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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-Canada-50557396
  2. I got the poll card but I'm away that day. How do I apply for postal vote? Had anyone ever done Postal? Someone sent me this on Whatssap just now Salaam. Most important and Urgent Request. A daily Newspaper in London reported today; Muslims can determine the outcome of Elections next month if they vote for the Labour Party in 31 Constituencies where they(Muslims) hold sway. So, all Muslims living in Uk are reminded of the importance of their vote in this Election and vote for The Labour Party. Please remember Mr.. Boris Johnson has been insulting: 1. Muslims; 2.Islam;and 3.The Qur'an. Remember, Labour Party voted unanimously at their Annual Conference in support of Indian occupied Kashmiris and denounced Indian Government. Indians will be voting for Conservative Party to punish Labour Party. Let us show our gratitude to Labour Party by voting for them and bringing them to Power Insha’Allah. Never before in the history of Uk have Muslim voters held the outcome of General Election in their hands. Good Luck. Pl pass this text on to as many people as possible. Kind regards. Daus
  3. Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (عليه السلام) states “Do not marry the one you love, love the one you marry”.
  4. Shehzade Beyazid in battle chanting Ya Allah, Ya Muhammad, Ya Ali
  5. If Allah had not created sexual desire, few people would have opted to get married and bare its homongous responsibilities. But Allah created sexual desire out of His mercy so that people should have the incentive to get married and happily accept the burdens that come with it, in return for physical and emotional satisfaction. That's the main reason why humans have sexual desire in the first place - so that they feel the urge to get married. But if someone has sex before marriage, then that just defeats the whole reason why sexual desire exists in the first place - I.e., pre-marital sex is illogical, senseless, purposeless, meaningless. If someone doesn't want to get married, then why would they even want to have sex, because sexual desire is only there so that it pushes one to get married.
  6. It's understandable. Many Pakistani wedding functions are full of dancing, music, ultra fashion clad non-hijabis and no concept of segregation. Young girls dance in front of hundreds of men. It is highly shameful and indecent. The OP has a valid question. There are some religious families who arrange segregation and no music etc. but they are a minority. Attending a walima function with ongoing dancing and music is haram, as far as I understand. But its not easy for one to explain to others why you would not attend. This is a huge problem of Pakistani society. May Allah protect us all.
  7. Ummayud coin issued by Hisham Ibn-Abd Al Malik bin Marwan.
  8. This is a very broad topic and is not rare. Being married does not automatically imply that sex is taking place or will take place between the spouses. People have sexless marriages for a wide variety of reasons and it is not uncommon. Sometimes it is with complete mutual understanding and consent and both spouses are fully satisfied with no intimacy. Some people are married and wish to have sexual relations but are unable to do so because of privacy issues. They have to share the only room in their house with their parent(s) and cannot find any private place. This is a common problem in some very poor countries where people cannot afford houses with multiple rooms. Some people are imprisoned for decades or for lifetime and although they get to see their spouses, they are not allowed any privacy to have conjugal relations. Some couples who do not desire pregnancy but cannot use any contraception for whatever reason, may decide to lead a sexless married life. There are people who have been married for decades but are forced by their circumstances to live in different countries. They can meet each other only for a few days after every so many years. They have no intimacy but are still happily married. Many young couples only consummate their marriages on their first wedding anniversaries and they have no problems in avoiding sex for long periods. Infact one couple consummated their marriage 17 years after getting married and they were fine with this. There are couples who have sex so rarely in their lives that everytime they do actually have it after a couple of years, they consider it almost like they are having it for the first time and as if it were their wedding night, though they have been happily married for decades. Some people suffer from medical conditions where the act of sexual intercourse is so painful that they prefer not to have any sex at all, despite having the desire for it. There are people who are on medications for various illnesses which suppress the sexual desire to the point of being non-existent; so while they are happily married they do not engage in any sexual act for decades. There are young men who have their Islamic nikah done but have not yet started living with their wives...and this may continue for a year or two or three years or longer, during which time the couple meets each other but not in privacy, so they are Islamically married but cannot have any physical intimacy as their circumstances do not permit. Considering the variety of reasons for people to be in sexless marriages, it is understandable why the marriage is not void if no sex is taking place. Islam encourages marriage and halal sex, but does not force married people to engage in it. It is an option, not a compulsion and that's because a person either may not desire sex in the first place, or he may desire it but may not have any means or method to fulfill that desire despite being married.
  9. There are cases where women do not have sex with their husbands even once in a year. Such women are denying the rights of their husbands. However, the husband still cannot present this as a valid reason or a justification or legitimate excuse to masturbate. Even if the wife never has sex with her husband, and the husband is unable to remarry or do mutah, he would still not be allowed or permitted in any way at all to masturbate - even if he has to remain sexless all his life, despite being married. If the wife refuses sex, she will be held responsible in the next world, but if the husband masturbates because the wife is refusing sex, he too would be held responsible and he would not be able to give any excuse for it. Rather it would be expected that even if he can never have sex despite being married, he still must never masturbate.
  10. True. It is said that marriage saves half religion, but this doesn't happen automatically. Married men have to make big efforts and show self restraint and self control to avoid sins, just like the unmarried.
  11. Salam Any Shias mosques or Islamic centres in Budapest, Hungary?
  12. There is a narration that Allah gives the Prophets sexual desires which are 100 x times more than ordinary men. Yet all the Prophets remained away from sins and isa (عليه السلام) did that all his life. So even if he lived 30 years on this Earth, the sexual patience he showed is absolutely remarkable and beyond comprehension. If he can remain completely chaste with a hundred times greater sexual desire, then unmarried men today cannot give any excuse, justification or reason to sin however long they may have to stay unmarried. The celibacy of Isa(عليه السلام) should be a role model of chastity for those who have no means for marriage.
  13. Are there ways or methods in which a person can get similar taskeen and sakeena even before they get married? If someone is unmarried and wishes to feel comfort, joy, happiness, taskeen and sakina even in their unmarried lives what would they have to do Islamically? I'm not referring to myself; I have been married for a long time. But most of the young Muslims today feel disturbed and frustrated by their lack of marriages and their inability to find spouses. What can they do to achieve a state of immense pleasure, comfort, relaxation and satisfaction even when they have no way to get married, do nikah or mutah. We always say that unmarried people should remain patient; that's well understood. But can they do something to go a step further; to achieve a state where they neither commit any sins because of lack of marriage nor do they get frustrated by their complete inability to fulfill their natural needs. Can they reach a level where Allah gives them great joy and satisfaction and comfort and taskeen/sakeena even before they find it possible to get married?
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