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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) CYPRESS... Mary Magdalena is no the sister of Jesus (as) . Where did you get that from? Also, thank you all for your answers. But I thought the basis for translating names were to observe the meaning in the names.... what else is a translation of a name? i mean then it becomes a new name.... if not, how is it still the same name?... small thing, but major impact on my faith in the Quran.. wasalaam
  2. (bismillah) (salam) Asalaamu Alaikum I have a question regarding names in the Quran. This might sound a little agressive but I dont really know how to put it. The father of Virgin Mary according to the Qur'an is Imran, am i right? This comes from the Hebrew name Amran, wich means "Exalted Nation". According to Christian scriptures Mary's father was named Joakim(not sure of its hebrew/aramaic origin). This means "Rising of the Lord" or "Establishing of the Lord". Now, Moses(alayhisalaam)'s father was named Imran. And the Qur'an also says ..... in Surat Maryam:28 "O Sister of Haroon"... etc.
  3. To know what the Qur'an says about her you should go to the source. Surat Maryam(19) (bismillah) 1.Kâf Hâ Yâ'Aîn Sâd. [These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur'ân, and none but Allâh (Alone) knows their meanings]. 2.(This is) a mention of the mercy of your Lord to His slave Zakariya (Zachariah). 3.When he called out his Lord (Allâh) a call in secret, 4.Saying: "My Lord! Indeed my bones have grown feeble, and grey hair has spread on my head, And I have never been unblest in my invocation to You, O my Lord! 5."And Verily! I fear my relatives after me, since my wife is barren. So give
  4. (bismillah) (salam) Thank you for your replies dear Brothers. So is it also permissible to call Isa (as) our Saviour?
  5. A'udhu billahi minash shaytanir rajeem (bismillah) (salam) I have heard Shia's calling him there Saviour. My first thought was that this must be prohibited. If not, how come? I hope i can find a answer here. Thank you
  6. (bismillah) (salam) All i ask from you my Brother is to please read the Qur'an. I don't know if you already have. But please try to read it with an open mind, even though i know it can be very hard. But atleast try reading it, and pray to God. And inshaAllah you will be lead onto the right path. I can't prove you wrong, nor can i prove myself right. All i can do is believe in what has been revealed to our Prophets(Alayhimus Salaam). Wasalaam
  7. (salam) I know that the Dead Sea Scrolls are supposed to be accurate. I havn't actually looked into them myself, therefor I am sorry to say that i can't really talk about them at a serious level. But I know that the Jews were very good at this, because they studied sciptures often at very young ages and they were often very dedicated. So they learned how to write etc. Therefor there were many that became good at these things. How do you know that Matthew the Taxcollector wrote the Gospel of Matthew? Could it not just have been someone with the same name? It's probably not a very unusual name,
  8. It is possible for Matthew to write in third person. But not in the way that he does. He makes it very clear that he did not know this Matthew he wrote of. If it was Matthew the taxcollectors testimony, he would have known that people will not believe it's authenticy. And when you say that he was guided by the Holy Spirit it seems like Kufar to me. Because i don't believe that the power of God would confuse people in this way. You have already decided that the Taxcollector wrote it, so is there any reason for me to argue with you? I don't care about the guy you quoted, because he is one of a f
  9. The oldest New Testament in existence is Codex Vaticanus(is that the name?). "Yea, you are right about that verse in 1 John. However, its mostly only contested by Jehovah's witnesses whom almost no one believes nowadays, with their spouting off about the end of the world every few weeks." No actually not only Jehova's Witnesses use this. Aswell as "The one without sin shall cast the first stone", isn't in the oldest manuscript. This is believed to have been edited, and not in the original manuscripts. There are alot more verses that were edited into the Bible later on.... hundreads of years af
  10. (bismillah) (salam) Thank you for you answers dear brethren.
  11. (bismillah) (salam) I'm not very well aware of Shia beliefs. I wonder how you look at Ayatullah Sistani. West is offcourse making him look like a man with cruel dictator views. So i thought i'd go to the source and ask the Ummah. Wasalaam
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Yeah, alcohol indeed destroy our homes. And western society as a whole doesn't see the problem in it.
  13. (bismillah) (salam) Christians doesn't believe that Jesus (as) is dead. They believed he died but was resurrected again. He is the Messiah and he will come back and slay the Anti-Christ. He's on the (metaphorical) "Right side of God" and God has given him the task to judge at doomsday. Not all Christians believe that Jesus (as) is God, and the Trinity concept is weak and even non-existing to some Christians. I hope this helped.
  14. Just so you know, you left out my post before this one. Atleast in the quote, just so you dont miss anything out my brother. Yeah theres alot of copies of the New Testament. But to be honest they differ in content pretty much, not in all cases though, but in alot of them. Alot of verses aren't there in the older manuscripts, and suddenly they pop up in later ones. I'm not saying there weren't alot of copies, what I am worried about is that the authorsa didn't write it how it went down. They may have done their best to put it down. But sometimes it seems like straight lies, God forgive me if I'
  15. Okay, let me continue on answering the rest of the post. The Gospel of John contradicts the other Gospels and also alot of the Gospel isnt included in any other Gospel at all. Is this reliable? Another interesting thing that most Christians seems to miss, though not the scholars.. IS.. "Let who who is without sin cast the first stone" is NOT believed to have been in the original manuscript. It's not included in the oldest copies of the Gospel of John. People who believe in the Gospels and does not believe in the divinity arent Christians? Where does the term Chrisitan comes from? It comes fro
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