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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaamu-ya-Haq Chaar Baap-o-Jai Shri Krishnan Maddad was Salaam Eid-e-Janam Ashtam-o-Wiladat-e- Shri Krishnan Mubarak Lebanon has a Turbulent History with lot of strife and infighting resulting from various factors both local as well as external. Now considering that it is a multi diverse country and that a sensitive situation is ever prevalent over there, care must be taken to maintain order and keep the decent into chaos at bay. I just want to discuss personally what I feel about these people. From what I can understand is that they are very proud and arrogant nation, they consider no one th
  2. Eid-e-Janam Ashtami Mubarak Tamaam Ahl-e-Hadees Kaffar Hotein Hain and for good reason do I make the above statement, as they are practically at war with our very existance and our sworn enemies. There by they are undeserving of our concearns especially when we have other more important matters up our sleeve. Such deluded pointless activities will get you no where and will give you nothing in return. Only fools and loafers with no propper direction or aim in their miserible pathetic lives will partake in such mindless filth. As university students academics should be the first priority, but
  3. Look what ever is being said in defense of this mindless biddat which was in the firast place never a Part of our religion i.e Al Qudoos Day , is beyond my ability to be in a mood to accept or compromise with. All I just want to know is that when can we start Burning Palestinian flags as well along with the Union Jack, Star Sprangled Banner & the Star of David? As the sequence will be completed in a just and sensible manner which reeflects our fellings more appropriately. Marg Bar Falasteen
  4. So what proof does he have to back up his extraordinary ridiculous claims, besides in what way does the quoted Verse of the Quran have any relevance to what he wishes to proove? Delusions Delusions I am afraid that it is just that.
  5. Well this may sound a bit of a distraction or the raising of an "irrelevant topic" but it already has happened that many other discussions have started on this topic. All I wanted to say is that couldn't the title of the poem have been "Oh You Who Mention The Prophets Parents in a Negative Way Behave Your Self" or couldn't any one come up with a suitable answer to this filth. Well Eid-e-Zehra will always be celebrated no matter what, and who are the authaurities in Iran to resort to such Cheap tactics to cozy up with the scum, who are the worst of the earth. Either ways I see no benifit from
  6. Yess Good And may you find/stumble across the Lost city of the Ahl-e-Hadees, which is made entirely of Gold, and if it doesn't exist then just try to be creative and invent some legends and rumours e.t.c and create a mass hysteria leading to gold rushes and treasure hunts in all remote corners of the globe. If you are able to locate the lost city of gold and them may you come across a tomb of their city Rulers and for intruding may the curse which protects the place befall you. Now how do you like this.
  7. Eh what do you mean by that there is no Evil in Her, just Divine that's all. It is again that time of the year
  8. Salaamu-ya-Haq Chaar Baap-o-Jai Shri Krishnan Madadd was Salaam What do we consider the movement of Dawat-e-Islami as, are they Muslims or not and what opinion do our Ulema have if any regarding it. Personally I have a quite negative view on this as they are plain Munafiqs, as on the Nazar of the sixth Imam the logo of thier Chanell was decorated as "Faizan-e-Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq-o-Ameer Muawiyaa" Astaghfirullah. I think that they have a bad mentality to mix truth and false hood as Imam Ali himself considered an injustice against him that his name was placed along side that of the Ameer-e-Sha
  9. So where do Shias come in , let alone your beloved Ismailis who are not muslims even.
  10. Salaamu-ya-Haq Chaar Baap-o-Jai Shree Krishnan Maddad Was Salaam Well truth be told All people who are Ahl-e-Hadees run Naked in the Library. And that is a fact. Now the thing we can deduce from assessing the Matter is that Attiq is clearly a wretched scoundrel as resorting to such measures when ones objective is not achieved by straight means is the Sunnat of Scoundrels , best example being Zia because of whom our country was ruined and suffers till date. Such things had been going on for quite some time i.e to blame the opposing party in a dispute of such an act in order to win the situat
  11. The Salafis are not Muslims, so How can they be Sunnis ? I also just want to know that if Ayesha did not do it, rather Marwan did it, than what was Marwan doing at the scene of the crime as he was sent away banished from Madina by the Prophet him self so who let him return, and what authaurity he had if any to cancel or disobey the Prophets orders and decisions? By that time the Romans were no Longer polytheists rather they had embraced Christianity since quite some time. But any ways after the fall of the old empire, in the subsequent history Rome never was able to rise up again to that
  12. At one time he claimed to be superior to Abu Bakr, which was blasphemy for his Fellow Naqsbandi's who trace their lineage from him. Besides he is not an innocent character, he genuinely was responsible for many things and had blood on his hands. He was out for power and influence and worldly gains. But where is he now and where is Shaheed-e-Thalis? There is no comparison b/w the status of the 2. The latter is a holy martyr and the former is a detestable clown with a criminal record. Proof that he was out for worldly gain was that he told Aurungzeb and instigated him to kill the Qazi appoint
  13. Nonsense begets nonsense , moral of the story and perfect summary of it all.
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