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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I like egg been taboo or halal though ? You name (121121212) its like athletic
  2. just use a black magic they are can marry with jinni ,cause they are can see them and know how do are deal with them<< WS
  3. yes they can Fatimaa >>> and i will bring a ajinn picture as soon as possible and you will being( amazing) jinn they are a family under ground they live ,eat, marrried between them !
  4. Ya Aba 3abdillah thank you about information nice eyes thank you
  5. koko


    (salam) Im very weak in a English language so I will post it again may be understand me : My brother choice a Friday to marriage ,also my uncle choice a same day (Friday too) I ask you why all people when they aer want to marry they are choice this day just Wondering if he is choice a Tuesday or anther day it's bring a bad omen to his life I try to explain my post I hope you will understand about my picture it's a women using drill to kill herself, she is like her-suicide its scary
  6. sorry bro & sis i don't know it was a fake !! :blush: but i promise you i will bring in future a real jinni picture !! :huh: wait me
  7. (salam) I always wondering about this, if a someone is born in shirk family ,and he didn’t know any think about strictest interpretation of Islam ,Allah (swt) will sent him to hell ?? What a sins warrant he did it ??
  8. i didn't said Jinni be photographer !!! :squeez: i said one of group(human) take this picture by Human camera :angry:
  9. Story of this picture A group of guys going out a long trip in UEA , and they are been tired , therefore they sit near A cave who is jinni live there to rest , they arehear a strange voice from the cave They are try to enter inside the cave .closely saw jinni inside .and began to greeting him , and ask him why he live her ,one of group take this picture and leaved him safe That all :unsure:
  10. Mr Ali Amran this pictur not a superstition & nor do i know believe it but if you can read arabic massage on picture you can understand me :(
  11. Salam fellow Sis & br My brother brought a jinni picture from arabic web!! And tell me he was male and this picture kills photographer when he shown to people > and tell me they Lived under ground in garbage Click here
  12. Salam fellow Sis & Br i sow my brother choice friday to marriage and my uncle same choice why ? ther is seven days he can change this world routine and start a best life with his wife
  13. perhaps AllhuÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáìmakt it realy to put muslim in examintion just
  14. Salaam Fellow Br & Sis Can we fast in Ramadhan and contiuse somke cause it's not drink & food ?? please tell me befoe come in
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