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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam alaykum, I have come across the following daily dhikr in a number of places but I cannot find a source. Can anybody help me please? Monday یا قاضی الحاجات Tuesday یا ارحم الراحمین Wednesday یا حی یا قیوم Thursday لا اله الا الله الملک الحق المبین Friday اللهم صل علی محمد و ال محمد Saturday
  2. Salaam alaykum. Which is currently the best web resource for obtaining a marja's opinion? I mean, rapid, professional, detailed replies in preferred language. http://www.askthesheikh.com/ http://www.islamquest.net/ direct from the office? For Ayatollah Seestani, for example, there are different offices, so which is currently the best at responding to questions online? Wassalaam, Hajj Amir
  3. Salaam alaykum. Would be much obliged if this could be translated into English please. 7afizkallah. مـاي مـاي ماي ...صوت الأطفال مـاي مـاي مـاي... و الموعد طال مـاي مـاي مـاي ...وين الكفال يـا عـباس و يومك هذا بيه موعود طـفل حسين يناشد وينه راعي الجود لجل حسين و لجل أطفاله ضحي إزنود مـاي مـاي مـاي... و المدمع سال ويـن الـكافل وين الحامي و الرواي يـا عـباس الكل تنتظرك جيب الماي و إسكينه إتسكت عبدالله عمك جاي مـاي مـاي مـاي... نـار الدلال طـفـله و عطشانه و تتألم طفله إتنوح طـفله التسعر نار إضماها وين إتروح تزحف راحت طفله العمها هاك الروح مـاي مـاي مـاي... ترضه إبهالحال طـفله إتقل
  4. Sponsored Research Opportunity -- Akhund Khurasani The Islamic College is offering a £1000 grant for in-depth research on the following topics. Students and former students are particularly encouraged to apply. The research must be completed by 31 April 2011 (non-negotiable deadline) and should be about 30,000 words. The research must be conducted under the supervision of a university academic and must meet the approval of both the supervisor and the Department of Research and Publications. The sponsors of this award will not restrict students submitting research which will be used for univer
  5. Salam. You could try the ad on this webpage: http://www.islamic-college.ac.uk/index/jobs.html scroll to bottom. wassalaam, HA
  6. Salaam alykum. Help with translation would be appreciated. I have started. Many thanks, God bless. Hajj Amir ÑÓæáõ Çááøóåö Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå - Ýí æÕíøóÊöåö áÚáíøò - : íÇ Úáíøõ ¡ áÇ æóáíãóÉó ÅáøÇ Ýí ÎóãÓò : Ýí ÚõÑÓò ¡ Ãæ ÎõÑÓò ¡ Ãæ ÚöÐÇÑò ¡ Ãæ æößÇÑò ¡ Ãæ ÑößÇÒò : ÝÇáÚõÑÓõ ÇáÊøóÒæíÌõ ¡ æÇáÎõÑÓõ ÇáäøöÝÇÓõ ÈÇáæóáóÏö¡ æÇáÚöÐÇÑõ ÇáÎöÊÇäõ ¡ æÇáæößÇÑõ Ýí ÈöäÇÁö ÇáÏÇÑö æÔöÑÇÆåÇ ¡ æÇáÑøößÇÒõ ÇáÑÌõáõ íóÞÏõãõ ãöä ãóßøóÉó ÇáÝÞíå : 4 / 356 / 5762 . [#11,139 in Arabic Mizan al-Hikamh] The Messenger of God, the blessing of God upon him and his progeny, in his will to Ali: O Ali, there is no walimah (banque
  7. Salaam. My workplace has started to play the adhan from a computer for broadcast around the building. There is a little bit of Quran recitation before. Who can design the best playlist for Monday to Friday? Requirements: 5 playlists, one for Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri5 mins (approx) Quran - can be recording of live recitals or studio recordings. I like Karim Mansouri's OIC recitals, but there is also tahqiq of Shaykh Abdul Baset and tarteel of Shaykh GhamadiAdhan - different styles would be nice e.g. Iranian, Iraqi, etc.Probably best if the Quran recitation was of verses everybody knows or m
  8. Salaam. Thank-you for moving forward Sounds simple but will these people actually work together i.e. the current committee + COEJ +Kh Foundation? Team-work in the Muslim communtiy requires visionaries...its not just something that happens because everybody thinks they are right. From what I have seen the Khojas have certainly put more effort in communicating the rationale for their Eid decision for those who like astronomy but I suppose the ICEL announcement was best in terms of guidance which shows the authority that a direct link to the marjah can carry. Anyway, the point is that I think the
  9. In the Name of God. Salaam and Eid mubarak! I have patiently read through all the posts. After a long break form SC I wanted to make a number of points but they have all been made. Alhamduellah that the discussion tended towards an outcome, and may Allah reward the participants as He sees fit. I must say that it did change my antecedent opinion. In my self-indulgence I cannot go without making a few comments (inshallah it is not so self-gratifying SC is for making comments). 1) Although I understand that shabbir.hassanally feels the need to adopt the tone he does this does not necessari
  10. slm. post #15 has an error. should end in æóÇÏúÎõáöí ÌóäøóÊöí sura al-fajr, verse 30
  11. CALL FOR PAPERS: JOURNAL OF SHI‘A ISLAMIC STUDIES The Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies (JSIS) is a refereed academic journal published quarterly by the Islamic College in London. The journal conscientiously aims to provide an international forum for scholars through the publication of critical and informed articles in all fields of Shi‘a studies, from the historical to the contemporary and from the theological to the philosophical. We welcome contributions from people of all viewpoints, perspectives, and backgrounds. Articles may cover a wide range of topics and need not be restricted
  12. slm. for what it is worth i think u should keep him busy. as one of the 1st posters said....perhaps he's a genius. if he's not behaving right perhaps he is just too bored and not stimulated. I think he needs to be intellectually stimulated and kept physically busy with sport or chores. I can't claim any expertise, but from my own experience I think I would have behave better as a child if I had been stretched. Boredom leads to frustration, temptation, and other bad things. He needs the confidence to keep busy independently.
  13. ^ u r mallang! http://www.inminds.com/imam-khomeini-on-unity.html
  14. salaam. i know a friend who tried to make contact with Al-Mahdi Institute in B'ham but I think he found it difficult...so that doesn't say much for them. But I visited about 6 yrs ago and they claimed to have the largest Islamic library in Europe. As for ICAS and the London hawzah... then they are closely associated... the teachers are the same (i'm not sure if they are exactly the same tho)... and students of ICAS are encouraged to complete the hawzah programme also. ICAS aspires to professional standards so you should be able to make contact with people there and get answers to your queries.
  15. Salaam. FYI Muslim_Marriage_Contract__Muslim_Parliament_.pdf
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