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  1. They are both from the same event. His Heyat is usually so big that it goes outside too. (Many Heyats are that way actually). You definitely should. Specially in Moharram, it’s something else. Yeah, I also attended one of his events at his Hussainie once but had to sit on the street. Haha Banifatemeh is good too. Actually there are lots of Maddahs that are good :).
  2. This might help you, sometimes they include the sources. http://www.duas.org/mobile/zilhajj-9-arafah-day.html
  3. I suppose it depends on what you compare it to but yeah it would have more caffeine than the lower percentage dark chocolate. 100g of cocoa has 230mg caffeine (according to some sites) :p
  4. If you find pure 100% dark, should have no added sugars. Should basically be processed cocoa beans.
  5. Tell them to go for a dwarf rabbit instead! They are so cute you could accidentally squish them.
  6. Thank you! Thank you! Have you had 100% dark chocolate?
  7. It’s somewhat a hobby.. I enjoy decorating cakes.
  8. Carrot cake with walnuts and cream cheese frosting and the best chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.... now I want cake :(
  9. Some women don’t know their limits, married or not, same goes for men. Everyone will answer for their own actions.
  10. It’s not only about repairing mistakes, it’s about being with people you lost along the way and spending time with those who really matter. Of course it’s just wishful thinking
  11. If only there was a time machine
  12. Islamic thought in the Qur'an by Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei is a good book to read. You can find it for free on iBook and I think the pdf is also available. Or you can buy the hardcover. Its just a translation though.
  13. It’s blaming both, but if women were to cover the sinning would lessen. Now that the world is this way men need to have more self control. The women who do cover and follow Islam properly should have husbands who lower their gaze but unfortunately even that’s rare these days. Heat is just an excuse. It’s a domino effect. Women don’t cover, men look, both sin.
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