. Hold strong and endure this tribulation, keep praying. Know that he will not go unatttended, Allah will soon have his toll! God help you. Sincerly .. Wa'Salam
  10. Salams ah, pence's, eh.. oh okie.. lol, i was wondering 99pounds!? woah..! anyway, thanks alot for the replies they have really helped give me a good appraisal of how the prices are... Thank you soo much, god bless. Wa'Salam
  11. Salamu Alikum I appreciate the replies, and yes its only about food at the moment...Thanks alot for the replies... hummm 50-99 Pounds? For a loaf of Bread? you have to be kidding right? ( I hope so :blink: ) I've searched online, but can find anything useful so I can get a good idea of the prices...anybody know a supermarket or something that has their prices listed online(so I can get a general Idea)?? I really appreciate this, jazakumallah khair...Godbless.. Wasalam... ~Mohammad Hadi. A
  12. lol, bad experiences? I dunno, but so far, I've had an okay experience with lebanese food... I'm terrible with the pronounciation, I could say tabloulah, humus and shawarma, anything other than that is a tongue twister..
  13. woah! wow, ...with that money I can probably feed my whole neighboorhood..?? :P I don't know bout where you are, but here in canada, a sharwama sandwich barely comes to 1.30 pounds..lol and a plate would cost like 2-3pounds...mmm..lebanese food is great though...
  14. (salam) Oh dear lord! 1000 pounds per week? Baatil Ka Kaatil your living large! ehheh what exactly are you eating? Btw, don't hesitate to invite me to dinner, i'm guessing you have a feast everyday? :P Wa'Salam, ~Mohammad Hadi. A.
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