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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I thought it had to be loud enough that anyone in the room could hear. Maybe I'm mistaken.
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-52178501 Borris Johnson in intensive care.
  3. Hajj is most likely going to be cancelled this year and the Saudi Government has already issued a notice that people should not do Hajj bookings at this time. Now, Hajj was wajib on me this year but one of the conditions of Hajj becoming obligatory is that access to Kaaba is open. If the access is blocked, Hajj doesn't remain obligatory. So most likely Hajj is not obligatory on anyone this year because of the current issue. Now my question is what happens next year when Hajj opens inshaAllah. I am a doctor and work in Corona ward and see Corona patients every day. If I die before next year, should I appoint a person in my will to perform Hajj on my behalf next year..... or is that not required at the minute because currently the Hajj is likely not wajib and we are not sure if I would have sufficient funds next year for Hajj to become wajib again. In short, Is it obligatory for me to appoint a person to do Hajj on my behalf next year in case I die this year?
  4. I live in UK. Thanks for your kind words.
  5. We have 48 covid patients admitted in hospital out of which 6 have died uptil now. Apart from these 48, there are other covid patients who did not require admission. Every day is a battle. Two of my colleagues have been tested positive as well.
  6. Salam Riaz Hussain Najafi Sahib of Jamia muntazir in model town, Lahore. Shafi Najafi of Mohammadi Masjid, Hali road Lahore.
  7. I am a doctor - seeing Covid patients almost daily.
  8. This is the reason why marriage is so important - so that one loses his independence. The one who is truly independent is Allah and He does not like that His servants should also be able to share His qualities. While Allah Himself is independent of everything else, He wants us to feel the opposite - to be dependent on others - so that nobody other than Allah should be able to say that he too is independent. An unmarried person can say that he is in a way independent and this is something which Allah dislikes because He wants us to be opposite to him. We lose our independence with marriage and this is what Allah likes. The same thing can be applied elsewhere. Allah is "pure" and has not chosen a wife for himself. The purity of Allah is in being single and without any spouse....but Allah wants His servants to be opposite to Him...I.e the most pure people are those who are married and don't remain single. Again this is opposite to Allah. Allah is pure because He has not chosen any children for Himself. That is real purity. But He does not like that anyone else should become pure like that - so He wants us to become " impure " by getting married and having children. This impurity actually becomes our purity. But in reality it is impure and that's why Allah has created us from a drop of semen which is najis - to show us how dirty and impure we are in front of Allah's purity. Allah is himself single - so He does not want anyone else to also feel the same way. That's why He created everything in pairs. And that's why He doesn't like people who stay single and don't get married (in a way they are trying to mimick Allah's pure qualities in themselves and that is something Allah does not accept).
  9. I see suspected Covid-19 patients every day. I might be infected by now but I don't have any symptoms. Many doctors in my unit believe they might be infected by now. We cannot have our own tests done if we are symptom free.
  10. Wassalam. Falling asleep while listening to Qur'an is not a problem, as far as I understand. But studying while listening to Qur'an in background may be problematic because Qur'an itself has said that when it is being read, we should listen to it attentively.
  11. Response from the Office of His Eminence Sayyid Ali Husayni Sistani to Questions on the Coronavirus-1.pdf
  12. From the above examples you can see that it is not always mental obsession, but genuine physical reasons why a man will feel greater pleasure in outercourse than intercourse. The above examples should be sufficient to show that there are guys like, although rare.
  13. A third related condition and perhaps the most severe and also the most rare of all is the Traumatic Amputation Neuroma of penis. Neuroma is a tumour of nerves. When circumcision cuts the nerves, in extremely rare cases the cut ends of the nerves can grow into a tumour and become extremely highly sensitive. The tumour hangs like a cauliflower like growth from the shaft of the penis and is sexually sensitive to the extent that if a single hair comes in contact with the surface of the tumour, it results in lightening bolt like intense pleasurable shocks like sensations. Again, this man will feel no need for any penetration because the simple pressure of the wife's clothed body over the Neuroma will be enough to give more pleasure than vaginal sex. If the Neuroma however causes discomfort instead of pleasure, it can be surgically removed. _________ https://www.jpedsurg.org/article/S0022-3468(06)00842-6/abstract The authors present a case of neuroma formation following a circumcision in an 11-year-old boy. Amputation neuroma is an extremely rare clinical entity. _____ Medicine Published in Dermatology online journal 2014 Traumatic neuroma of the penis. Kara R Hoverson, Geoffrey T Sasaki, Wendi E Wohltmann Traumatic neuromas are tumors produced by a reactive process to regenerate injured nerves that result in a disordered proliferation of nerve bundles. These tumors are usually related to previous surgery or trauma. We describe a case of traumatic neuroma on the penis of a 24-year-old man; the tumor was initially suspected to be a condyloma. A shave biopsy was both diagnostic and curative. https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Traumatic-neuroma-of-the-penis.-Hoverson-Sasaki/7fa7e69856b86860cef3070e9c9af7c943284a83 (Warning: This link has images of traumatic neuroma)
  14. Another similar issue is erogenous itching sensation in the frenular remnants. The remnants are so itchy that the man attempts to scratch the remnants to relieve the itch. If he does it by his hand, it could be considered masturbation. But during sex, if he scratches the remnants against the pubic symphysis (front of pelvic bone) of his wife in sexual outercourse, it will give him extremely more pleasurable sensation than intravaginal sex in which he will have nothing hard like bone against which the remnants can be scratched with the result being very less powerful orgasm. Such a man will enjoy outercourse more than intercourse. The itch in penis after circumcision is mentioned in this topic. ________ "A higher percentage of the circumcised men experienced unusual sensations (e.g., burning, ...... and itching)." https://www.hindawi.com/journals/bmri/2015/417846/
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