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  1. Hamza is a beautiful name and he'll be named after the sayyed as shuhadaa of the prophet's (saws) time.
  2. Don't have children. It's a trap. I just washed her poop off my shirt.
  3. This thread shows what's wrong with shi'as these days, and I don't mean the OP. So because something is ''funny'' or sounds ''backwards'' you deem a narration weak? What kind of hadith science is this? And the one replier who keeps saying ''no this isn't what we believe in, look at the sayed ammar video''. Did Sayyed Ammar become the de-facto shi'a example? The beacon of illumination? Come on people. Hadith collections, both sunni ones and ours, have an insane amount of ''weird'' (weird for someone in our timeline/space) sounding reports, plus most of them are perfectly saheeh or at least hasan. Stop being so opinionated. If you don't like something, keep your mouth and mind in check and go study and research before having an absolute opinion lest you may deem an Imam (as) or the Messenger (saws) a liar. Sorry just had to vent that out real quick.
  4. I believe in qadr and free will. You're free to believe what you want but Allah has predestined certain things. And as far as my knowledge goes, ahadith say that Allah decrees heaven and hell in the womb. If someone else got other knowledge please share and maybe I'm wrong
  5. As far as I know, Allah decrees whether a person will be righteous or not or an inhabitant of heaven or not in their mother's womb. So I don't get this entire topic.
  6. Which came first, the guy that wanted to eat the chicken or the guy that wanted to eat the egg?
  7. We literally say 5 times a day in our prayers "assalamu alayka ya ayuha nabi"
  8. Everyone in this thread is treading the fine lines between culture, myths, religion, hearsay, knowledge, customs and wisdom. These are quite difficult things to discuss but they need to be discussed every other timeperiod. It's also a fact that the time, the place, the geopolitical and economical background and people you grow up with form you as a person whether you want to or not, whether consciously or subconsciously. It's hard to break down what separates who and why and how. There's a sensitivity in all things that compose a human being. I read everything's that been said and feel like some of you are talking at each other not to each other, sometimes even pass each other's meanings not realizing you're saying the same thing. What's emotionally important for one is extremely preposterous to another. What constitutes one's logic is nonsense to another. Personalities clash and it's one thing to be harsh about it but another thing to accept that it is what it is and keep it moving. I personally find poetry and singing and latmiyat and nohas really irritating, superficial and sometimes, dare I say, quite gay. With the hand movements and the "act like I'm saying something profound faces". (It's a joke. With a bit of personal truth. Don't takfir me.) But do I sit around a majlis proclaiming such things to people who with their entire heart and mind composed versed in honour of someone? Nah. Because I know my view and my understandings are limited and I could never walk in another man's shoes nor understand another man's heart. In some cultures music plays a huge role and can not be translated into "ghina" shar'i wise. In other cultures music is entirely just frowned upon and not done. These things shouldn't interfere with what's halal and haram and need to be taken for what they are, namely, important to other people. I feel like y'all need a bit of understanding and mutual respect. Islam isn't here to dictate it's here to help us get rid of evil and grow closer to worshipping Allah. That's my two cents. Take it or leave it. Peace.
  9. Jealousy is bad. All ahadith that go against the Quran are false. Even if it has a golden chain from all imams (as) up to the prophet (saws). Never once has jealousy been a good thing in the Quran, whatever gender. Peace.
  10. "Prostrating on the soil of the grave of Husayn (as) removes the seven seils. (It goes directly to Allah without passing through the 7 heavens)” imam jafar as sadiq Wasa’il al-Shia, vol. 6, pg. 23.
  11. The most difficult place to reach in the world is a wahhabi brain.
  12. I've never really understood this concept of a "career". I just want money so I can see my daughters, wife and parents taken care of. I don't value the workplace or the work ethic. I value the joy and upbringing of my loved ones.
  13. I don't understand parents feelings on their children having sex. Why is this subject seen as so offensive. How did they make their children in the first place.
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